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  1. I used to post here about the tunes I offer for the 450, but stopped ages ago due to little interest. The CSC people who used me were completely happy. I'm in downtown Toronto and still tuning... You can contact me at if you like, a phone number is available on my CONTACT page or I can call you. Thanks Mark
  2. Hello Smart car owners,I have been offering tuning for the SMART cdi since they were first available. After two people came to get their 450's re-mapped in the past week, I thought I'd post here and mention that I still offer this service.You can reach me via my website: Thanks,MarkD
  3. Are you looking for a remap for your 450 and don't know where to get one in the GTA ? I am offering a remap for $375 until July 15 and $400 after. I am located near Danforth and Carlaw or can possibly drive to your location. Please see my website for contact
  4. If Flossy and Glen are in Toronto, they may want to try my remap if the problem does not get resolved. This should not happen if the proper the original file was read from the car and tuned, then written back in.
  5. I sold one a few years ago to someone with a scan gauge and he didn't mention that he had a problem. If you would like to try it out and see if it is compatible, please email or call me. Contact info is on my website. I am in the Greektown area of Toronto, or may be able to come to you. Since I will read your ECU and make a file based on your current file, I don't expect a problem.Mark
  6. Hello 450 owners, I am running a sale on re-maps for the 0.8 cdi, remaps are $399 from now until Oct 10 and I can come to your location if within 20 km of Yonge and Bloor. MarkD
  7. If you are in the GTA, I can tune your car. MarkD
  8. In Calgary, I would recommend Reg Riemer, here is his website: Toronto, I'd recommend myself.
  9. Seems like everyone wants what comes from far away. I get orders for BMW chips from every part of the world. (really) Just Google "MarkD" or "EAT chip".But it's always harder to sell in your own back yard. But selling to SMART owners is even harder, must be because thay are SMARTer.
  10. My sale for SMART car owners is now over. Software for cdi cars is now $800 per car. Back to BMW tuning, since there are people that actually want that.
  11. I said that because 25% more torque is safe, much more is not. I don't think it sounds like I am boasting that I have the highest output possible. I know that I don't, and I don't want to.
  12. Does it really matter if the torque is 25% more versus 25.8% more? I'm offering almost the most torque you can reliably get from this motor without shortening it's life.
  13. It consists of reading your current software, and installing a new tuned version. I usually load the a tuned version of the newest version available at the dealer. The process takes about 15 minutes in total.I hope that answers your question.
  14. I think everyone paid $500 on the last trip for imported BC files. That's why I dropped the prices a bit. I've always offered a remap for 450 for your 450.Torque gains are close to 25%.
  15. 200 people for that price.Seriously, you can't get much more power from a 450 than I am offering and people here are willing to pay $500 to people that can fly in from BC when I'm right here. It's a mystery to me.