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  1. it is. http://www.emercedesbenz.com/Mar08/06_0010..._Versatile.html
  2. 6'5", always have to adjust in no matter what car. generally, i'm looking through the top 8" of windshield when driving anyway. panorama roof helps. you get used to it.i don't have the issue with the mirror that others mention - the mirror is not all that big and i learn to live with it.what i can't tolerate tho is the passenger sun visor being down - that is like putting a blindfold on me. in any vehicle.
  3. no issues with the 451. does what it says it does. good mix of value and economy and performance. comfortable and stylish IMHO.i think the favoring of the 450 here is simply due to the vast majority of members are 450 owners.
  4. no on the 451 either. locked doors can be opened from the inside with the door handle.
  5. i think it has mostly to do with the cabin air filter. the fan has to be at a certain level to siginificantly overcome the resistance of the filter itself. on lower fan speeds it'll flow air through it, but the air on the other end won't have the velocity i think you're looking for. it's more of a passive flow. at around #3 on the fan speed the force pre-filter is enough to overcome the restrictiveness of the filter and still maintain some velocity on the other end.my suggestion would be to take out the filter and see if the results on fan speed 1 or 2 are any better. filter is pretty easily removed from it's casing under the dash.
  6. nearly every gas station also has warning signs saying "do not top off" - also Owner's Manuals (i know, nobody reads these) also warn against topping off. as emissions standards become far more stringent, the possibility of $$$ damage also increase. there is little to be gained by topping off and now, quite a bit to possibly lose.
  7. that's a good idea smartieparts.
  8. i don't need a dyno chart or scientific readings. the premise doesn't stand up to logic. hot air doesn't work as well as cold air.it's not this company, it's any company that brings to market a piece of expensive bling with empty promises of increased performance without a sound design based in the world of physics and the data to prove their claims.it is bling, i'll grant you that, and perhaps the raw material is worth what you say it's worth - but for me, it falls into the category of colored wiper blades and lighted washer nozzles.i normally would not even get this riled up, but an 8hp gain claim for a bolt-on part is, in my experience, often unrealistic bordering on fantasy.
  9. how the product "looks" doesn't mean jack unless you're buying it for it's "looks". if they're saying 8hp gain, that's a different story and i am interested to know how they accomplished that when tests on other similar configurations lost torque and/or hp... taking air from inside the smart's engine compartment is not the path to greater performance. air intake temp is pretty easy to measure with a scangauge and every test i've seen thus far has shown the OEM configuration outperforming any in-compartment solutions in grabbing lower intake temps. my armchair analysis tells me that intake air temp is probably a greater factor in performance for the smart than a "freer flowing" filter element. with 1L of displacement in question, i have a hard time imagining the OEM configuration being so restrictive or hobbled enough that any other solution could improve upon it short of Forced Induction, which this solution is not.the path to fitting more air into the system is cooler air - this will not deliver cooler air IMHO.
  10. testing by other companies has indicated that the potential performance gains from an open-element filter are mitigated by being stuck inside the hot engine compartment. without some way to draw cooler outside air to the intake, i don't see how this type of contraption is going to produce greater performance or fuel efficiency. i don't know that the OEM filter/intake design is even so restrictive at WOT that there can be realized any gains by changing to a larger pipe and open element filter.as others have said before me - that is alot of money for a pipe and filter with no proven track record.
  11. whacky canadians!
  12. i can't say i've ever driven another car with paddle shifter and would not be able to name one that had them with any certainty. short of exotics of course.
  13. they don't give those trailers way huh? $5K for a completely bare, stripped one? wtf?
  14. the radio does turn on without keys in the ignitiion in the vehicles i've seen.there have also been reports that the radio turns itself on when you start the car even if you had previously turned it off.supposedly it also turns itself off after 15min or so if the engine is not running (making a drive-in movie difficult)some suspect it is something in the ECU programming that got screwed up.i'd probably report it to the dealer just so it goes on record and presumably if everyone does that, a reflash of the ECU can be authorized by hambach.
  15. the DDE begins when the reservation info is confirmed in smart USA's system. or at least that's the common thinking right now. if it's been a month, i think it's probably worth a call to SmartUSA to followup and ensure they got the reservation and everything. try to have all the details for that call, what day you reserved, emails you may have rec'd confirming it, the reservation number, etc.