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  1. Flower of Scotland
  2. MatVictoria Star, they're bl**dy useless, face up to it.....lolAnyway good luck and keep us informed.Robin
  3. A horse with no name
  4. Okay, I've being doing some reading. Is this big armoured looking cable the block heater cable? If it is then it's obviously not the cause of my problem this moring, but it does save a trip for the moment to Victoria Bl**dy Star yet again unless the ESP issue re-occurs. I'm still trying to get rid of the dash board rattle that they installed for me two visits ago.... it's driving me nuts.
  5. This is a dead parrot,It is no more
  6. Pushing up daisies
  7. Well, that's down-right eerie........ it must be a virus........ it's catching.I started my car in the garage this morning. Almost immediately the warning lights started flashing on and off randomly for a few seconds, then peace and quiet, then the same thing again for another 10 seconds or so. Once the chaos stopped I was left with the ESP light still on. I reversed out onto the man road and floored it up the hill. No traction control. I went round the first corner intentionally too fast and no stability control either. I ran the car carefully around the block and stopped it, turned the engine off for a minute and hit the unlock button twice in case it was some strange thing with the immobiliser (clutching at straws!). When I turned the ignition on again and started the engine everyhting was back to normal!!! Worked great all day.Anyway, on the way home I stopped of at the GM garage to see a man about a warranty for our HHR. On the way back out to the car, I noticed what I thought was a stick hanging down in the area of the engine. Since the ground was a disaster I decided to inspect the "stick" when I got home. It's not a stick!!!! It's a half inch diameter armoured electrical cable that has become unplugged from the side of the sump pan? It runs in front of the turbo air intake and plugs into the side of the bottom edge of the sump. I am presuming that this caused the issue this morning, but the strange thing is that the car seems to be working okay with the cable unplugged. What the hell is this cable for then?Maty - perhaps this cable is loose on your car too?Robin