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  1. I tried to post a message to the Club Smart Car forum to let members know that knew Fred that he had died on 23 October and after some jiggling have been able to get onto this page.His cancer got the better of him and that is one of the reasons that he has posted so infrequently recently. He still did occasionally look at the forum before he went into hospital. I am not sure if it appropriate to post a message about his passing on the site but the addresses he had for people were only land addresses and not emails or I would have let only those that he frequently spoke of know. I am sure for the smart enthusiasts he will be as sorely missed as he it to me Dorothy
  2. The original O.E.M. battery is probably a "Banner" brand and the new one you bought in now a "Varta" brand. May have a slight different cosmetic look, but will be an exact fit. Install is simple. Disconnect the Neg.terminal (-) first and reconnect it last. Lift old one out and drop the new one in. Check that the cells in the new one are topped up before installing. (easier to do with battery out of car) Make sure you have the radio code handy. It may be on one of the workorders from the dealer or they can provide it.It is a bit of a tight fit, but with a little patience it can be done in about 1/2 hour.Eye and personal protection is recommended as you are working with a lead/acid wet battery.
  3. Press the dealer for a "Goodwill" warantee claim.The bearing has been failing for some time and didn't all of a sudden fail.500 kms. out of warantee is diddly squat. Given that it is a known fact that speedos/odometers run high the reality is that in real terms the car has not yet reached 80,000.P.S there was a class action in the States where it was ruled that Honda? knew their speedos were set to run on the high side. 3% rings a bell.
  4. Interesting. In the past 8 years I don't recall 1 post on this forum of someone trying to blame Smart for something that is blatantly obvious.I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Did you wear your latex gloves or can we look forward to another complaint blaming smart for a self inflicked bulb failure?With regard to the fogging issue that your friend has complained about for 5 years, is if fair to assume that you have the A/C on and the window cracked open 1/4 inch? Old World technology that never gets outdated.Good luck with the smart and the aquisition of a manual.
  5. They spotted you coming a mile away.You don't write off a wreck for only a front bumper.This whole transaction stinks.Run, don't walk. As a first time buyer, purchase a new vehicle of any brand rather than locking in on a love afair with a used vehicle.
  6. Good God man. The engine could have blown by then.Drop a sample off a Caterpillar dealer and get the results back via e-mail or fax in 24 hours.
  7. Where is the paper trail for it? Are you trying to stick the dealer with a Canadian car to import to the U.S.? It is easy to see why he would not want to touch it. Knock off a grand for the windshield. High milage 400,000 Km. will probably fetch far less than what you are expecting. Too many negatives with the car.
  8. You can't live your life on urban myth and CSC rumours. A million cars a day fuel up on U.S. fuel without problems.My only concern is to not get diesel on my hands, feet or steering wheel. Pump handle cleanliness is my only concern.Looks like a nice car at a good price.Drive and enjoy.Why would you want to be the only car in American packing 4 gerry cans of diesel?That is why Service Stations came on the scene.Save your cans for your next Trans-Siberian Journey.
  9. Mike do you recall that a lot of the premium sound systems were not activated by the dealer at the P.D.I. That in itself made quite a difference.
  10. 60 isn't old - - - - if you are a tree!Congratulations Glenn.
  11. For those who want to drain the pan and do it without spilling a drop, then fit a Femco Drain Plug to replace the OEM plug.I've sold hundreds to fleets and individuals and have used them for the past 30 years.They can be used anywhere a drain plug exists - engine oil, transmissions, hydraulic systems, etc.The only way to go.
  12. Read your manual and be guided accordingly.You might be surprised at other valuable info. that you stumble across.
  13. Head to your nearest muffler shop. In about 2 minutes flat they will torch out the old and in 15 minutes have a new generic welded in its place.I recently got rid of my worn out cat in a 220,000 km Grand Vitara. Mr. Torch slapped in a nice quiet muffler and out the door for 50 bucks. Beats the $600 the dealer wanted.
  14. Drive-ins were best during the '50s and '60s glory days of Detroit Iron.The down turn was a combination of bucket seats, sardine can designed econo boxes replacing the great Buick Roadmasters.Add to that the cost of land with urban sprawl and they were doomed.And let's not forget the advent of those damn daylight running lights that lit up the lot when anyone turned on their engines for whatever reason.Those were the days my friend. You had to be there.
  15. Replaced mine only as a PM item. Was still going strong after 6 years, 120,000 km. The original OEM Banner brand has now been replaced by the Varta brand at the smart dealer. Perfect fit and an easy install. I fully expect 6 years at least out of it.OOPS Should have been in reply to #1 post. Sorry, Mike.