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  1. my smart just past 10k km and still no wrench icon showing up...does it mean the oil still have a bit more life to it? or do i need to start finding time to get it service?one other thing, when i pulled the hand brake during parking..i accidentally pulled too hard and it made a huge "CRANK" sound..now everytime i go over bumps, i hear clicking sound somewhere near the ebrake /engine area...did i break anything?
  2. my smart car got stuck with new winter tires. Go figure!
  3. Smart Car of Saskatoon Quoted me around 600 bucks for the B-service and brake flush. Its ridiculous!I was thinking can other shops do the checkup and still retain the warranty?
  4. i use mother back to black and its great.on sale at Canadian Tire awhile back.
  5. 2 front 155/60/152 rear 175/55/15 SOLDthese tires are 1 year old (10k driven)still in great condition!plan on getting aftermarket rims, so these must go!!!asking for $300willing to sell just the front for you 450 owners
  6. Still have 2 front tires for sale....$130 Shippedor $100 pick up
  7. bump!!cost too much? FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN CANADA!!
  8. how much is the cruise control??
  9. I got a 08 white passion few days ago and i found the doors really hard to close on both side...is this normal?i had to slam the door to get it shut.
  10. lol i installed HID bought from smartmadnessinstalled winters AFTER the snow storm =/oh and a big long warmy bath!
  11. whats the point of covering the axle again?
  12. wow much better than removing the fuse everytime you need it..thanks mightymouse!
  13. any reason to keep the car running?
  14. no problem with the the 451...just make sure you remove the antenna before going in.
  15. http://www.autometer.com/ecometer/features.aspx goes very well with the pod I wonder how much it cost.
  16. if you have a ipod touch or iphone, u could even use its bluetooth ability to go completely wireless (almost) with this: http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage...oduct_Id=508754 you can even leave your iphone in your pocket
  17. ya my smart does that ever since i got it.
  18. i recommand VVME.comused them on previous cars and they are great! also lots of great reviews from other car clubs.
  19. anyone know what amp does the block heater use for the 451?
  20. man...i so want to change my block heater.it was -25ish degree in saskatoon this pass week and plugging it in overnight only to get the engine block to raise less than 10 degree higher.