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  1. Yes, I have the EU version. All german spec. Below the radio I do have the interior on/off switch, it's a big white colored toggle type button. To the right is the cig lighter and to the left is the fog light switch. So, I guess the EU version doesn't have the dimmers installed then? How strange to offer such different light configurations in one model of vehicle to so many different countries.
  2. Does anyone happen to know if there is an interior dimmer switch for the instrument lights, speedo, etc? I just don't see one.
  3. USAA in TX, they're all over the US and I pay $450 per yr for full coverage with no deductible. They have no problem insuring the Smarts.
  4. Can't donate. Mad Cow. They say I may have Mad Cow disease because I ate beef in Germany back in the 80's.
  5. I don't have a Blackberry.....but I do have a "Blueberry" That's the new name of my Smart.
  6. How much did the OEM Cruise control cost? Parts + labour?
  7. What is the general cost of living in the Victoria and Vancouver areas. We really loved our visit and would like to come back for an extended stay. What kind of prices to homes / apts rent or sell for in these areas? Utilities? etc? Info would be greatly appriciated from someone who actually lives there as to what the Realtors tell me. I never believe anything the salespeople say anyway. Thanks!
  8. Pssst....mistake noted.
  9. Here's a shot from a little different angle.
  10. I checked with our local branch Discount Tire here in Austin, TX. They can order the same OEM Continental Ecos which come from their main warehouse in Georgia. At least that's the story they told me. Cost runs about $65 USD per tire and takes about 3 to 5 days to get them in per special order.
  11. Not here right now, this was taken a couple months back while on vacation. Wish I had my smart back then, I would have stocked up on parts to bring back to the states.
  12. Took this photo while on the Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. Lovely day!
  13. Howdy from Texas
  14. Hey, I'm originally from Milwaukee, WI....born and raised. Left when I was only 17 to join the military. Never went back to WI and sold all my snow shovels. Now living in Austin, TX. I liked WI, but I enjoy TX much better! Of course living in Germany for 6 yrs was really at the top of my list. A recent trip to Vancouver kinda makes me want to pull up roots and head north of the border. I really love the Vancouver and Victoria Island areas. So many wonderful places, so little time. And just got my new TX plates. Guess I was the first in line.
  15. I was very pleasantly shocked when I found out the plates were available. It's nice to be in the right place at the right time every now and then!