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  1. I would imagine that this topic has been talked about on numerous occasions, but I have looked but could not find it anywhere. I want to drop the motor on my 2006 pulse but don't know the best way of going about it. I can lower the engine but there arethings I don't know about such as AC and wiring etc. Has anyone information they could share. Thanks. Pics are more then welcome as well. Don
  2. Does anyone make these up, I would be interested in buying one already made up. Gadget
  3. I just found this site and it has a wealth of knowledge,, It has sure helped me out.. Gadget
  4. I just thought I'd pass it on, there are cheaper heaters out there, For instance, have a small in line coolant heater that supposedly works well, They run around $800 plus any accessories you may want such as timers or remotes etc. Canada & U.S. (800) 387 - 4800, and no, I don't work for them nor do I know how good they are, A fellow in the office here has used them before and swears by them. The way it works apparently is it's tied into the fuel line and a glow plug. It takes a small amount of ignited fuel and in turn heats the coolant in the car so you have instant heat. You never know.
  5. I also bought a spare front tire and placed it behind the passenget seat. The sissor jack I bought at Princess Auto for $12 and keep a socket and powerbar in the glove box under the drivers seat. The tire has a home made cover over it to keep things neat and tidy. This is after my first flat tire as it was over 3 hours before I was back on the road, never again. well worth the $$ to outfit the little fella.
  6. Thanks, this a great help. I will likely have to do the job myself tho as I am in Vancouver and don't really have the time to go to Edmonton,
  7. [i know this has been beat to death but does anyone now the guy in Calgary where I can get the oil pan with plug for my car, I looked in the old posts and an error keeps comming up.. Thanks
  8. I Like,, I Like alot, too it's giving me ideas
  9. Your weather there sounds alot like Kamloops bc. can get into the 40s in the summer and as cold or colder in the winter. We'll see how Olive Oil handles the cold, better then me I hope.
  10. welcome to the club, you'll have a good time here.
  11. I guess I'll go with the earlier idea then, The tint and use the cover.. Thanks
  12. Sorry to hear about the break in. You have me wondering now about the cover. I have one and never have used it, I end up parking my Smart all over Vancouver and now have the wake up call. I have a quick question for all tho, They have that film that goes over glass to prevent break ins, would this work in conjunction with the cover?
  13. Welcome aboard,and yes its a Great color, did you paint it or did it come to you that way..
  14. Welcome aboard, The more the merrier,
  15. I really like your choice of car, and the decals, priceless . Too bad Canada Post won't go that route, Not all the government agency's are so close minded on the Smarts tho. I was quite surprised last fall when I went to Ottawa and saw a couple Smarts in an RCMP compound. I was curious so I just had to stop and ask, It appears they are part of their fleet and used for daily commuting (not work stuff). They also are testing differant Hybrids as well. Seems these are popular with their staff. No Identifying stickers tho. The BC government is also supposed to be going green, I haven't heard of any Smarts but they do have some Hybrids.