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  1. Hi! I found today on mum's smart doesn't work both bulbs on dash middle window where is gear , temp and gas bubbles. Speedo lights are working well. I tried to change both bulbs but it doesn't helps. I tried check connections, but the same. Everything else elecrical works properly. Enybody have some ideas?
  2. I had the same thing on mum's petrol fortwo, I tryde to find out a problem but usucessful! Than I found somewhere in internet idea to disconect baterry for at least 10 minutes. And IT WORKS ! After that everything work as before! Try !
  3. Hi ! Welcome and Merry Christmas! I am motorcycle driver since 16. Now I am 40 and passed many steps in my life. I had many different cars, now I also have new bmw 1-serie, citroen C4 coupe, Honda Paneuropean, and smart fortwo cabrio(both this year). I love technicks but my age is going on less powerful engines direction. I discovered this small funny car , and I falled in love. I can explaine a lot of my oppinions, but I just want to say some. I traveled a lot across europe by bikes ( gxs-r750, gsx-r1000, pan-1100, pan-1300 ) , But now I planning to do the same on smart. If you like the freedom like any other biker, I have to say You must have the cabrio, definetely cabrio. I am happy to help You to make decision. It is not usual car, it is funny and special car, special as enybody from us
  4. whole day driving You can see 2-3 smarts in Riga, one cabrio if You are very lucky, and they costs from 3,5 K euros for 99year up to new price for new. But no 451 in Riga, I didn't see any new smart.
  5. Hi ! I found a nice way to lighten the space under doors in dark time. It is enegysaving LED tehnologie, and work for opened door warning also in poor visibility for any car coming from back. Of course it is Chaineese made, but I hope it will work not only 2 months. It is self adhesive, waterproof flexible strip, powered from 12 v. I put the wire under door bottom plastic using screwdriver , under door ruber at front, and inside wire under panel. The stock wire was little bit too short, I added a bit and connected it to interior light switch wiring. It always switches on together with interior light, when the any door is open or switch is on. Theese door lights are only little bit visible from outside when doors are closed, but it is also good looking when I opened car by key but still comming to it. Here is ebay link for offers : http://cgi.ebay.de/30-SMD-LED-Leiste-Strip...1QQcmdZViewItem I used a german ebay, I hope you can find the same at any one. I choose a white color 60 cm, but available are also blue, red etc. It was very easy to install ant took only 40 minutes for both sides. Important is for the best sticking to clean plastic door bottom surface by petrol for clean the any silicone spry. After that it sticks more better. If you are interested in some details, easy ask, and I will take extra pics from any area. I also bought the blue one for my luggage box inside, and other white one for boot area, because when boot cover is instaled it's preaty dark in boot area. I just didn't receive it jet, but when I get it, I will show You .
  6. Sorry for my english ))
  7. He he ! The World icehockey championship will start in Canada at april ! Latvian teem will show the great game I think ! Do not forget to send me "cheers" for each win ! I hope to finish my garage new interior & exterior for this time, including projector, whiskey baar etc, and will send pics for sure, how latvians watching icehockey in Canada. But the first sport challange I am sik about is Paris-Dakar! It will start soon and You guys definetely will watch my smart photo with Dakar logo on doors ! Please , if you see this cometition on TV, wathch how our guys are ! Especially mororbiker Janis Vinters ! I can tell you more, I think to take place in it at next year, oh nooo, it is not what you think, it is amateur challange, you can see it at link http://www.plymouth-dakar.co.uk/ . Not on smartcar MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends !
  8. Here is wiew of Riga, but no snow. I hope it will be !
  9. Ok, today upload is working, here it is!
  10. Thank's for a good idea, and instructions how to build it ! Now my car is the first one who has a cup , first in all my country ! I am riding it arround Riga every day and a lot of peoples are switching faces from ugly to happy and smiley ! Of course many photos of my car now are in peoples cellphones. Great ! Thank's guys! I just can not find a way to add photos, the new version is not handy for first look .
  11. I have a cd changer, but looking to add an aux input for PDA. I am thinking it's not so handy everytime catch the radio out to swich from cd to aux by using other connector. I think it is easy to rebuild connector for both ways, just I want to know how the aux cable wires are connected in connector. Please, if anybody can help, to make small picture to show how aux connector is conected to the cable.
  12. Yeah, it's only mercedes dealer here, no smarties specialists. Of course mercedes guys can help, probably can, but I am always prefered to do some things myself, not all of course, only those I am in love . I think it is poor local gas station here, my mum has to use other. Merry Christmas !
  13. Of course guys !
  14. So, I fix it ! I do not remember in which forum I found this information, but one guy wrote it is reason to try disconect the battery for at least 10 minutes ... IT HELPS !!! Smartie fly as rocket again !
  15. I did it! Thank's for Your expirience ! I had not the inside pieces, probably they stays in previous owner car. I cut them new from piece of metal , using rotation cutting disc, made 3 holes in each of them, 2 holes for bolts, 3rd for wire. All job took 1/2 day and it is done ! It was tricky for sure ! The right side was more difficult, cos area under rear light was ful of sponge, and I did not want to take it out. Now I know - the car calls SMART - it is for make owner smarter ! Cheers and Merry Christmas !