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  1. Mine was the key I use every day, my husband had to bring me the spare. I did speak to Mercedes and my service advisor talked me through how to change out the battery but it didn't work and I was stranded so ended up calling BCAA since I was an hour away from my spare key. I was wondering if somehow the key was squished in my purse and active all day while I was at my conference.
  2. Same here, the BCAA Road Service Driver thought maybe the key's battery got so low that it lost programming. I still have to take the car/key in to Mercedes and hope to do so next week. Very odd to me though that the brake lights are flashing on our cars.
  3. I saw this episode too, the cars looked so cute all in a row driving along. I too noticed the jolt when one car hit a bump, just like real life and potholes. BARB
  4. Yes, thanks to everyone! Yuck. BARB
  5. I too love the Cube, it's an interesting looking vehicle for sure! BARB
  6. Had a lot of fun today! It was great to see some of some familiar faces and cars! Hopefully we can get some other events running in the Lower Mainland soon. BARB
  7. Has anyone had a confirmation e-mail for Saturday? I registered on-line late last week but didn't get an e-mail confirmation like it said I would BARB
  8. I've registered but have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail. BARBEdit....oops! I realize that I did receive confirmation. Yippee! Can't wait and hope to see some Club Members!
  9. Love my iPhone 3GS and it's TomTom application. I've had one update so far at no charge for the TomTom but our 'regular' TomTom we have for our truck will be about $100 a year for map updates, this is the one thing I haven't been able to determine with the iPhone TomTom app...will the updates always be free? Doubt it. Now's a good time to buy an iPhone 3GS now that the iPhone 4 is out. BARB
  10. A Sunday drive sounds good!
  11. Had fun today, both in "round 1" and "round 2". 8 smarts including my own!I look forward to future meets. I like the drop-in idea as well as the drive idea. Maybe a restaurant or even Starbuck's for a drop in even as frequently as once every month or 2 would be great to get things rolling. If there's enough interest, maybe we could take turns planning drive events. I agree for future events a cell contact for the day of the event would be great.
  12. MikeT and BJ are back at the totems awaiting Keith. He's on his way.