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  1. But I'm a girl -- I have no idea how to DIY.
  2. Hi there - does anyone know of an auto shop in the Toronto area where I can get cruise control installed on my 451? I missed Fast Eddy's recent visit to the city -- or does anyone know if he'll be back anytime soon? Any info appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the info, Bil! And as for the 4 rims and Conti tires for 450, I'm located in Toronto -- any offers welcomed: 2 winters of city use.
  4. Hello All: I had a 2006 450, and recently upgraded to a 451. I have rims and snow tires (Contis) for the 450. I understood that the 451 has all-season tires, which are better all-rounders than the 450 tires, but I'd really like to put snows on. The local garage said that the difference was not so huge, and that I could use the old rims and tires. Then I called the Smart dealership and they said I could use the old front tires, but I'd need all new rims and two new rear tires, which have some kind of tire pressure sensor in them. This would cost $1450+!!!!! (The thunk you hear is me falling on the floor...) Can anyone clear this up for me? Any help appreciated!
  5. I would definitely come to Quebec in the summer!
  6. Thank goodness I just got my 2 grand last week, after waiting almost 6 months for it!
  7. I got an aftermarket armrest from Steven Morehouse at Smartieparts. It's easy to install yourself, and is adjustable. It's great on long drives, and it can be pushed up out of the way. Here's his site: that helps...
  8. Hey everyone -- thanks for the welcome, and all the great iPod tips. Hope to have her wired up soon.Since my last post, I've done a road trip from T.O. to Algonquin to Ottawa and back. Once the smartie is up to speed she's quite responsive, and I passed several cars on Hwy 7 coming back. Fuel costs: about $25-30 for the whole trip. Can't argue with that. (Did the whole trip without a spare tire in the back -- I must be in the honeymoon phase!)
  9. Thanks for the welcome!But RAD1, though I really love the colour now, I had first wanted to order black/black. Fat chance -- since there were so few available I finally ended up with the most opposite colour combo possible! Well, they can see me coming, that's for sure!Now, I just have to get the wiring done so I can plug in my iPod (no, my 2006 is one of the ones without a socket, unfortunately). Oh, and I have to take a picture to post here...
  10. I've had my smart for about 3 weeks, after a rocky start (engine/transmission problems) which I won't bore you with. As well, there seems to be a rush on the diesel engines before the new model comes in the fall, so the dealer had a lot of trouble finding me one. I love my (rebuilt) car, and have now driven it on highways, winding country roads, and in city traffic. So much fun. So happy.