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  1. Fabbri ski rack from 2005 Four Two Cabrio. Fits on back of car. Make an offer.
  2. Anyone heard of this process? Tried it? Seems to be a thinner for veg oil to be used in diesels. Sounds like a very simple way to make biodiesel. Any adventurous soul willing to try it and report to the group?
  3. My Leesurlite trailer only weighs about 125 kg. I hardly notice it's there! I drove over 1000 km each way to Oshkosh and back to Brampton with my 17 yr. old and camping gear for a week. I use it regularly for carrying my kitesurfing gear to various sites around Ont. Great trailer but not cheap!
  4. Has anyone replaced (or even found) the Turn signal flasher with one that will work with a trailer or LEDs. So far when I use my Lees-ure-Lite I remove the middle turn signal light so the flasher will operate correctly. I tried replacing these bulbs with LEDs which works with the trailer, but goes into fast flash mode without the trailer (same as if I leave the bulb out). A pain to change every time I use my trailer! I considered replacing the trailer bulbs with LEDs but they are dual filament bulbs mounted sideways so wouldn't work properly with normal LEDs. The only other alternative would be to replace the whole trailer tail light assembly with an LED unit.
  5. Car is finally fixed They found the hose from the turbo to the wastegate torn, causing turbo to overboost and the "EDG is shutting down power to the engine, replaced turbocharger (hose not available separately)"!!! An incredibly expensive fix for a torn hose!! Fortunately covered by warrantee. Nice to get a new turbo for free
  6. I always use the paddlesand use the left hand to upshift when the wheel is ~ 180. I used to use the stick in turns but never use it now. Didn't get the softtouch much to my wife's annoyance
  7. Would that occur spontaneously on a trip? Can this rod adjuster come loose on it's own? The dealer called Saturday to say it might be the turbo and to bring it in on Tues. I hope it gets fixed this time.
  8. By the way, after sitting 3 days at Tremblant, it wouldn't start at -25 C. So much for not needing a block heater ! It started ok with a boost, but it sure is a PAIN to access the battery!
  9. I've just had this problem. Dealer replaced EGR valve and reset the Light. Problem still there! Basically it won't go over 110 and is very slugish, however bnow it will go over 3000rpm. It seems like the first 1/4 of the accellerator pedal travel is normal, but any more does nothing. The light came on about 1/2 way to Mt. Tremblant from Brampton on the 401 at about 110km/hr. Drove it there and back with the light on. Mississauga took 2 days to replace the EGR valve but obviously did not adequately test the fix. The light stayed off but the sluggishness remains, although I can rev to redline now, it still won't go over 110 even downshifting to 5th.
  10. My lowbeams went almost simultaneously at about 19000 km. I discovered both were dead when I drove out of the garage and couldn't see the headlights on the garage door when it closed. There are running/parking?? lights in the light modules that still light up when the low beams have burnt out which fool some people into thinking that the lights are ok, but they don't light the road significantly. I used a probe type mirror thru the grill openings to see how to remove the bulbs. I then managed to get my (skinny) arm thru the opening to disconnect the plug and open the spring clips to change the bulbs. I could easily change a bulb in about 3 minutes with no tools other than the key to unlatch the little grill.
  11. Sorry about last minute! Just discovered this event. 1. PhatRed & SlimRed 2. basspod 3. smart65 4. smartboy & supersmart 5. slimwagn 6. Jillian - am I the only one who knows how you use capitals? 7. Vroom Vroom 8. Diesel Dave & Pam 9. Duck 10. Crazy Commuter & SMARTPILOT 11. mhawel 12. spinner 13. RichHelms 14. mixed 15. SMARTING & Phyllis 16. Grosser 17. Stephanie+1(Tentative) 18. Schmitt & Evi
  12. No Problems towing my Lees-ure Lite Trailer. I've also towed my Freeway Microcar 300 km with no problems (~700 lb). Just kept the speed Below 90 with the Freeway. Can hardly notice any difference with the Lees-ure Lite in tow! The homemade Hitch is very strong, probably overbuilt, and the Lees-ure lite weighs 255 lb plus cargo and has a 17 lb tongue weight.Jim
  13. installed the MDC Wiper Stalk Cruise. Works very well. You can even shift gears with it engaged if you're going up a long hill. You can also use the Resume and then shift up through the gears. It quite happily chugs along at 60 in sixth gear on level surfaces so I even use it in town. I also got the computer, which uses an existing connector on the Cruise Plug and Play module. The combo will improve your fuel economy. My wife now drives the car a little more sensibly so she doesn't drag down my economy numbers as much as before although the computer showed her max speed as 123 yesterday I'll still never make first page of Spiritmonitor unless I get her her own smart.Make sure you DISCONNECT THE BATTERY when installing the cruise and do not wrap the P-N-P module too tightly! Otherwise the installation is staightforward and doesn't require any wire cutting.