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  1. Do let us know! I've got my 451 back, loaned out one of my three Suzuki's instead.... Keeping an eye out for a 451 cab
  2. I tripled up on zuuk as of yesterday - bought a 2004 XL7 5 seater automatic yesterday in Langford.... loaning to a friend and now have the smart 451 back Officially # 19
  3. Yikes, those Chinese turbos look unconvincing... This is a german made cartridge I believe - a friend of mine ordered one late last year for the cdi I sold him, paid a couple hundred Canadian and then some in the end, but it seems he was very happy with it, but then you don't get the extra housing (or whatever china decides to ship to you)
  4. The Outlander is going to a new home this weekend and will reside in Prince George, Just hitting 100,000 km now (ODO is in miles). Goes with a set of steelies and near new snows from my Mazda CX-5 which fit. So it's back to a smart and two zuuks for now. Wife has the 2011 Legacy still - just over 160 kms. Timing belt due soon on it and front brakes. No sign of head gasket leak, so it's gonne stay in the fleet - it's the longest we've had a car - over 8 years now! (Only because she drives it and doesn't want to change, and it's been VERY reliable.)
  5. This photo is from May this year - that's my 451 pure coupe along with the passion cdi cabriolet I picked up last year which went to a friend and his son.... which also features strikelines which I had added prior to moving it along!
  6. Unfortunately, izzy's turbo in the canada1 couple went, and so he couldn't bring the car along on this trip.... We did get an appearance though of another canada1 - with MikeT's old strikelines, which look really good where they are. Four smart owners having dinner with two wives, three have owned canada1's, one of them has owned two of them (each of the cars the other two now own) - I still haven't figured out the riddle on this one.
  7. stickman007 was heading along the same route one day after us on the way to the lower mainland... I sent him a picture of his rock! This is on Hwy 3 between Keremeos and Hedley, westbound.
  8. Picked up a near new rooftop tent in Grand Forks on Saturday. It also came with a full annex room with floor which would surround the side of the vehicle where the ladder is, but didn't put it up on the one night we camped near the old townsite for Phoenix City at Marshall Lake rec site....
  9. That picture right above my post is the Canadian edition! Subtle, like the four canada1 cars.
  10. I should lift up my 451 slightly! These are 185/60/15 and 165/65/15 for the 453 IFAIK... slightly taller!
  11. The Grand Vitara is off kilter on the rear passenger side - so it's pulling up the opposing corner in the photo, LOL..... I was like, hey, is that why I got such a great deal? Actually, the only issue right now to sort out is a rattling shield on the exterior of the catalytic where there is also a rusty clamp that needs replacing, so I will take care of that once I get it onto some ramps again Even the engine oil is good for 2000 more kms
  12. In BC, generally, the vehicle has to be 25 years old, and meet condition criteria. Once your application is accepted, you get plates for it, and a reduced insurance rate. You are then required to have another vehicle fully insured (not another collector plate vehicle) at all times, and you cannot use your collector plated vehicle for things like to/from work. So for me, 1994 era is really handy, as there are a lot of potential vehicles that could qualify (and that I like).... although I should have bought them a few years ago already.... I've got a buyer up in Prince George for my low km 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander. Sad to see it go in some respects.... but I'm on a roll with smarts and Suzuki's, so going to keep the cashflow (and driveway space) available.... The Mitsu was just about a free rental for 6500 kms and bridged the gap between the CX-5 and now nicely.... Friend's daughter will make good use of it. just under 100 kms and no rust, so it's very much a cream puff for Prince George.
  13. Been an interesting week! Sunday I went out to Hope and came home with a 2006 Grand Vitara - 165k - manual transmission equipped which means fulltime AWD, and no RWD, 4x4 lock or 4x4 low like the higher end automatics have..... They'd put a new clutch in I last year, so this thing should be safe for quite awhile maintenance wise. Then yesterday, I came home with a collector plate eligible 1990 Sidekick... just 143k and seriously clean condition.... I can't find anything yet that would disqualify it from the collector plates here in BC, but will start that process ASAP after the weekend. 3 speed automatic...! Seeing as the Mazda CX-5 is gone (since April), and I have TWO zuuks…. I have had to alter my screen name again - back to smartzuuk Suzuki's I have owned: 1989 Chevy Sprint 2000 Grand Vitara 2001 XL-7 2002 Aerio Sedan 1989 Sidekick softop 1994 Sidekick 4-door 1990 Sidekick softop 1992 Samurai 1996 X-90 1997 X-90 1996 X-90 (another one) 1999 Vitara 2 door convertible 2001 Esteem (didn't drive it much) 1990 Tracker softop 2000 Grand Vitara 2003 Grand Vitara 2006 Grand Vitara (just purchased) 1990 Sidekick softtop and removable hardtop - time capsule clean (just purchased) also drove a 1993 Sidekick that was my girlfriends of the day Still on the prowl for a circa 1994 four door Sidekick/Tracker in clean enough shape for collector plates
  14. And on that note, even full grown adults like those on Victoria City Council on 'the Island' are clueless tools.... Ben Isitt should be in jail for treason, Helps as well. (don't call it Vancouver Island, they will be offended)