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  1. The minimum requirement for renewables in diesel fuel sold in BC is 4% per year, but at times, the average through the entire year has been higher than 6%! Keep in mind that there are a myriad of ways for the overall annual number to be met, and that you could in fact be running on no renewable content at certain times as well.
  2. Hard to believe that ALL of these cars are gone all at once..... most with no replacement in the lineup. Rust in Peace: 14 vehicles that won’t live on past 2018
  3. Still need to see what they have planned for Hambach and the 'EQ'..... seems the smart EQ is a placeholder now....
  4. I think the eGOLF is up to 300 km, but is rated at a 'real world' 200... which simply means don't run AC and drive up the Coq at full tilt.... All the same rules apply as far as hypermiling goes, and then use of features drains further.... so you can be frugal I would imagine, but obviously heat in the winter is a bit neccessary
  5. There's a guy offering up Chevy Spark EV's for like $12000 CAD, they are US cars that they bring across That's a bit better size than a smart I should have a look to see what MB has brewing for Hambach 'EQ' models.... I'm good with a mid 30's price tag plus freight and tax, that makes for a car that costs not much more than my smart did new (mid-high 20's) assuming incentives stay in place The one thing they need to address is paying road tax - which I think should be covered through ICBC insurance somehow, whether they just bill a reasonable flat amount per year, or charge based on odometer readings somehow. It's not sustainable to ignore this long term.... and burden everyone else with the cost.
  6. I have put the eGOLF on my radar... The trick now that I just sold a 2000 Echo, is to get a beater insured for the 6 months..... Anecdotally, any ideas how far into the year the Scrap-it rebates make it? If til June or July, this might be doable. Scrap beater, trade in Mazda CX-5, pay cash on balance, get a discounted charger, and have another car that depreciates quickly! LOL According to the VW website, the residual is 49% after 12 months... I could buy a used EV I suppose, or trade in towards one. Save all the other non-sense - it's assumed by me that the huge depreciation takes into account the massive incentives Not interested in a smart EV at this time, I need room and range... Mitsubishi is making a PHEV Outlander, but it's zero bucks on scrap it, and just $2500 instead of $5000, and they aren't cheap and don't go that far The eGOLF satisfies one of my criteria, which is that the car should basically look like it's siblings....
  7. And in Germany, the cdi actually came with even skinnier tires! 135 70 on a half inch smaller wheel! (I have a pair of those!! two 3.5" wheels with two 135 70 tires!)
  8. A few more pictures
  9. I found a couple photos on e-mail.... he had this to say: "I got a block off plate with the egr emulator but I decided to weld it shut as it’ll never leak that way. I put an Allen head bolt in the hole and welded around it."
  10. My 6 speed manual CX-5 is a rarity - a 2016 model, only available with the under-powered but frugal 2.0 litre engine and front wheel drive. And done away with for the 2019 model year. Mazda keeps suggesting a diesel is coming to North America, but it never appears.... I doubt we will see one at all, and why in a Mazda3??? It was supposed to come in the CX-5! I will look forward to trying out one of the new AWD Mazda3 sports, but we're not sure if it will be paired with the 2.5 turbo even.... an engine that will only come on the very highest end car of well over $30k Canadian, so I don't think it'll make my list. I'm more likely to land a used Mazda3 GT of some sort in the future, auto or manual, as long as it was looked after. My friend's 2005 GT sedan with AT is flawless at 200k.
  11. Torx this and torx that, it was a wee bit much for me to be honest, but I happily gave up my oil extractor and advised on the 'how-to' as far as that goes....
  12. The only credit I get, is rescuing the car from an inoperable state, and getting it going well enough to determine it was indeed worth the effort. At 200k nearly, it has a good engine and decent transmission, and is a loaded passion model with upgraded wheels! It will hopefully be a very nice example of an updated and fully serviced car as his son graduates from L to N in BC, and can drive on his own by the new year. Any smart closing in on 160-200 km needs about as much attention as this one received, and my kudos to Dwayne for sticking with it and getting it to a really good operating condition!!!
  13. As most/some of you know, the passion cabriolet I rescued this summer ended up getting sold to a friend's son..... and the dad has meticulously re-worked the entire engine compartment, including: an intercooler fix, EGR delete, new water pump, free-wheeling alternator pulley, new turbo cartridge, waste gate servicing (made it operational in the end!!), intercooler scoop fabricated and installed, as well as a massive clean-up of basically everything in sight..... I saw it today and here's a few pics!
  14. oh, and it faired better than some French damaged in France car that shall remain nameless... LOL (it would be better if....)
  15. ugh.... well, that doesn't look too un-straight.....