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  1. No content added in like 6 weeks, so blowing this forum away.... sorry, it's gotta have content to justify taking up space
  2. Not a lot of uptake on this form, like none actually, so it is going buh-bye and I will put the content back where it came from
  3. So my order of the free-wheeling alternator pulleys never made it out of the UK - and I got a full refund, but alas, I will still try to order a couple of these from a vendor that does not use the useless as crap eBay Global Shipping nonsense... I've managed to keep the P303 code from returning after using the Howes Meaner Power Kleaner, which is like giving your car whiskey after it normally just drinks beer.... worked before, has seemingly worked again I still haven't done much else with the car, but I do not think it will be going on a long trip this summer. Oh, and the AC recharge didn't last, so forget the AC system is going to be my response
  4. Willy, those bolts are not going to have issue holding the dang bike.... You should see the OEM rack which hoists the bike sideways up ABOVE the roof line, image all the force on the bolts then, albeit they also have a couple extra mounting points up top on a puny thread with a round bolt head holding in place....
  5. $6.00 in shop supplies, gotta love that! Curious what the ODO in the cluster being 'lower than module' difference is? You ought to consider some fuel injector cleaner - I would suggest Howes Meaner Power Kleaner as a start, and use about 150 to 200 ml per fillup for a few tanks. Get a long neck funnel for an easier time getting the fluid into the tank, then fill with diesel. You can use the regular Howes diesel treat on an ongoing basis.... maybe 50 ml to 100 ml per tank. I've had really good luck with Howes taking care of sluggish issues and even making codes like P0303 go away.
  6. Nice work and NICE bike!!! Looks way too clean, haha!!
  7. As you have an electric, that seems fitting. I think we're done here for now. As is the political discussions forum. Political content (for or against Trump etc...) will be deleted, warnings issued, etc... It's pretty simple I think. Enjoy your smart cars!
  8. Right now, I have a tally of 7 to close, 2 to remain open, and 1 neutral. And my vote doesn't count. No rush....
  9. Interestingly, one of the posts in that split-off topic says:
  10. Correct. Mostly anyway. The topic which remains is here: But this topic below was SPLIT from the discussion, and resided in political discussions, and had 40 posts. Including those about the jerry cans. It was locked, and now of course, is not visible. Ford Nation to kill EV incentives? From: Trying to buy new non-smart EV
  11. The topic on Ford and the EV's didn't begin in the political discussion forum, and was split up and moved there, by me, with no one prompting me to do it. The topic garnered about 40 replies before it looked as though it had run it's course. Only then was it locked. There's no blame or guilt or even right or wrong to be assigned per se on this one topic. There isn't an official CsC policy stating one must agree or disagree with EV incentives, or any other such thing. I think here is where we can make the distinction between having a rational political discussion, and can see the difference between that (which much of it was, IMO), and when it descends into member vs member/trolling etc. When things descend into member vs member, it needs to be reviewed. I'm not apologizing for being the one to prompt us all having a chance to review this. Please, can we not make this so personal?!
  12. Actually, no one came to me asking for consideration of the forum being discontinued. I alone acted to have this discussion take place. (The forum still exists in it's entirety, and is simply out of view.) There are a myriad of opinions on keeping or dropping the forum, but it is heavily leaning towards dropping.
  13. Offensive content? That is entirely subjective. It's a political discussion forum, and we either want to have that forum, or we don't, anything else short of closing the occasional topic if it looks like it's getting too heated, would result in us becoming censors, and I don't think that's what I was hoping we would come to... There are a myriad of positions that one can take in relation to all the hot topics of the day, there's not any potential that I can see to single out anyting for removal, and as an admin'/ moderator, that's not what I would be willing to do...
  14. It's actually NOT censorship if we as a community agree to exclude all political discussions.... at least not in the sense of one 'side' feeling censored. This is not about censorship, or who is right/wrong/left. etc.... it's about whether we want to maintain having a political discussion forum at all If we are to maintain one, there ought to be something in the way of value that it provides to the club, or it's members.... at least, that's my measuring rod If I take the two replies here so far, and add in two private message replies, we're split at 2 each....
  15. Please, don't send me PM's about the various discussions that were going on and who is right/wrong/left etc.... I mostly know how any interested member feels on the various subjects from reading your posts in said forum. (And likewise, you know of my thoughts.) Discuss here, and as a membership, we hopefully will come to a consensus regarding the political discussion forum.