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  1. I like the looks of the INA you've identified, I am probably going to source a couple, as I know this mod is going to get done on a couple cars already! I will sift eBay for the INA 535005910 and grab a best deal on a couple and send them into my USA address to save a bit of tax and duty. Look to be about $40 USD each Ordering three at least - one for me, one for Izzy, and a spare for someone else's car, or my next extra car If you are local, or near local to me and want one, speak up now! Shipping is hardly anything extra for multiples.
  2. After seeing that video of the gear changes on a stock map cdi, I am convinced this is a really interesting modification to do. Looks to me about 15-16 seconds to get to 100 kmh. That is almost as fast as some of the remaps. Imagine a remap PLUS a freewheeling pulley. I'm doing it!
  3. I've created this sub-forum which is specifically for 'tuning' discussions. Topics might include things like: Map definitions (Map locations, EGR, fueling, timing, etc.) Map Sharing - User owned of course, not commercially sold ones. Tips and tricks for achieving a base tune How-to's etc. Software (Winols, EDC Suite, etc.) I will probably move a few topics into the forum from elsewhere as I find them. Obviously, there will also be discussion about the commercially available maps and people's experience with them, but please note, there will be no tolerance for posting links to files of those commercial maps!
  4. It's done! Let's see some content!! (Note - I may move a few topics into the forum from the parent forum (performance and mods))
  5. The fenders on the rear are actual Brabus wide fenders which a few cars had added by the owners, including MikeT on his original pulse cab in stream green. And if you look close, you will see the Brabus fender extensions also, which many people added on. Those wheels were really expensive!!! Yes, that is the ex-Coastal Steve car!
  6. I took back the non-working 2.5 inch side markers and wasn't able to find anything else suitable to exchange them for so I just grabbed another bottle of Howe's diesel conditioner and got a refund for the rest, and then when I went outside to get back in my car I happened to notice this to the south of me and so I wandered over and took a couple pics...
  7. I think it was more like a six pack plus Mike but who's counting?
  8. Nice! Mike T and I were together when the name Red Pxl came about! It was Mike's prompting to name it 'Red Pxl'. I will have to dig up the video that caused it to be named as such - I should have it still. Plus lots of other pictures. You are officially the 5th owner of the car. I knew the 2nd and 3rd owners personally, and helped them with basic maintenance at times, oil changes, leather treatment for the seats, headlights, tire rotations, but the car also did see the dealer when Roy had it, and fasteddy when the original owner had it. David the 4th owner did a lot of work as well, and it saw the dealer in Langley once, which didn't go so well. All that said, I am confident it has never been over 8,000 kms between services, and many quite a bit sooner than that... so I trust that the engine internals are quite in good shape. I owned the canada1 cabriolet during most of the time these two owners had the coupe - and the pictures of the four Canada1 cars together was arranged by me as Roy (2nd owner) was out of town and could only leave the car in the driveway for the day! A couple small minor changes to the coupe ought to be noted. The front mudflaps, some pinstriping on the rear valance and the wheels and mudflaps I think, and of course, OEM cruise. The rest is pretty much exactly how it came from MB, and in that other thread Mike posted pictures of the car being customized in Germany at the Brabus factory. Eddy has an Alcantara steering wheel which would be super cool to get onto the car, but you'd have to try to make a deal!
  9. If you make one to bolt onto the rear bar of the car, you have the tow hook at least so you can get some bolts machined for it, they won't be off the shelf anywhere.
  10. The front wheel behind the drivers seat is truly the easiest solution, though I do have an MDC mount for the external on the rear, but it does impede the ability to open the hatch. Any other solution just to carry a spare is probably overboard.... though a hitch could have other uses, like a bike, but tonque weight becomes an issue at some point.
  11. Lawyers can be added to that list - they are in a union (the various provinces associations are nothing but unions, with typical left-wing socialist agendas), doctors have their unions, banks for sure have their unions... I am embarking on freeing myself from all of this bureaucracy where possible, no, not as a freeman of the land (that is dishonest movement of tax avoiders), but simply as I vote with my wallet. Tired of rainbows being flashed at me every time I am in a branch or a bank machine.... so TD is off my list. Tired of a lot of things, but I give where I can.... which is more the emphasis. Sorry to be slightly off-topic, but I had to reply to this.
  12. 13 pages I just power read to get to this end....! :0 There are cheap smarts to be had in the Vancouver area. Be ready with cash.
  13. A loose clamp huh? And I have two spare TIK seals. My first smart cdi started leaking there around 100,000 kms. That was 11 years ago! Changed that, and leak gone! I'd like to see a pic of the GLI and cdi together. Getting some use out of that iPod add-on would be cool! I actually had an iPod that fit and did use it sparingly. That was a really expensive accessory in the day! What I wish I had been given was the Brabus sub-woofer that the second owner had been given brand new in the box, but never did get it, and then they moved from Port Moody and it got turfed AFAIK.
  14. Absolutely up for a Western Canada adventure in a smart this summer. Have been from Mile 0 to Mile zero and back, including Labrador, in a smart. Lots of trips to SK, camping and hyper-miling… Icefield Parkway of course! Have been to at least Hazelton in a smart, but not to Rupert or beyond... Will probably pass on taking a smart to Tuk if only because it'll be a lot nicer trip in something bigger. Working a few things out on my newly acquired passion cabriolet to make sure it's going to be reliable for the longer haul. This looks to include a Malone Tuning remap which will also deal with the EGR issue I have AFAIK. That and some fluid changes to be done ie: coolant and I should nearly be set.
  15. Update on car # 4 New owner picked up the car from me on June 15th, 2018 The car is now in Edmonton Alberta. I am fairly sure the new owner will make an appearance here. I'm digging up some more pictures and tidbits on the car. BTW - should have the original owners name on the emblem that smart Canada made - it had been placed on the passenger side airbag cover, and was removed by the owner immediately prior to me, but I kept it!