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  1. Settled on 38 psi rear and 34 front, used the compressor in the smart so that was easier to 'gauge'.... lol Mike T had cautioned about using the full size wheel covers when these wheels were all new, even in summer, but they aren't too too bad.... the marks in the wheel are evident though. I noticed the 'rocker panel' cover on the passenger side is out of alignment. Will get the car onto ramps and see what's going on.
  2. Funny - 6 main open spaces on the front wheel, 7 on the rear wheel... 6x7 = 42.... nerd. Hey I knew a guy who had a plate 6 X 7 and it was NOT me!!!
  3. Yep - I have the 3.5" / ET20.5 skinnier front 450 wheels!
  4. I've considered selling all of this stuff off before, but it has always come in handy for one reason or another. Even years later!
  5. Look what we have here - I located my 30mm spacers and 6 x 17mm lugs.... I am going to swap out all of the wheels for my skinny set. So, the 451 will have the following on it: Front: 135/70/15 on 3.5" (front) 450 steelie - which is the front tire size on the German 450 cdi Rear: 155/60/15 on the 4.5 inch (front) 451 steelie - mounted on the 30 mm spacers Going to wash up the wheels and verify the sizes/specs, as it has been awhile. has most of the stuff listed.... Not going to use full wheel covers, just center caps. And probably will run 33 front and 37 rear for PSI. Need to run these tires for a bit as they have sat awhile (unweathered though - stored indoors except this last winter they were in a dry carport) Should gain in fuel economy by perhaps 0.3 L/100 km
  6. Well, Willys - good on you for keeping that dino drinker running like a top! As for the fender extensions - try - there ought to be some available still for the front. Many a cdi had them installed.... but I am not up to speed on what the 451 had for it on offer.
  7. I'm sure this is a snooze fest by now for regular readers, but I took the 451 out on the road for a bit with the alternate tire on, and no centre cap or wheel cover. I had also inflated the tire about 6 lbs to make up for it sitting around for awhile unused..... anyway - noise appears to be gone entirely after a half hour of driving. Put on the former wheel that came with the car, with center cap and wheel cover, noise is back. OK. Well, going to take off the cover and center cap and try again. Suspecting something wrong with the tire. You know how hard it is to tell a sound with precision from a moving vehicle, LOL. Trial and error! Would rather be dropping coolant by now!
  8. Rotor seemed ok, but will check it closer. Could possibly even be the bearing starting to go maybe.
  9. I put on a different wheel this morning, and left off the black center cap and wheel cover.... thought for a moment the noise was gone, but it's just quieter.... I will dig a bit more into it after breakfast.
  10. Cleaned up the driver's side front brakes on the 451. Lubed the caliper slider pin as well. Pads had lots and lots of life left - near new actually since I got a proper look at the inside pad.... But, still have a very slight dragging/chaffing noise. And I do mean slight. Will investigate some more. More of an annoyance than anything.
  11. programming. and then you also need a replacement gas pedal - as the throttle has a kick down feature... there have been very very few cars converted, but it could be done if you are dedicated it could also in theory be programmed to start in auto mode, and if you can live without kick down, you could have one chance at start up to be in auto - but shift once, and you're in manual til you restart
  12. I can attest to the HP gain from the intake pipe replacing the resonator box.... did it on my first 451. *Might* do it on the new one too. Not a K&N fan myself.... but do like a good clean filter all the same.
  13. Having just acquired my eighth smart, I too am sad to see the brand gone, but the writing has been on the wall for some time, whatever the myriad of causes for such demise. I suspect the two biggest issues: 1) price of base model still a bit too high compared to other entry level cars 2) premium fuel requirement in a car that is also not the best in fuel economy for such a small engine Sales drop over time... momentum is lost...
  14. Great video - will be doing this.... soon. On my 451. Will have to lube the caliper pins as well.
  15. Gave the 451 a quick hose down, and cleaned up the engine compartment sufficiently so that it doesn't look so dusty! Ran the car long enough to get the Scangauge to read 213F coolant temperature, and voila, on came the fan for about 45 seconds which brought the temp down to 198F. All is working as it was engineered to do so. No issues here.