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  1. Wow, that yellow 451 is a tad strange! Well, to each their own. I LIFTED 451! And ran taller tires on it as well! And it ran like a champ between Abbotsford and Prince George all one winter with no failures or issues at all. That was a fun little car! Thanks goodness TPM solved the shifter/tranny issue in it properly! New owner in Nanaimo somewhere about 5 years ago. Wonder has anyone ever seen the car mid island. Blue on black pure coupe, 08.
  2. Put a two day permit on the canada1 coupe for today and Saturday and went driving all over Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Will do an oil change before putting it back into the underground garage for the winter months. Really enjoyed my time in it today. 107,000 ish kms. Will head to Vancouver Saturday. On another note, I have two people in Ontario who have expressed interest in the car. I am not sure where this will lead for sure. Coupe is far left in picture. I previously owned the car on the far right as well.
  3. I'd have thrown this topic into another forum, except I actually hope we can stick to my preferred interest on this one, which is the effect of ethanol on gasoline ICE and the newer DI type engines in particular If we raise the permitted blend percentage to a maximum of E15, will more people try to avoid buying Canadian gas, or buy a higher Octane blend such as Chevron 94 which has ZERO ethanol?
  5. Two for one today.....
  6. Once in awhile, I have to respond with something...
  7. Great, will do!
  8. This is impressive! We'll sure be looking forward to seeing yours on the road at some point!
  9. Sweet pics! I'll have to dust off a few of my photos and get them uploaded!
  10. Wondering if those in the Lower Mainland who still have smarts are interested in a possible meet-up in the near future? I still have a canada1 and can put a permit on it for a couple days driving.... preferably without snow, seeing as this a garaged summer only car!
  11. You cannot do clutch relearns with a simple diagnostic scan tool. Depending where you are located, there may be a member with the right software installed and experience doing this.
  12. I have updated the Staff Directory for CsC to reflect the current list of Directors, website owner, smart142 (Glenn) and have included MikeT as an honourary member, as he is also one that is usually able to help steer someone to the right person/place if need be. I'm not actually sure anyone really uses the directory, but here it is: It's found under the banner image at the top of the page under SITE INFO All that said - we are in need of tidying up access/permissions and I am in the process of checking to see who is actually still functioning as a moderator. Moderator access has been removed from most former and now dormant member accounts... We hope to add a couple of moderators in the near future who can help keep the sight tidy.