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  1. Latest pictures.... 106,xxx kms.... recent servicing includes coolant change, tranny fluid change, clutch relearn, brand new OEM battery!, and as preventative, the fuel pump relay now runs off the battery directly, and not the SAM / ECM, although there were no corrosion issues at all... running great!
  2. Cool... I still need to actually drive one.....
  3. Odd....! All my smarts previously owned except one have been from BC to SK at least... it might be time to get my current canada1 that far east this summer, or possibly even to Winnipeg. I've saved files from the old website which document my various trips across and around the country... I probably should put them into a blurb book one day!
  4. Wow, no one doing much with their cars the last couple weeks! LOL Except if you have a C1 - nice to see my old cabrio again! Thanks for posting! I've had my coupe out and about and up the Fraser Canyon. Was looking at a house in North Bend. This car is still attracting attention if you can believe.... must be the paint! I figure the car ought to be worthy of 300,000 kms perhaps, without an engine rebuild.... so I have just under 200,000 kms left on it! Oh, today I got some new energizer CR1225 equivalent batteries in the mail.... so I've changed out the fobs and can actually open the car from far away again! A wash and full detail is in order very soon, and I will try to get some new or newer floor mats! Also looking at installing a sub-woofer soon, supposed to be one sitting at a previous owner's house in Port Moody! (red pxl!) Hoping to be on the island in May or June.
  5. Picked up my canada1 coupe from fasteddy in Richmond, BC, where I had had a number of service items done - coolant, tranny fluid, long term solution to AC line rattle (no thanks to MB in Langley who misaligned everything on this car), fuel pump relay from battery (preventative), clean up clutch actuator, clutch relearn, brand new OEM battery, check condition of brake fluid, replace a number of bulbs etc...... not super exciting stuff to be honest, but the car is driving great. Have one more item needing attention, and the car will be 100% again. Right around 103,000 km An Alberta smart owner has expressed interest in my C1
  6. Just posting this as a general announcement that as of today, April 3, 2017, I have retired the former website. No archive of it will remain online, other than in google's cache one presumes, though I do have pictures and files saved for my own keepsakes. I ran the site for just shy of 12 years, and with the pending demise of the smart brand in Canada (and the USA), I felt it worthy of a retirement..... a one page explanation with a few fun facts remains for now, until I decide what to do with the domain itself.... I might re-purpose it..... not sure! In any event, I still have a canada1 diesel as of April 2017 (which is listed for sale), and I plan on getting around in the car this summer, hopefully tee up a Vancouver Island trip soon. I last sold a ScanGuage in 2015 just FYI. They are really useful in the cdi, but not so useful in newer cars that have instrumentation of this kind installed. I've no use for one in my Mazda CX-5 for example. If you want to buy a ScanGauge II in Canada, try Gifford Automotive in Ontario.
  7. and after reading of some of the work other members out east are faced with, I'm sure glad to have a nice west coast car.....! but kudos to those who are keeping their 450 going even as it approaches 200,000 (and some more)
  8. The canada1 coupe got an early oil change today at around 102,500 kms I need to get an air filter for it early next week after that, it'll be time for a really good interior detail, and another annual leather treatment I've had the car about 18 months now and driven it roughly 12,000 kms I expect to do about 8,000 kms a year on it - it's great to burn into Vancouver with - easy parking and getting around maintenance due would be preventative on the electrical system, coolant, brake fluid, and possibly a clutch relearn and lubricate the actuator.... with much other work already done by the previous owner to me, this car should be smooth sailing for a few more years without any significant bills.... it's still available in theory for someone who knows what it is and has $6k kicking around, but otherwise..... I'll keep it parked underground and in a well maintained state
  9. Obviously, this is in response to a somewhat older reply. One I had missed. You mean to say that you don't USE (create) capital LETTERS by PRESSING your SHIFT button ? Or am I missing something of the context? I would not want software auto-correcting what I type.
  10. They are expecting a substantial push towards electrics in the marketplace, but I am still skeptical... the pushers are the ones making the money off the news releases. And it's like a mantra in some circles that EEV's will save the planet.... yes, I did mean 'EEV' - as Mike T coined the phrase I think - 'elsewhere emission vehicles'.... And in the US, that means coal, at least for the foreseeable near future. Not that I am opposed to EV's; just all the mining required to get those rare earth elements for the batteries is a bit concerning..... Reduce is the first R, and I suppose I am a bit disappointed to learn that the way of the future is larger vehicles, at least for MB. But yes, all that idealism aside, the smart gasser suffers from lacklustre fuel economy performance, and the marketplace has spoken. How good will the deals be?? I still have my canada1 coupe which is running very well, and if no one takes it off my hands soon, then it'll get a bit more preventative love this year and I will take it out for some summer trips. It has less kms on it than my first cdi did when I sold it after 2.5 years!!
  11. I'd sure like to know what Car2Go's longer term plans are without small cars.... I thought that was hugely critical to the success in places like Vancouver and Calgary where parking is the issue. The per minute rate for the MB badged cars is around 50% higher...... And does MB no longer need the sales of smarts to help with CAFE/fleet averages??..... I used to be on top of this stuff, but have been slackin' for awhile! Well, Mike called it!
  12. Excellent. And for the record, Dean still officially owns the domains, although we have reimbursed Dean for various expenses over the decade, and will review domain transfer in the near future. The clubs small operating expenses are covered by the google advertising at this point in time. We're not seeking any donations for now.
  13. We removed the ability to reply due to abuse and the fact that folks would just carry on conversations in the threads, dredging up old posts, etc.... It's not perfect, but if the seller follow the guidelines, and the potential buyer contacts via whatever method is mentioned (phone, e-mail, private message), then this kind of stuff can get worked out. I'll say that I do not moderate it as much as before, but the qty of posts is also quite a bit less.
  14. Wow....... that's uh, grim!
  15. We're done here. No need for all this personal stuff. (It's been removed by me.) Topic closed. Thank you. Good topic for future reference.