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  1. Great idea Glenn!
  2. I found a Scangauge II and a Scangauge E today in a box! (Plus I have one SG II in need of repair which is going back very soon for a new board... it was a return from a VW owner who killed it due to an improperly installed aftermarket radio) Checked the codes and cleared P0303 and P0405 - the EGR code is nothing new.... the cylinder 3 misfire might be a new one - will watch for it to appear again, or not.... 197,000 kms on car, so it may be getting time to pull injectors, and/or I think I will do a fuel filter soon as well... Car has been running quite well despite only doing minimal work on it thus far. The on again off again limp mode doesn't even bother me. I can live with less than perfect on this car - it owes me nothing!! I haven't found Howes Meaner Power Kleaner yet - it's been out of stock locally - have used the regular Howes as well as Lucas with good results - car's power was restored within a few hundred kms when I first got it. I can now verify the Intake temp, coolant temp and MAP... as well as voltage... glad to have found the leftover SG finally! Plus holders, mounts and spare cables! A lifetime supply hopefully! Question is do I actually have a non-CAN cable handy... hmm..... they'll give me one if I do not.
  3. that sounds like a very decent runner!!
  4. I stuck a new air filter in the box today, plus gave it a fairly quick wash, even with the top down, and I checked on the arrival of the freewheelin pulley, but there's not much of an update yet on that although it should be here late next week or very early the week following and then I'm looking forward to getting that installedI, I have a spare pulley for Izzy, which will be a nice gift when I arrive in Edmonton at some point this summer
  5. best to have 1000 kms on the oil if possible - results are always better compared in ppm / 1000 kms, at least as far as wear particles go.....
  6. I would absolutely recommend keeping that same engine... but do you really need to renew all those internal parts? Have you though of getting an oil sample? The car is right at that point where all of this preservation work is not expensive per se, and totally worth it in the long run....
  7. OK... interesting! It's better that you get every nuance of the car figured out now, because at some point, the adage that 'mechanics don't like working on their own cars' will kick in, so best do all these things in the 'honeymoon phase'…
  8. Really? A fuel filter change made that big of a difference?? Always something to go sideways on a simple oil change! Would be nice to drop it all out early after all the servicing you've done. My oil cleaned up quite nicely with the second change after 400 or so kms…. I plan on doing the next one at 2,000 to 2,500 kms, and then will relax a little bit.
  9. The car was not entirely city driven - but unlike cars that I own exclusively being 70/30 hwy/city, I reckon this one was 70/30 city/hwy or even 75/25.... Clutch actuator lubed last spring and I know David did it too... but it is a wear item... Seems a bit early for that though.... I estimate 2700 running hours on the car using 75/25 city/hwy at 33/90 kmh for each and 108,000 kms on the ODO Meanwhile, I've not opened up the back of the passion cab, but the AC is charged and holding so far, $40 cash, so not a big loss if it turns out to be needing more service (which I may not even do, not in a cab anyway....)
  10. I took off that dreadful fake exhaust tip which was corroding and doing no one any good.... if Izzy would like it, I think I know where it is! Or maybe I should throw it on my offroad edition!!! lol, vroom vroom
  11. So no turbo leak?
  12. And, interestingly, I just configured a cabriolet at - and here's how they referred to it! Note the use of 'EQ'..... smart EQ fortwo cabrio passion
  13. So, they are trending nearly 400 electrics a year? In a country they thought they'd be happy to sell 1000 diesels per year initially Interesting
  14. Oh yeah, I remember that annoying rattle on highway speed! Though, as I recall, I thought it was coming from maybe a loose wire in the drivers side rear panel - maybe the sidemarker light wire? I had this once too, on my original smart, same sort of sound. Getting the AC checked out today on my passion cab - a friend took it to his work. Then it'll be time to get a few parts/filters/coolant etc and get the intercooler scoop replaced.
  15. Today while parked at Tim Hortons waiting for another Car Junkie to come over and look at my junk, this not so junky car pulled in beside me and I had a nice chat with the older fellow and his wife and told them about getting this car recently and then finding the wheels for it I had to take a couple pictures while they were inside doing their thing
  16. A day or so ago, while looking for a scangauge, which I did not end up finding, I came across my box of smart literature, and inside was a decal that I put on my window "no backseat driver on board", plus I found these raised letters / emblems, and the model year 2005 new product manual that I received as a gift from a smart rep
  17. I don't hoist up the car at all to change the filter, so long as I was the one to last tighten the filter housing myself "hand tight' and not more!! I have had mixed luck with extractors, even threw a near new one out after one use. There was one Lee Valley used to sell which is absolutely brilliant, but is good for just one change.... try doing two, and you know what happens.
  18. Actually, yes, I am mistaken, it was my 451 that I could not attach a magnetic heater onto when I was in Prince George all one winter with the car and it was -40 at times!!! That said, I have heard many times that the quickie mods to the 450 pan leak But apparently, they can be done properly as well. I just happen to think the extractor is sufficient for the job - change when oil is warm gets 99.5% of the oil I reckon. What is left goes through your new filter at any rate, and unless you are going to let the engine drain overnight, you are always going to have some 'old' oil mixed in with the new... it's just a matter of how many fractions of a percent.
  19. I quickly on a napkin added up what the price would be to sort of replicate a Canada one look -the Alcantara leather seats Dash and door inserts, and it was literally five to six thousand bucks even today in 2018 The front spoiler the rear heat shield Valance and the front grill alone would run almost $1,500 painted and on the car
  20. And the irony, of course, is that the maintenance I was dreading to do on a collector car, IE the Canada one Coupe, I'm going to end up doing most of the same things on this passion Cabriolet, but at least I don't have to worry about screwing up five or six thousand bucks worth of Brabus parts
  21. the Smart car has a way of settling in on your typical driving routine, for example, the New Passion Cabriolet that I just acquired, is much happier after 1000 km driving at 1800 RPM than it was when I first got it, so I suspect the fuel economy will be improving over what I've pen and pencil. So far, and I use additives every tank right now and have done to oil changes since I got the car just to try to get it cleaned out, and I still have more cleaning to do like in the EGR area Etc so I think this car will actually do pretty good once I have a few bugs worked out
  22. 2 days ???? - 2 very very long days!!! I'd be 3 to Winnipeg from Van Island myself - just about 2,400 kms via Hwy 1 - would hate to be driving 13 hours a day That is a lot of driving, and then to go Hwy 3..... add kms and slow your time down a bit (but nice scenery!) Good choice flying Mike!
  23. I split the political discussion that was ensuing off to a better suited place.... As for Prince George, it's depressing!!!
  24. Do you really plan to haul more than 300 kg with a smart? It's approved in Germany for about that amount. I am not sure the fascination with replacing the oil pan cover with one that has a drain plug. They often end up leaking if you just modify the existing. (It is aluminum after all). The external oil filter adaptor is nice, adds a bit of oil volume, but in all seriousness, not a must have. I've had one, twice! But am not convinced it adds any measurable value per se. Maybe if you are towing a lot of weight! LOL Heck, you can get an oil pan cooler then as well!
  25. Great time to share a gem from the marketing handbook - which was actually geared towards USA stats... I was an 'emancipated navigator', with some reluctance on a few points....