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  1. This is just bizarre... Tesla related, well, Elon Musk related, same difference!
  2. Excerpt below link... read more online.
  3. I put insurance on the canada1 yesterday, and today I did an oil and oil filter/o-ring change. I will need to do a decent wash and detail soon. I keep hearing a rumour that someone wants to drive the car home to Ontario, but that has not happened yet. Just over 107,000 kms
  4. Programming the Scangauge takes only a couple minutes, and if you get it set up properly, the fuel economy numbers it displays should be within .1 L/100 km. Key settings: FUEL TYPE: DIESELa TANK SIZE: 24 litres if you fill to the shutoff, 25 if you fill to the top and can visually see the fuel, and 28 if your name is Eddie. (PS - tank size does NOT effect fuel economy!!) ENGINE SIZE: 0.8 litres SPEED: +3% for stock size wheels/tires. This calibration affects speed and distance. Using 3% should result in a near match between the distance showing on the Scangauge and a GPS unit. Also - the scangauge should match the ODO in the car to within 1%. (FYI - the smart speedo does normally read faster than the actual speed you are going.) If you are using tire/wheels sizes other than stock, you may need to change the SPEED adjustment slightly. My Corelines with 175/195 needed a 5% adjustment factor to match a GPS. FILLUP: It is suggested at this time that you key a +5% adjustment factor here. This number was determined after multiple fills at the same pump in my own car with the Scangauge showing 0% adjustment. After the 5 fills, I calculated the total fuel actually pumped, and compared it against what Scangauge had said I used. That is where this adjustment factor came from. It is not recommeneded to adjust the Scangauge at each fillup - other than to press 'DONE' when you do fillup, so the tank resets and starts keeping track from scratch again. Advanced users may wish to verify their own 'fillup adjustment factor', and calibrate their unit against their car and/or driving style. UNITS: I suggest you use KM, LITRES, CELCIUS and PSI. Please note: LHK = litres per 100 kilometres. I may have forgotten a couple bits and will review this later today to be sure it's complete.
  5. I wonder if any smart dealers in Canada even have 453 leftovers... I still never have driven one.
  6. I am absolutely not a fan of Elon Musk. He stinks of self-congratulatory hyperbole. How fitting! But Tesla is popular as a money making racket for stock pumpers, oh, and they occasionally deliver some cars.
  7. Here's some stats - I have save them as screenshots so everyone should be able to view them now! (Thanks Nigel and Darren) Monthly post total, since site inception A breakdown of weekly post totals, over the previous two years only: The registrations still reflect a lot of spammers and accounts that get bounced.... We're still seeing up to 50 a month, and certainly that is higher than 2007/2008 which were peak in terms of actual posts. And for those still using 'private messaging' (PM), here's how things look:
  8. Tolsen will have an answer once he awakes (he's in the UK). Sorry, I have always kept my smarts no more than 120,000 kms and have yet to experience such issues. But the answer will be here for you!
  9. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... No Repairs and Maintenance topics should be in General Discussions They should either go to the newly created One-off Questions and Other Things Asked Often! forum, or for best results..... into the applicable Repairs and Maintenance forum which is sorted by the models and years specific to the Canadian market. Thank you!
  10. Hi,We have been finding quite a few topics on Operation and Maintenance in the General Discusions forum. They have been moved out.Please use the appropriate forum to post Operation and Maintenance discussions.The BoD is reviewing the potential for a new 'Technical' forum that is not model specific, for 'general' type Operation and Maintenance discussions.... there are numerous topics that would fit in such a category, but we need to discuss it further before any changes would take place.
  11. Yes - this is a suitable car:
  12. Eclectrix wants one that would be hers IMO! Road trip! Someone drive that to AB for her and take a canada1 from BC home.
  13. I've created this new forum which is an attempt to capture the significant quantity of quick one-off questions that are getting posted in the General Discussions forum, by new and old members alike. Not everyone gets the result they are looking for when using the advanced search features, so here's a forum for those who just need to get their question(s) answered.... The idea is that if you are wanting to ask a quick question, and get some help with a specific issue, you can post that here. Hopefully someone will post with the answer you need, or a link to the answer you need in an already existing topic. This forum is NOT intended to be a repository for full length discussions on maintenance items. Moderators will lock topics once they appear to be sufficiently answered, especially if the answers are linked to other forum topics.
  14. NIssan doesn't sell the Micra in the USA, but it's the third best selling Nissan vehicle in Canada. It sold somewhere near 11,000 in it's first full year back in Canada. Unfortunately, the next generation car will not be brought here - instead - Canada will keep bringing in the one it already has. A shame. The newest gen car looks pretty nice, and at 10k for a stripper econo box, I'd be a buyer..... well, that's the price of the one they sell now, but even at $12,000 it would be a steal...
  15. If I look at 2017, there were an additional 700 members who last visited that year (in addition to the one's from 2018, for the most part) And 314 of those also posted at least once And, just to be clear, visiting would mean signing in, not just viewing the site as a guest.
  16. In case you are curious, 243 have 'visited' in 2018, but only 104 have 'posted'
  17. Here's a list of 104 members with at least one post in 2018, from the oldest date joined (registered) to the very latest: MikeT SmartieParts smart142 smartzuum smart65 Duck smartnhappy darren Eclectrix ianjay hot4smart leejor carole-anne minifreak Danny 1983JZR3W Lil Jett lebikerboy zrwon brd DrZaius David_18 smartdriver jwight booneylander Huronlad VRsyncro Henry TrishM smart fortimo tolsen Leadwing Freedom95 Wild! stickman007 jbcollier Michelle21 dmoonen dguy rustyvolvo SmartElectric jakesmart Dali555 dalplex Blaine LooseLugNuts TheHandyHobbit YUGreen Jocko Nigel GMoney GRP151 smartethel Ritchie Paul SMARTWRENCH GetSmart caldense Gnomeish NFB RobCDI Hercarmyproblem CBXstan ChickenGeorge Noel SBD BONACARS kelaog ronjan carlc1979 JohnOneVerseOneThroughFour Will LifeinSerenity seanw mvdp luwie mlab miscent stroom rsmartc SmartloverCROCOP ACSTECH PeterOttawa Nigelhobbs Wadhamite missmick Peanutz lordpaige Useless Alfredo smartrosie21 PjSmart451 bigdreaminsmart cesardela Brackenshiel CharliesTheMan nbman francis LoriChamberland Timmy plagiarize bradfordborn37 ahmetgns sponge2
  18. They are saying they won't, they are only planning to bring the current model in.... The ROW has already for the most part switched to the new model, Europe anyway. There's always somewhere in South America getting an old model of something. So.... all of this to denote I have been thinking about some new sportier/faster wheels, but has to be 'inexpensive'.... as my CX-5 is nice, but dead slow. They really ought to have given the 6 speed the 2.5 litre engine.
  19. It's more likely the act of quoting it, at the time, internalized the pictures on clubsmartcar space, not directly from photobucket If I click on the first picture link in the original post, it opens the picture.... but I cannot use that same URL when I go to 'insert other media'... it refuses to use it. And there's no need, as you can upload media to csc directly.... as Tolsen ended up finding out. (And was given ability to edit any of his posts to correct this issue if desired) Of course, if photobucket is refusing links, there's not much we can do about that in any event....
  20. I didn't quite figure that out, central Asia somewhere I think, but I'd actually have to go look in the door jam to know! I read elsewhere the stripped down model only accounts for 10% of Micra sales. The USA doesn't sell the Micra at all.
  21. HI everyone, Just to inform the community, we have banned an IP address of a somewhat regular contributor, and restricted the ability of EIGHT member accounts from posting ever again on the site. The eight member accounts were all created over a somewhat long period of time (ie: not all at once!), roughly 8 months. They also appear to have only posted from this IP address in 95% of the cumulative posts. Not naming names.... but just thought I would mention it. Seems the game was to use a secondary member account to support posts from one of the others. Game over! (Thanks to the moderators who discovered this and looked up the details. We originally started with six member account names, and after some more research, I found 8 total that had been using the same IP address.)
  22. Sweet!
  23. Probably only 10% of those were legitimate members who later got banned,,,, even that number (20) is probably a bit high. The balance were spammers that got through the validation process, and then turned out to be, well, spammers..... so we killed the accounts.
  24. Please, let's keep this on the positive, and not the facetious and mocking... Based on reports and comments, I came here for a visit. Thanks all!