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  1. Here's some stats - I have save them as screenshots so everyone should be able to view them now! (Thanks Nigel and Darren) Monthly post total, since site inception A breakdown of weekly post totals, over the previous two years only: The registrations still reflect a lot of spammers and accounts that get bounced.... We're still seeing up to 50 a month, and certainly that is higher than 2007/2008 which were peak in terms of actual posts. And for those still using 'private messaging' (PM), here's how things look:
  2. programming. and then you also need a replacement gas pedal - as the throttle has a kick down feature... there have been very very few cars converted, but it could be done if you are dedicated it could also in theory be programmed to start in auto mode, and if you can live without kick down, you could have one chance at start up to be in auto - but shift once, and you're in manual til you restart
  3. I can attest to the HP gain from the intake pipe replacing the resonator box.... did it on my first 451. *Might* do it on the new one too. Not a K&N fan myself.... but do like a good clean filter all the same.
  4. Having just acquired my eighth smart, I too am sad to see the brand gone, but the writing has been on the wall for some time, whatever the myriad of causes for such demise. I suspect the two biggest issues: 1) price of base model still a bit too high compared to other entry level cars 2) premium fuel requirement in a car that is also not the best in fuel economy for such a small engine Sales drop over time... momentum is lost...
  5. Great video - will be doing this.... soon. On my 451. Will have to lube the caliper pins as well.
  6. Gave the 451 a quick hose down, and cleaned up the engine compartment sufficiently so that it doesn't look so dusty! Ran the car long enough to get the Scangauge to read 213F coolant temperature, and voila, on came the fan for about 45 seconds which brought the temp down to 198F. All is working as it was engineered to do so. No issues here.
  7. Changed out the dead CR2016 in one of the 451 keys yesterday, and it works like new. Found my new air filter for the 451 today. Took the 'old' one out to check it, and was very pleased to find it had been done very recently as it was practically new.... so, back on the shelf! I also found a new Mobil 1 M-108 oil filter - so I now have three filters on the shelf, two new copper washers for the drain, and an air filter. Should be good for a very long time... Next up is the front brake cleaning, possible pad replacement, coolant change and the actuator servicing/relearn. I should do plugs and maybe a couple other minor things - have to make a list once I review the service requirements further.
  8. Looking good! I just got back from a road trip in my 'other' Mitusbishi (Outlander), so I will put the bonnet back on the 451 and get it out'n'about for a bit. Top off the tank with some Chevron 94 and get a fuel economy reading from the previous (and first) fill I have done. I usually splash blend regular 87 and Chevron 94 in a 451 - so as to get more or less 91 average which is cheaper than buying a full tank of 91, and I get better fuel by buying the ethanol free Chevron 94 as well.
  9. Well, we've gone political on this one, my bad. Going to end it on that note.
  10. Tesla is pretty sneaky, and must think their potential customers (like me) aren't paying attention! It was recently announced in February that there would be a $47,600 Model 3 base model that was configurable online and had a range of 354 km I actually configured one myself! Didn't order, but was mulling over potential options given the potential for a $5000 federal incentive (and whether Tesla would qualify, in whole or in part...) Now today, I note that Tesla has indeed 'qualified' for the incentive, by offering up a $44,999 base model with a VERY LIMITED 150 km range! I thought, ok, that's cool... because since they have a base model that's under $45,000, other trim levels up to $55,000 will also be eligible... So I went to the website to find out that the $47,600 configuration is no more! GONE! And not only that, but you CANNOT view, configure, compare or order this new $44,999 base model online. The new lowest price for a Tesla with a decent range is a $53.700 configuration with a 386 km range. It comes with a 'partial premium' interior (whoever though of such a bullcrap name for a package - 'you're only part-way there!' - 'so, keep going'.... lol) I dug into this a bit further, and found out that it also comes now with a mandatory auto-pilot feature.... I say bait and switch. Tesla should be disqualified from being eligible for the incentive. Filing complaint with federal government once I grab up my documentation. Not cool with me.
  11. I was once upon a time looking at the possibility of a Mitsubishi PHEV. I quickly determined on my own that a 54 km range was in sufficient to justify the price premium no matter how many discounts, rebates and incentives I could gather. (BC and Federal Incentives on this vehicle are $2500 each, FYI) THEN... in some related research, I found THESE two videos which confirmed my suspicions, and they were quite the entertaining watch... enjoy! and this one too
  12. Silly Willy - don't be an alarmist! A bit over 200F is well below the boiling temp of the coolant in a smart 451, and is within range. The diesel is for sure a cooler running engine unless you are towing a trailer up the Malahat! I simply noted the temp because I had pulled out the scangauge to diagnose the P0900 code! But coolant is on my list to change out, I just want to be sure the fan is indeed coming on at the temp MB has spec'd it to do so.... (before I change out the coolant...) I'm not trying to re-engineer the car! Just going through key items before I take this car out on a longer road trip.
  13. I think that list is generally a sensationalists idea of promoting the underlying theme..... byt the way, the strike out is a carry over from wherever it was quoted - I could not undo it - the forum strikethrough could be added on top and removed, but not the original strike-through. As long as we don't venture into politics, the thread is ok. Not that I plan to add to it myself beyond this post. Been there, done that. Climate change itself is real - the effects aren't all fully agreed to, nor is the amount if impact that mankind has had on it, or how quick. That said, I think we've contributed to it quite a lot in a relatively short time frame, but not all of that can be undone. The count of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen substantially, and it's generally contributing to a rise in overall temps, and a longer term trend of ice melt in the north. There may be other contributing factors, like acidification of the ocean and why that is happening, etc.... I myself have looked at the temps recorded in the north of Canada over the last 40-50 years, and can tell you that we are on average, more than 2c warmer in this decade than in the 70's. That is the trend. As to exactly who or what caused it in what proportion, I am not inclined to say exactly, because I do not know. I and probably everyone reading this thread contributed to it in some way more than likely.
  14. It's a no brainer. Was out for a couple highway runs in the last few hours. Nice and warm here. No issues with the code P0900 again, so far anyway. Still planning for actuator removal, servicing, reinstall and then a relearn, although will paint the mounting points so I can reinstall precisely where it was and drive right away. My next item to confirm is that the radiator fan is working - not wanting to leave that to chance. I have been eyeballing the temperature on the scanguage seeing as it is in the car, and the temp here is quite warm (almost 30c) - and it's normally cycling between 184 and about 193 F when moving, but can get a bit over 200 at idle. I do NOT have AC, so the fan cannot be forced to come on. I think it will only come on when the cars hits 213F - but that is just some info I gleaned from here: It's posted by someone who appears to know what they are talking about, so it's probably right. Assuming that is the case, I will have to let it idle a bit longer and watch the SG closely. I don't like those temps, but that's still a long way from 240F where stuff brakes. Apparently the idiot light in the car only comes on at 244F!!! Basically telling you that you've already over-cooked your turkey! I will be installing the SG more permanently now, just have to decide where to place it. I am using the smaller 'e' version for the car which is sufficient for what I need. Just two gauges instead of four. I think I have one of the 4 gauge models somewhere as well, and one I can return for warranty replacement. Stopped selling these about 3 years ago. I think I sold more than 1000 all told! As soon as I determine that the fan is working (or not, if it isn't) - then I will set about to replace the coolant. If I determine the fan is not working after all potential issues, I will consider putting in a universal fan on the front side and re-using the wiring. A lot cheaper, and less work. And since I do not have AC, I can potentially get even better cooling ability. Not that I am 'hoping' to do this. Just getting prepared in case.... Still need to sort out the dragging type noise on the drivers side front wheel. Not today! I'm going to call it good for the weekend now.
  15. All kidding aside, it is against highway regulations for me to even use that light ever. I like the novelty of it, but I should plan for it's removal, or replacement to something even more novel - just NOT another light, or a 'disco ball tribute to Donna Summer', Dave!!! LOL PS - the car was owned privately and came from Vancouver Island, but when the lady who had it was done with it, her boyfriend bought it for his company - he was a land surveyor and/or pilot car for permitted loads on occasion. It was a bit of use in that regard, although not enough for him to keep it as it turns out, which is why I ended up with it for the pittance of $1000. Has nearly new tires and new exhaust. 130k. Not beat up, just needs a refresh.
  16. As a side note, when I parked at home this afternoon, I got a P0900 code. First issue of any (potential) significance. It could be a fluke, or it could point to potential clutch actuator or wiring issue. Was able to clea the code with one of my scamgauges of course, and the car starts and drives fine. I'm going with fluke for now, but servicing the clutch actuator and doing a relearn are on my list. Hope to service the actuator in the next week or so, and then maybe in June when stickman007 comes through town, a relearn can be done. Car is driving remarkably fine especially after a few good Italian tuning runs and the fluid changes. Going to make a list of other items to check and refresh, probably plugs would be a good idea and that kind of thing. I have little experience with the 451 - the first gas car was not kept past 50,000 kms. I might remove the resonator box like I did on the previous car and put in a hose from the guy in the UK. HP increases a little bit from my experience, and the car sounds slightly meaner. LOL.
  17. One of the next things I plan to do, is get the hazard light removed, but I will need to either replace the top part of the hatch altogether, or, be prepared to do somethings else to cover up the holes, etc.... The switch was located in the boot - made the wiring easier I suppose. Maybe I should see if I can change out the light for spinning 'winding key' like the car a few posts back of this one!! LOL (If there was such a thing, I would probably do it!!) That, or a spinning helicopter blade and a vanity plate that says 'GADGET'.
  18. Yesterday, I carried on with the tidying up of the 451... changed out the transmission fluid. Here's a few pics of that. I had a few hundred ml left of a slightly different weight Redline GL4 spec fluid which I ran through as a flush... then put in a bit over 2 1.2 quarts of the Redline GL4 75w90 spec fluid. (Which BTW, if you go to their website, it lists Castrol BOT 328 as one of the oils it is compatible with. The otherwise unobtainable special 'lifetime' oil that MB factory filled the 451 gear box with.) Took the car out for a spin to Langley and dropped by the MB dealer to pick up a couple oil filters and drain plug gaskets for the next changes. Not cheap, LOL. (But they had complimentary snaks and drinks, so I had lunch!) I may run the part #'s through the Mitsubishi service dept next time I am in there to get some Outlander stuff.
  19. Ironic! I bought a new-to-me 2008 pure coupe yesterday. Today I gave it a basic detailing - it was pretty dirty, but it came out looking very clean. The interior will just need shampoo on the seats to look spot on. I fitted a missing wheel cover (had 8 spares lying around...) And tonight, did a Mobil 1 0w40 oil change. I also picked up an extra quart of MT-90 Redline 75w90 GL4 - I now have three bottles which should be enough to change out the transmission fluid I think.
  20. I keep reading 2026 for the return, but that is SO FAR AWAY!
  21. 'Jenner' has to go though.... that will be dealt with almost immediately tomorrow.
  22. I am not sure what the allure is with 6 speeds, but I seem to be a magnet for them, or they for me! Last year, when there was three vehicles in the driveway, they were all six speeds - a smart cdi, a Mazda CX-5 (manual) and a Subaru Legacy (CVT) The smarts both ended up going last year - so there ended up being just two vehicles remaining until Saturday, when I drove home a new to me Mitsubishi Outlander - with a 6 speed automatic! Now I feel like I need another smart so that I can have all 4 versions of a six speed that one could have, LOL The 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander came to me with only 58,000 miles on the ODO (93,000 kms) - was in California for about year, and then brought into Canada along with a few others and sold by North Van Mitsubishi to a retired couple in West Van at 15,000 miles or so. It's a vehicle I can actually get underneath and do all the fluids myself, so that makes me happy. Have already done the oil and one drain and fill on the transmission (with a few more to follow every couple thousand kms). Very nice vehicle, and not that bad on fuel considering it is a 3.0 V6. These run a LONG time if maintained well... easily 200,000 miles or 300,000 kms. Mine is a 2WD XLS with the awesome Rockford Fosgate Sound system and factory installed sub. The Mazda is sort of on the shopping block, but the Legacy might go instead/as well.... The 2011 Legacy has been very trouble free through 160,000 kms and the CVT is super solid. It's entering that time of life when things will need to get done, and it's not a car I will do much with myself. Had it since 14,000 kms The 2016 Mazda CX-5 is doing well at 48,000 kms - just had the rear brakes done including machining the rotors - they are hard on the rear brakes by nature - it seems really early to me, but the fronts will probably make it to 150,000. The 6 speed manual is no longer available as of 2019. Mike T will like the colour of the Mitsu…. I am no longer buying anything silver or grey, and was not a fan of black usually, although the most recent smart I had was quite charming. I can't recall ever owning a black vehicle other than my 1st and 7th smarts! Actually, my third Suzuki X-90 was black.... anyway!
  23. Horse Power '#8' Thor! LOL Not a bad plate for random
  24. Funny thing, forgot to mention. I took the 451 for a test drive, on the highway as well.... and momentarily wondered why it wasn't shifting into 6th gear.... haha
  25. That's a nice assortment!!!