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  1. so you will get $11k rebated, or $5 at time of sale and $6 as a cheque, but pay tax on full price..... still, a really good deal. If there were an electric I wanted to buy...... I'd really have to start from scratch to figure that out
  2. And likely, getting up over a $500k price tag??
  3. That is insanely gorgeous!
  4. They Scrap the old car for $6000?? What? There show to be no 2018 incentives available..... was any old car worth $6 grand??
  5. That is the end of an era, but you still have two smarts! I currently have zero! Mike's canada1 may go to his son, or younger daughter.
  6. There is a minimum level of civility that must be respected in these discussion forums.
  7. As delivered!
  8. The 2005 passion cabriolet with the strikelines has a day permit on it now, and is going for a drive to be dropped off at my friend's house - his 17 year old son is the new owner. He's getting a fully stocked box of oil for three changes and Howes lubricant and misc items to keep it running clean.... he and his dad can tidy up the EGR and small oil leaks and it'll probably be his daily driver for awhile.... consider this my recruitment duties for the year fulfilled. I'll have to find another parked hand-me-down over the winter to bring back to life. This one was a break even affair after all my costs included... ie: wheels, the tow, the extras, a couple spare tires etc.... I'd rather see it get driven and wait out another one showing up.
  9. That car which is now yours was the one that my friend's 17 year old son always loved - so much so, he always said wanted a smart. Today he's getting one, with a full selection of oil for the next three changes and Howes additives to keep it running clean. I will win the lottery and buy the cab out east perhaps.
  10. The passion cab is off the road now til spring, plates went onto the Echo... I will do an oil change on it soon, and keep the battery charged from time to time, and in the spring, there's all the deferred maintenance that didn't get done still!
  11. It's still a $2000 car here in it's condition, I imagine it's half that in Ontario for a 2000 Echo!! Rust being the big factor. This car could run a lot of years here for someone The smart is at 198500 kms roughly - I will get a few hundred more on, change out oil, and then she's done til spring. Other than warm ups here and there.
  12. I also took the '2'I think it automatically changes at 10, but I will go in and force it to change now. I also removed the '2' from the username - as the old one is gone, it wasn't prevented from being changed.
  13. I drove mine around the block a few times and got the temp up to 80c. And then parked it a bit further into the carport so I can tandem park the Mazda CX-5 behind it. Will have a few things to do in the next month before I park it for the winter, The plates will transfer over to my Toyota Echo which can take the rain and winter nonsense....
  14. NIssan doesn't sell the Micra in the USA, but it's the third best selling Nissan vehicle in Canada. It sold somewhere near 11,000 in it's first full year back in Canada. Unfortunately, the next generation car will not be brought here - instead - Canada will keep bringing in the one it already has. A shame. The newest gen car looks pretty nice, and at 10k for a stripper econo box, I'd be a buyer..... well, that's the price of the one they sell now, but even at $12,000 it would be a steal...
  15. No idea on why the original account came and wet - I found no record of it.
  16. I've created this sub-forum which is specifically for 'tuning' discussions. Topics might include things like: Map definitions (Map locations, EGR, fueling, timing, etc.) Map Sharing - User owned of course, not commercially sold ones. Tips and tricks for achieving a base tune How-to's etc. Software (Winols, EDC Suite, etc.) I will probably move a few topics into the forum from elsewhere as I find them. Obviously, there will also be discussion about the commercially available maps and people's experience with them, but please note, there will be no tolerance for posting links to files of those commercial maps!
  17. No content added in like 6 weeks, so blowing this forum away.... sorry, it's gotta have content to justify taking up space
  18. Not a lot of uptake on this form, like none actually, so it is going buh-bye and I will put the content back where it came from
  19. So my order of the free-wheeling alternator pulleys never made it out of the UK - and I got a full refund, but alas, I will still try to order a couple of these from a vendor that does not use the useless as crap eBay Global Shipping nonsense... I've managed to keep the P303 code from returning after using the Howes Meaner Power Kleaner, which is like giving your car whiskey after it normally just drinks beer.... worked before, has seemingly worked again I still haven't done much else with the car, but I do not think it will be going on a long trip this summer. Oh, and the AC recharge didn't last, so forget the AC system is going to be my response
  20. Willy, those bolts are not going to have issue holding the dang bike.... You should see the OEM rack which hoists the bike sideways up ABOVE the roof line, image all the force on the bolts then, albeit they also have a couple extra mounting points up top on a puny thread with a round bolt head holding in place....
  21. $6.00 in shop supplies, gotta love that! Curious what the ODO in the cluster being 'lower than module' difference is? You ought to consider some fuel injector cleaner - I would suggest Howes Meaner Power Kleaner as a start, and use about 150 to 200 ml per fillup for a few tanks. Get a long neck funnel for an easier time getting the fluid into the tank, then fill with diesel. You can use the regular Howes diesel treat on an ongoing basis.... maybe 50 ml to 100 ml per tank. I've had really good luck with Howes taking care of sluggish issues and even making codes like P0303 go away.
  22. Nice work and NICE bike!!! Looks way too clean, haha!!
  23. As you have an electric, that seems fitting. I think we're done here for now. As is the political discussions forum. Political content (for or against Trump etc...) will be deleted, warnings issued, etc... It's pretty simple I think. Enjoy your smart cars!
  24. The Political Discussions Forum has been temporarily archived; it has NOT been deleted, but rather, moved out of the Community Chatter section and is awaiting additional feedback from site admins/moderators/BoD on it's future.
  25. Right now, I have a tally of 7 to close, 2 to remain open, and 1 neutral. And my vote doesn't count. No rush....