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  1. Hey Nick,glad to see you back in the smart world. Hope smart is doing well out there!JeffreyMB Richmond
  2. The high style should come in next week some time. We hope to have one in our showroom here in richmond shortly after that. As for the pure light yellow edition, it should be in some time in march.
  3. No, there is no plans for the mhd in Canada at this point. I think they will go to the ED smart for the next major change.
  4. So far there has been no official confirmation that the HST will not be applied to the smart. That being said the original law for the PST rebate said that it would be in place till march 2011.
  5. If you are interested in getting one from vancouver we can ship it to ontario. You can read by post in the dealer show room section if you want to see what we have.Jeffrey Nelson
  6. Just wanted to let every one know that the new smart edition high style will be arriving soon in vancouver. Also the smart edition pure light yellow which will be the frist special edition pure, will also arive soon. If any of you want to know more about these or want to come see them once they are here let me know!Jeffrey Nelsonsmart center Richmond7788401319
  7. For any one living in Vancouver smart center richmond is still doing $4400 off on all remaining 2009 Passion cabrio demos for cash deals.As for 2010 models we should have them any day now and we are also giving a $1000 equipment credit for passion models.If you are interested and live in the Vancouver area please contact me directly.Jeffrey Nelsonsmart center richmond778-840-1319
  8. If any one is looking for more information on the Sprinter in Vancouver BC they can contact me and I would be happy to send on all information regarding price ordering etc.Jeffrey NelsonMercedes-Benz Richmond778-840-1319
  9. Hi Everyone,for any one looking for a preowned smart I thought I would post some of what we have right now.2006 smart cabrio- $11,90023,000km Passion- black2006 smart cabrio- $11,90015,500km Passion- white2006 smart coupe- $9,90035,000km Passion- Bay grey2009 smart coupe- $14,8509,000km Passion-white2009 smart coupe- $15,8503,500km- Passion- blue2009 smart cabrio- $15,85024,000km Passion- blackIf you are interested in any of these cars please contact me directly.Jeffrey Nelson778-840-1319smart Center Richmond
  10. Hi every one!We now know that the price for the 2010 smart is the same as last year! You also still do not pay the PST!Pure: 14,990Passion: 18,250Cabrio: 21,250Brabus from 21,900Some highlights from model year 2010 are :bluetooth now availablearm rest now availablenew passion style packagenew leather package including leather optic dashboardIf you have any questions or are looking to buy a smart in the vancouver area call meJeffrey778-840-1319
  11. Thanks Nextourer! your smart should be here soon!
  12. Hallo Bernd,ich bin smart auto verkaufer in vancouver Kanada. Wir haben ein mechaniker heir der Deutsche spricht und im moment ich glaube wir suchen einige leute die sich mit smart und mercedes sehr gut aus kennnen... in unser werkstatt naturlich. Mein deutsch ist besser gesprochen als geschreiben... ich bin in vancouver geboren aber ich habe 2 jahre lang in deutschland gewohnt mit meine frau. seit september wohnen wir weider in kanada. Falls du mehr information mochtest, du kannst mir ein email schiken an nelsonj@mercedes-benz.caJeffrey Nelson
  13. Hi Jess,just wanted to say hi and I hope every thing is still going great with the car!Jeff
  14. So were you generaly happy with the service?
  15. ya Peter is still here. There are just 2 of us now!