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  1. Hi, Thanks for the interest. The wheels are sold.Steve
  2. Hi, My 2008 smart lease is up and I have a great set of Alutec rims and Conti Premium Contact 2 tires for sale. The rims still look new and the tires were used for one summer or about 10,000 Km. The fronts are 175/55 15" and the rears are 195/50 15". This size tire will give you very noticeable handling improvement, particularly on the highway when there are strong cross winds. This setup takes a lot of stress out of highway driving in less then optimal conditions. No more sudden lane changes when an unexpected blast of wind hits. The kit cost me over $1800, has very little wear and still looks new. I am asking $1100. For handling and looks, this is great bang for the buck. I am in Montreal. Just send me a message if you are interested. Best regards, Steve
  3. The rims and tires are SOLD. Thanks for your interest!Regards, Steve
  4. Hi, I have a set of steel rims with Bridgestone winter tires in good condition for sale. 145 fronts and 175 rears. They have about 25,000 km wear. I am asking $200 for all four. ( $50 each... yes, its a good deal :-)Available for pickup in the Montreal area. Regards, Steve
  5. I was trying to get on the list people interested in getting a smart ED this fall.The lease on our 2008 Passion is up in December. Needless to say, I was informed that I would not be one of the "lucky" few. Then I started to think I would have been crazy to lease an early release ED. The lease ( in the US ) is for 4 years @ $600 a month and about $3000 down. In two years, smart plans to release the ED to the general public and those ED would benefit from the testing done by the "early adopters". In 2012, the smart ED would probably be less expensive as production would be scaled up. Early adopters would still be stuck for another 2 years paying more for a beta ED )-:So, seems like I will wait for 2012-2013 before getting an ED. In the mean time, we are seriously considering a Ford Fiesta 2011. The Fiesta is a European car with lots of technology built in and very efficient with gas.I am almost convinced my highway milage in a Fiesta would be better then the smart. With the smart, I was never able to do better then 5.2 l / 100km on long road trips ( over 200 km ) and this driving at 95 km/hour. Steve
  6. Hi, I installed the Continental Contact Pro that Eddy sold and shipped to me in Montreal. 175 in front and 195 in back. The difference was amazing! The car handles like a go cart, you can scare yourself turning corners at ever higher speeds. Handling in the wind on the highway is great. The car jiggles but stays on track even in strong cross winds. With 175's in front you can feel the steering is stiffer and requires a little more work to turn the steering wheel then with the stock 155's or 145's. I think getting 195's in front could be overkill for most drivers and the steering would be that much stiffer to turn. I searched for months for 175's and 195's in the same tire brand and make and I only found Eddy was able to supply the tires. They seem to be much more available in Europe but virtually nothing in Canada. In any case, Eddy was a pleasure to do business with and it only took about a week from the time I ordered to having the tires delivered from BC to Montreal. Wider tires ( 175/55 front with 195/50 back on 15" wheels ) are probably the best bang for the buck as far as the better performance to $$$ ratio. Regards... Steve
  7. Hi, The auto-lock feature can be turned on and off. Just check your owner's manual for the sequence of buttons to press to turn auto-lock back on. My 2008 Passion speedometer is also off... it shows 100km / hr when the GPS shows 92KM. Regards... Steve
  8. I like the way the spokes have the same open angle as the Tridion frame for visual continuity. I also really liked the cost... $750 for a set of 4 alloy rims. Dress up the car a bit without breaking the bank.
  9. Someone else had made the point that the engin's "knock-sensor" will only work up to about 3000 RPM. After that, there is too much noise for the knock sensor to do its job. So, it seems like you can use regular gas if you keep your engin below 3000 RPM ( the safe zone). Since I am a bit of a hyper miler and rarely go over 3000 RPM, I could use regular gas and save a few cents per liter on fill-ups. Given that the smart does not use a lot of gas to start with, I still buy the higer octane stuff and rev up the motor ( for fun driving) a few times a month. Steve
  10. Hi, I was finally able to get some wider tires ( thanks Eddy!) here in Canada to fit on to the reasonably priced Alutec rims I purchased last spring ( Thanks Harald, Parts4Smarts). ContiPro Contact 2 and Alutec Cult Diamond Black rimsI was hoping to improve the car's handling in windy conditions. Wow! What a difference. The wider rubber really lets you relax on the highway and the car handles so much better at any speed. My wife could not believe how much of a difference these tires make to inspire confidence and help the car stick to the road. I did not go wild and only upgraded to the next size up... 175/55 front and 195/50 rear , on 15” rims.Now I dread going back to the Bridgestone winter wigglers in 2 months )-:Here are a few pics ... Regards, Steve in Montreal
  11. Hi, I had a similar problem with our 2008 passion. Car would not shift in Reverse. Sometime playing with the shifter fixed it. Sometimes turning the car off then on fixed it. A real pain. Brought it in to the garage for a B service and explained the shift problem. The bill shows they changed the shifter and the clutch! Car was in the garage for a few days but the work was done under warranty and the problem has not recurred..
  12. Hi, I am starting to feel better about my choice to lease a 2008 smart passion. So far we are 21 months into a 36 month lease. When I add up all the costs and taxes, maintenance, tires, interest costs... I expect this smart will cost us $5500 per year to lease for 36 months. ( $3500 the first year as we received the $2000 eco rebait )So far the car has been in for an A and B service. Under warranty we have: The shifter replaced twiceThe clutch replaced onceHeadlight bulb replaced onceThe turn signal replaced onceRoughly 7 days of car rental while our smart was in for maintenance / repairsNon warranty expenses include: Combo air filtersBrake inspection with full cleaning of all partsheadlight bulbs ( they replaced the first burnout for free but charged for the bulbs after that)set of winter tiresset of wide summer tires ( original tires will be returned with car at end of lease)$5500 per year is expensive and we only do about 20,000 KM per year. However, because the smart is so much fun and my costs are predictable during the rental period, i am planning to rent another smart when this lease is up.We could get more car for less money BUT NOTHING PARKS DOWNTOWN Montreal like a smart car (-:Steve
  13. Hi, I use the sound output from the cable ( or satillite ) box to drive the sound thru the stereo. The cable box has more output option... HDMI, RCA, optical. Do you have such a box or is your TV only using an antenna for reception?
  14. On my Subaru Forester, the scan gauge detected a sudden 2 liters per 100 km increase in fuel consumption.. which led me to investigate and find the spark plug cables were leaking sparks. The car seemed fine and its only because I use a scanguage that I was made aware of a problem which I quickly fixed before being stranded somewhere on a wet damp night ( when spark leak problems are at their worst). I'm thinking of getting another scanguage so I have one in each car.
  15. Wow!!! 63,000 euro works out to $99,000 Canadian at todays exchange rate!!With that money you can buy ten ( 10 ) new Pontiac Wave, base 5 door model !