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  1. I would sure be interested in picking up a set of those fire engine red panels when they become available....I'll bet that's going to be the 'red' that a lot of folks wishes they could have had on their '08 models. My first color choice was red/black until I saw how orange-ish the 2008 offering was going to be. Just not my idea of 'red'.Thanks for the info!Happy motoring!Wayneo
  2. Hi all,Something interesting has started happening with my new '08 fortwo.Four times in the past week, my factory alarm has started blaring out. Two of those instances were when it was in my garage, and my keys were on the countertop and not in my pocket where a button would get inadvertently pressed. But this isn't the "horn blaring/panic button" noise. It's a shrill whistling alarm sound accompanied by flashing lights and all that.There's nothing in the car that would be moving. The windows are rolled up. The parking brake is set.To say this is puzzling and annoying is an understatement. I've made no modifications to my smart. All I've done is drive it, and I've been very satisfied so far.I've also noticed an interesting "re-arming" and locking of the doors after about a minute if I'm standing outside of the vehicle, but that has done that since I took delivery of the car almost 3 months ago.Anyone else having false alarms or issues with the alarms? Is there a way I can temporarily disable the thing, so I can sleep without it false alarming on me again?I appreciate any help or advice from anyone.Thanks!Wayne
  3. Congratulations Razorback on your good news! I hope the boat encounters smooth sailing and gets here quickly so your delivery date is soon. Happy motoring!wayneo66
  4. Hello and congratulations on your new delivery!And is that a right-hand-drive model I see? Care to share what locale you're from?Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have. Got mine about 6 weeks ago and it's been a blast!!!Happy motoring!wayneo
  5. Hi all,Just wondering if the driver of a yellow cabrio in the Hickory, NC-area was here on CsC. I was driving south of Hickory on US321 when I saw the yellow cab merging into traffic as I was ramping off in my blue/blk coupe. We exchanged waves and smiles and off we both went. This was my first time running across another area fortwo and just wanted to say 'hi' again and see if you might be a CsC associate. I've heard of another blue one, a red, and a white one in the Hickory area, as well as an older green fortwo.This past month and a half has been the most fun I've had with a car in years. I find myself chatting up about this car with everyone. It's fun to feel like some 'ambassador from smartville'. :-)Happy motoring, y'all!!wayneo
  6. Hey Regina,Cool story!!! I've been enjoying my lil' fortwo for the past few weeks too. All kinds of gawks, stares, pointing...it's so much fun!!!! Cheers to ya!! Gotta go!! I'm riding up to a small classic car show and driving by a few times to attract a little more attention! Woohoo!!!!Hope you have a good weekend!!Wayne from N.C.
  7. I haven't paid that much attention to the cup holders, nor the 'extension', but one of them has some sort of opening that the dealer said would accomodate a handle on some coffee mug or take-along insulated-type cups. All I know is that they fit my large cups just fine when I stop thru a drive thru for a meal.
  8. Hi all,Just got back a few hours ago from smart center in South Charlotte, NC, where I spent my lunchtime taking delivery of my fortwo. I dealt mainly with Matteo, the brand manager there at 'sc/sc', and am pleased to report an excellent sales experience! My blue fortwo was queued up right by the main doors of the showroom, just waiting for me to show up and drive 'er right out of there! Matteo and the staff were all very friendly and helpful getting my info all assembled and the deal was all taken care of with no surprises. We were there around 90 minutes altogther and enjoyed speaking with some other customers that were picking up their car, as well as some potential customers just checking out the new cars.My car was gleaming from front to back, and Matteo walked me through all the basics, which I had a jump start on, thanks to reading about all the experiences of my CsC amigos (as well as that Owner's Manual download I found a few weeks back). Surprisingly, Matteo also mentioned that I'm probably the first customer from my town to have a smart, because he hadn't delivered any fortwos to anyone from Hickory, NC! That was a hoot to hear, as I figured I might be an 'early adopter', but I never thought I might possibly be my town's 'first fortwo'!After signing my autograph with the finance manager several times, and dropping my check on the desk, my fortwo was finally in my possession!! Matteo was kind enough to man my camera for me as I wheeled 'er out the showroom doors!Out on the road and up to speed, I was amused at the initial crosswind 'dance' that I had read about here on CsC. I'm going to need several days to acclimate to pedal position/shift points/power dropoffs when shifting. Lots of peculiar looks in my direction...but I guess I'll need to get used to that. When we went to eat this evening, a number of the restaurant servers were eyeballing that strange sight in the parking lot, and even a couple customers came in my direction and said, "I like that car!"We're home for the evening now, my fortwo and me, and I'll probably be reading my owner's manual this evening. Day #1 has really been something else! I hope in a year or two I can still say "This was a very smart decision!"Thanks and quick shout-outs to Regina, Commander Cody, Ohiosmart, aphoenix, and everyone else here on CsC that have made this past year a really great journey! Y'all rock! adios for now,Wayneaka wayneo66
  9. I've set up a Wednesday 3/12 appointment around lunchtime to go pick up my fortwo at my dealer in Charlotte, NC.I can hardly believe the wait is nearly over, and 48 hours from now, I'll be driving my little Smart home! Woohoo!!!!Hang in there, all you reservation holders! I, too, thought this day would never get here, but it finally has!More to come in a couple of days or so.
  10. Congratulations Commander! I'm very happy for your new delivery, and I'm also very happy that I'm not far behind you! I got my first phone call from the dealer on Friday, 2/29, so Happy Freakin' Leap Day 2008 to me! My dealer's 'Smart brand manager' told me that my passion coupe is tenatively arriving in mid-March, and I am like a bottle rocket with a fresh-lit fuse. I can't wait to get the official word now to "Come On Down!" (Apologies to Bob Barker/Drew Carey... So from one Carolinian to another, Congratulations Commander Cody! The only thing that could make me any happier is to have my own fortwo, and it's literally just around the corner now!Happy motoring!wayneo66
  11. What a difference a few days makes!! I finally got the word from my dealer!!! Got home and there was a message on my machine from my dealer, saying that my fortwo should be delivered around mid-March, and maybe before then, depending upon when the truck gets it there. I don't have a firm, set date just yet. All this call was for was to double-check me on whether I was still in the market for my car. As soon as more info comes my way, I'll post more.Quick note to Ohiosmart: I'm an '1182' reservation if you wish to update your timetable, which I have viewed many times with great anticipation. Thank you, my friend!So, maybe now I can get through the purchase process reasonably unscathed, thanks to reading about many others' experiences here on CsC. Thanks to everyone for sharing your info. --wayneo66
  12. Video on page Boy, I can't wait to get my fortwo now! Listen to the description of the 'tridion' cell.
  13. Congratulations and many happy miles are wished your way, miataman! I'm hoping for some delivery news soon...but impatience is really creeping in on me. I was intrigued by your statement that your dealer just started delivering this week. I feel like that's what the Charlotte, NC dealer is doing, but I've read that they have already delivered a number of cars...just not mine. Your fortwo looks close to mine, as I also chose blue/black, but with the beige interior.Oh well, happy motoring! wayneo66
  14. Ditto for me, as well. I am growing weary of the waiting game. This Thursday, 2/28, will make 11 months since I placed my reservation, and will also mark 4 months since finalizing my order. I contacted my dealer, as well as smartusa, and can get very little as far as a current status report on my car. All smartusa will say is that my car will be routed to my dealer, who will then contact me when my car is available. All my dealer says is "manufacturer only releases a few names per month, and maybe [my] name will be on the March list".I know I'm somewhere within the first 4000-5000 reservations, and the only reason I know that is from reading it here on CsC. And many thanks to Ohiosmart for at least giving me some idea of an estimated timeframe, because I'm not hearing anything from my dealer. I'm not a very happy camper right now. wayneo66
  15. That's great news, Commander! I keep watching for good news to come your way, because it means I'm not terribly far behind you, and eventually, I'll hear this same good news from my dealer! Continued good luck to ya!wayneo66