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  1. Congrats, ecyfoto, on getting your notice! Hope your dealer experience is good (despite not being as 'local' as you had hoped). Good luck!wayneo66
  2. Hi all,Seeing as how I just read a posting on the whole 'New Member vs. Regular Member' concept, and how I never did 'formally' introduce myself here in this topic, here goes:Hi, I'm Wayne, and I live outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. As you can see in my signature, I reserved my Smart several days into the program, and I've configured my order and am anxiously awaiting contact from my dealer and/or smartUSA on the delivery of my fortwo. I've been here on CsC for several months now, and I enjoy reading everyone's posts and I hope I've contributed well over the past few months.Well, with that short introduction out of the way, maybe now I'll be on my way to 'Regular Member' conversion. And just a quick shout out to a few of my CsC acquaintances: Hi to Commander Cody, gotwavs, and Regina. (BTW, Hey Regina, since you're a moderator, may I please request a reference from you to the admins on upgrading me to 'Regular Member'? Thanx!)I'll see everyone on the boards...at least until I'm behind the wheel of my own smart, and then I might be having too much fun to post. Nah, just kidding. I ain't going nowhere! See y'all,Wayne
  3. I don't have any preference, personally. I could use a coin as readily as paper currency. I think these couple articles about the dollar coin sum it up nicely. Our own US treasury is counting on folks to hoard up and save the coins, as if they'll be "worth something". Gee, they're only making 300 million of the Washington....will that be enough for all the numismatists in America?...yeesh, what a bunch of nitwits.CNN Money article on US Dollar CoinUSA Today article on Dollar Coins
  4. You would think the ol' greenback would be relegated to the history books, but it looks like it will be around for a while longer. It will literally take an act of congress to kill the $1 bill, and I doubt the public will ever turn loose of good ol' George Washington. I read a while back that the lifespan of a paper bill is less than 18 months, and the coins could last for decades, resulting in big savings on printing/minting costs. But, people are just set in their ways, I guess.
  5. If the coin has the Native American woman, Sacagawea, on its front, those coins began circulation in 2000. If you have one of the new dollar coins with the first US Presidents of Washington, Adams, Jefferson or Madison, those coins just started coming out in 2007, and four additional presidential dollar coins will be released into circulation each year through 2016, when Nixon and Ford will be the final coins in the series. More info is available at the US Mint's website at this link: US Mint website(Hope I got that formatted properly. )wayneo
  6. Congratulations on your new delivery, Mikey!I have a question regarding your license tag bracket info. Were you talking about the rear license tag needing a bracket that the dealership didn't have, or were you referring to a bracket for a front bumper tag? I wasn't sure if Florida requires you to display a front tag or not.That would be a downer if the dealer couldn't even manage to put a tag on the rear of the car. I'll keep that in mind as my delivery date approaches, hopefully within a few weeks.And I know it's been a while since I bought a car, but how much is Florida's vehicle tax? Is it 7 percent sales tax? Man, I'm going to have to do a little checking up here, so I don't get surprised on that at delivery time. From what I've read on CsC, I was figuring on the Destination Fee to be about the same as yours, and I figured Dealer prep would likely be a few hundred or so, and then all the licensing and Doc fees. I don't know why buying anything nowadays has to have so much hidden costs. Anyways, congratulations on that new baby in the driveway. See ya,wayneo66
  7. Hey Regina, What a day! Wow! Bummer about the paperwork, but at least everyone at the dealer sounds like they've got their act together. That's excellent! I hope my delivery day goes as good as yours did, even if you weren't able to take 'er home for the time being.Congratulations again, even if your smartie isn't in your garage yet! It will be in its new home soon, though. see ya,Wayne
  8. Oh, and congratulations to Razorback as well! May your delivery be soon!
  9. Congrats to ya on getting your 'big email', my Smart compatriot! Your configuration is just like mine, except for the red interior. Hope you don't have to wait very long for delivery.See ya,Wayneo
  10. Congrats, Regina! I know your Saturday is going to be a blast! I hope I'm not terribly far down the line for my delivery as well. I know there are probably many hundreds ahead of me in line, but I'm hoping to be a 'February customer' of my area dealer. Can't wait to hear all your experiences and see your pix. Have fun tomorrow!!Best wishes from the Tarheel State!Wayne
  11. Yep, I'm awaiting one of those '30 day' notices too, I guess. I learned that the Charlotte dealer was slated to receive 17 cars for January, then 30 cars per month after that. I also read an article from a Cary area newspaper that "over 300" people are on their list of potential deliveries, assuming that all of them go all the way in the sales process.Still hangin' in there, though. Hope we don't have too much longer to wait. wayneo66
  12. Congrats to a fellow Carolinian! Hope my email's not too far down the pipeline from yours! Have a good trip to Jacksonville! ---wayneo66
  13. Similar comments from me too. My conf. # ended in 1182, and I also had conf. letter wording of "...we may be able to deliver your smart fortwo during the first half of 2008." -wayneo66
  14. I'd have to agree with what aphoenix is saying. Anything aphoenix has said here has been, in my opinion, as good as gold. We've only got a few days to hang in there, and we'll all know a lot more very soon. Thanks to aphoenix for sharing all that has been able to be shared to date.wayneo66
  15. Hi Commander Cody,Don't know if this info might help, but I got an email/reply from the Charlotte, NC, Smart dealership's sales manager, who informed me their showroom/renovations should be finished in time for a mid-January opening. I was also told that their January allotment of fortwos would only total 17 cars, but February and coming months would have them receiving 30 cars per month.Maybe even a trip to Charlotte might be in the works for your car, since your area dealer's construction progress isn't moving too quickly.Oh well, Happy New Year fellow Carolinian. wayneo66
  16. Oooohh....and Katie Melua is singing in the video.....oops, I didn't mean to go all googly-eyed there. Ha ha ha
  17. Yep, I'm hoping to be one of the first few in my area, too. Since I didn't get my reservation in until about a week after they started the program, I'm not pinning my hopes on being the first in the Hickory, NC-area to be seen in a Smart, but I do hope I'm in a 'short queue' as far as my 'burg is concerned.I've also been curious about the progress at my expected dealership (Mercedes of South Charlotte, NC) All their plans consisted of was some cosmetic add-ons to the existing front showroom area, leaving it 'half-Mercedes and the remainder of the showroom would be for Smart'. I haven't been back to the dealer since Sept. 20th, so I don't know if they've started renovations, or if they might be close to finishing them, by now.Oh well...just a little bit longer to wait...sigh.....See ya!wayneo66
  18. Hi Commander Cody,I also had to restore my avatar. Glad I saved it to my pictures folder. No biggie though.Happy Holidays, fellow Carolinian!
  19. Then I shall be making a little extra room in my closet for some smart Smart duds.
  20. I'm with Schmimbo on the Sirius Radio. For the immediate future, I know I'll be setting up my little cheap Sirius sunvisor unit when I get my fortwo. I think I got a cable with my Sirius unit that will allow me to use the MP3-player-input in my Smart. If not, I can just use the ol' built -in FM transmitter feature...'cause I gots to have my Howard Stern!
  21. Hey there, TexSmart!I guess you could call the smart 800 number but I'd bet right now all you'd get is some canned response. I, as well as many others here, are waiting for this coming weekend (12/7, etc.) to see if something big gets announced in Washington DC at a road show stop that they are apparently "making up" for. I guess something went awry earlier in the year and Washington got re-scheduled or something. I'm growing anxious, too, and had hoped to hear something from the dealer too. I was there for the special invitation event back in mid-September, and just figured I would hear something from them by now.Oh well, I'll give it till January then I'll really be chomping at the bit to find out something. Happy Holidays! wayneo66
  22. Hi Amy,Well, back about 12 days ago, some of the folks who reserved on 4/3/07 and 4/4/07 were getting their 'big emails' so you potentially could see yours very soon. (Like within the next couple of weeks, I'm guessing.) Good luck, and hope you see your email soon!
  23. Howdy TexSmart and Welcome to CsC!!Looks like all the reports say "delivery to begin in January 2008". I'll be more than happy to take delivery in January, if it happens that way. I've been watching these cars for about three years now, and can't believe we're almost ready to take delivery!!Hope you enjoy this fun ride we're all on!See ya,wayne-o
  24. It seems like I remember a Honda passing me on the interstate one evening, and it had some sort of glowing "halo-ish" instrument panel that I noticed. I could dig on something like that in my smart!
  25. Here's something referenced in a USA Today article that I read in an adjacent forum: Next Generation smart fortwo (Type 451) ┬╗ America crazy about bread box on wheels! There's a part in the second paragraph about "8 out of 10 reservation holders saying they still want to buy one". Sure, I realize that doesn't mean anything until the dealers have money in hand, but it's still an interesting tidbit.