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  1. Thanks for the pix, aphoenix! That's what my interior should look like, as I ordered the Design Beige in my fortwo. I keep thinking, "Just a couple more months..."
  2. Smart Dealers - US (Cropped from my previous post....Credit to Google Maps is shown on image)Click on the image to view full size...I think.
  3. Hey Regina,When I access the image, I just click on the snapshot/thumbnail that's displayed on the overall posts page, and it opens the full image in another Internet Explorer window. But, I still have to hover my cursor over the map image, and I get a little magnifying glass, which I click and then get the full size image.Your setup may work a step or two differently, but if you're logged in, all you should have to do is click on the blurry snapshot image and it should bring up the full image.Hope that helps. I'm still new to the posting game, and my HTML knowledge could fit in the little wheelbarrow you get with a Monopoly board game. See ya!--------------------------------Oops! I think I realize what you mean now, Regina.When I got the image up in IE7 and put up my print preview, I still had to tell it to print in landscape mode, and I also had to tell it to shrink the image size to "50%", because the "Shrink to Fit" setting cut off the NY area dealers.Oh well, amateur tools, amateur efforts = so-so results. See ya, again!
  4. This was a passage from a link I found. Article Here: (Hope I formatted properly)blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2007/11/smart-fortwo-50.htmlBut, yeah, Smarts would do well in Hawaii. Some rich so-and-so is bound to start trying to snatch some up, even if they're leftover 'conversion' models, and fly/ship some to Hawaii, if that already hasn't happened.
  5. Smart Dealers - US (None in Maine, yet, so I 'sacrificed' it)
  6. Sorry about the bad list format...wasn't sure how to code it. smart dealershipssmart USA will open about 70 dealerships in 2008. Approximately two thirds of the dealerships will be “store in store” concepts with existing Mercedes-Benz dealerships. These stores will have a wall separating the brands and will have a separate entrance, sales and service staffs. The balance of the stores will be stand-alone facilities.Consumers will experience a unique retail experience. Dealerships will share aspects of their European sister stores. A black façade will wrap around the building and a large smart sign will be placed above the door. Inside the dealership the floor will be white tile and walls will also be white with yellow and black accents. All dealership staff will reflect the brand and embody the smart enthusiast’s forward thinking attitude. Staff will be certified as smart specialists and will have undergone extensive product knowledge training. All staff will have a focus on the smart customer service and satisfaction.smart USA will open dealerships in the following United States metropolitan areas:Birmingham, Alabama Albuquerque, New Mexico Phoenix, Arizona Albany, New York Los Angeles, California Buffalo, New York Sacremento, California New York City, New York San Diego, California Charlotte, North Carolina San Francisco, California Winston-Salem, North Carolina San Jose, California Cleveland, Ohio Denver, Colorado Columbus, Ohio Hartford, Connecticut Tulsa, Oklahoma Jacksonville, Florida Portland, Oregon Miami, Florida Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Orlando, Florida Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Tampa, Florida Providence, Rhode Island Atlanta, Georgia Charleston, South Carolina Chicago, Illinois Knoxville, Tennessee Indianapolis, Indiana Austin, Texas Kansas City, Kansas Dallas, Texas Louisville, Kentucky Houston, Texas Baltimore, Maryland San Antonio, Texas Boston, Massachusetts Salt Lake City, Utah Detroit, Michigan Virginia Beach, Virginia Minneapolis, Minnesota Seattle, Washington Jackson, Mississippi Washington DC St. Louis, Missouri Milwaukee, Wisconsin Omaha, Nebraska Las Vegas, Nevada
  7. Looks like the Hollywood promo people have begun introducing the ForTwo to the masses. I just saw a black/silver cabrio shown on tv's 'ER' tonight. Anyone else see this?
  8. Yup, mkt, that's the ticket...I forgot that NBC/Universal was running the whole green theme all week. That makes perfect sense that they would tie-in the Smart somewhere.
  9. For those who recorded it, it was before the opening credits and before the first commercial break...probably only 4-6 minutes into the broadcast of the show.I'll have to go back and see if that AT&T ad spot is in my Tivo'd 'ER'. That's got me curious, too.
  10. Found this article while Googling: http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2007/11...-fortwo-50.html Quick Points --San Francisco is 'invited journalists confab' --50 dealerships, January 2008 --74 dealers have signed on --First cars hit showrooms January '08 --Looks like Alaska and Hawaii have been left out, for now
  11. Thanks, Scott! And yes, if you were only six days behind me, you'll probably see your email very soon. (And be sure to check your spam/junk email folder too! Even though I'd told my email options that my smart emails weren't junk, my "Big Email" still landed in my junk folder. Mine came straight from "David Schembri" (support@mysmartfortwo.com), though, so maybe that explains how it slipped through. The subject line also read "configure your smart fortwo now".)I was surprised to see mine come on a Friday, as earlier info indicated they were just emailing out on Mondays, and every other week too. I guess after they got the initial abundance of reservation holders notified, they were able to pick up the pace greatly.I'm like you, inasmuch as I can hardly believe that we are now only a few short months from pulling these into our own garages. This has been a fun ride, though. I've enjoyed this past year, and can't wait for next year. Hope you get your email quickly. See ya,wayneo
  12. I think there's some probability that there's going to be a small number of vehicles that end up being sold/traded in when some owners realize the Smart is not such a perfect fit for them. Of course, they'll carry a premium price, even though they probably won't even be broken in very much. (Similar to the way the Mini was seen in used car sections for thousands more than they should have cost. Still, I wouldn't doubt some hopeful folks may be waiting until the next model year or the one after that before demand dissipates to the point that more folks can get their hands on a new one. It might be like the lottery for a while, i.e. "Gotta be in it to win it!"
  13. Hi to ya there, Ohiosmart!Regarding your mention that your 'spam filtering' chomped on your Smart emails, I should mention that I went in and pulled up my prior Smart emails and made sure to tell my email 'client' program--actually Hotmail--that my Smart emails were 'safe' or 'not junk'.So, guess where I found my 'big email'? In my freakin' junk mail folder, yet again. Oh well, here's to diligent human email monitoring. Sorry to hear that your experiences have had several hurdles to hop, but glad you got to go to a test drive and glad you're still 'in the queue' with the rest of us. Hope the rest of your Smart journey goes better for you.See ya,wayneo
  14. It finally got here!!I got my notice to go and configure my Smart earlier this afternoon, and I didn't waste much time getting it back in to them.I ordered light on mine, only opting for fog lights, additional instrumentation, alarm, and premium sound. I also changed my color preference to Blue with a Black tridion, rather than Red. I figure if I'm ever up for changing to red, I'll pick up some replacement panels in a few years. Now all I've gotta do is hope I'm in that "20,000-25,000 cars in 2008" that I read about in another posted topic.I'm so stoked, y'all. See ya,wayneo
  15. Back when I reserved my car, I originally chose a Red/Silver color scheme as my preference. But, I'm anticipating that I can re-specify my color preference when I get my email from Smart to finalize my car's configuration.So, I don't think you have anything to worry about, as your preliminary order config can probably be altered when it actually comes time to finalize your order.
  16. This is mighty good news. According to other posts I've read, this means in only 3-4 days time, Smart has notified an allotment of reservations holders who reserved during the period of 3/22/07 up to 3/25/07.If they are notifying this rapidly now, maybe I'll have my email within the next week.
  17. Way to go, Commander Cody!! Congratulations from another Carolinian!
  18. Hi Matt,The new "CW Network" was formed the other year as the two U.S. television networks known as UPN and "The WB" decided to merge together.Smart USA is part of Roger Penske's UnitedAuto Group Inc., a public dealership group in suburban Detroit (Bloomfield Hills) that is the sole U.S. distributor of the ForTwo minicar.
  19. Hi all,I can also confirm this broadcast. Last Sunday I was watching this "CW Now" because of a2jack's prior posting, and they 'teased' the 10/7 broadcast of "CW Now" and a segment on the Smart contained therein.In our area, it is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. ET, on WJZY, ch. 46, in Charlotte, NC.
  20. Re: Commander Cody's pic of the Smart goodies (jacket, key rings, etc.)Like many others, I was hoping to score some of those goodies some way or another in advance of the cars hitting our shores. I guess they have enough buzz going though, and they can take their time in getting out the Smart 'swag'.I'm trying to be patient, but I'm really 'jones-ing' ....maybe I should take a weekender to Atlanta and hit the Road Show stop there, and get another 'fix' of a test drive. Thanks for the pix, too, Commander.....stupid me forgot to take my camera to the Charlotte Dealer Preview event. Arrggh!!!
  21. You're probably right, as the CW network is starting a new newsmagazine-format show called 'CW Now', airing Sundays at 7 p.m. Eastern. I was probably going to skip watching it in favor of 60 Minutes, but now I might have to Tivo it, if our Smarts are going to have a little coverage.
  22. Yes, I've heard about the premium fuel thing. It sounds to me like it's a case of "you can burn regular unleaded or mid-grade unleaded, but ya gotta burn premium if you want to get the rated MPG". Plus, I thought I read something about this little engine having high compression, so I get it that they would be leaning to premium.And the Smart rep at our Charlotte Road Show told me that none of the testers there had the 'electric-assisted' power steering. His words were along the line of "it's such a little lightweight car, you don't really need power steering." So, I'm leaning heavily towards just having regular old "non-power-steering" when I order mine.Hope you enjoy that Road Show today. Thanks for sharing your photos and preview event experience with all of us.See ya,W
  23. Hey Commander Cody,Sorry to bounce off topic, but I couldn't help noticing that Sirius Radio tent in your pix. Was there any correlation to the Smart display, or were they just there trying to siphon off some of the crowd around the Smart display? There were no "ancillary" displays at the two NC roadshows I went to.And, so very sorry about the loss of your area's firefighters. A very sad, tragic event.Thanks,wayneo
  24. I also favor the 12-spoke "Road Show" wheel. Obviously, it conceals the brake calipers a little better than the 5 and 6 spokers, IMO. I'm not crazy about the 9-spoke that we are apparently going to get on the US model. The 'older' 9 spoke wheel looked better to me than the new 9-spoke.I also looked on a 2007 ForTwo UK .pdf brochure, and couldn't even find a single mention of a tire brand. Only sizes were given, but no branding. I should have paid more attention at the Road Show, I guess. I did a little Googling and found one pic of a UK Smart on 15 inch Bridgestone branded tires and those 3-spoke "Strikeline" wheels.
  25. That's something else, too. The only yellow Smart I've seen is the one painted on the tractor trailer that they have at the Road Show stops. I haven't seen a yellow one in person yet.