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  1. Hi again Anita,I forgot to mention to you that at the local "reservation holders only" event that I went to yesterday, it didn't take long to overhear some of the folks in attendance being told how to go online and place their reservation at smartusa.com. For a little while, after arriving, I was thinking to myself, "Self, could all these people really be reservation holders?" And then it turns out that some were totally new to the Smart game.So, I could tell that they weren't exactly turning away the general public from our "invitation only" event, or telling them to just attend the Road Show events over 9-20 and 9-21 locally. But, hey, I can understand wanting to show off this little car if they're going to be the local dealer. They want to line up future sales and generate all the buzz they can.Oh, and tell us what you've reserved for yourself too. I initially reserved a Red/Silver Passion Coupe, but I'll probably lean more towards the Blue/Black coupe, since I've seen the orange-ish looking 'red' that Smart has.Anyways, have a great time at all your test drives.See ya,Wayne
  2. Congratulations, Anita-in-KC!I got an invite a few weeks ago too, and I just attended the local dealer preview yesterday in my area. Everyone had a great time. At the event I went to, they had refreshments (hot dogs, chips, ice cream, soft drinks). I was kinda hoping they might be offering at least a Smart t-shirt or some giveaway thing, but I've not seen it yet, even when I attended the first test drive event over Labor Day weekend in another town.The dealer I went to was a Mercedes dealer, and they had artists conceptions of how the showroom is going to be modified to have one side be the Smart dealership, with room for about 5-6 Smarts on display indoors. I figure they'll have room outdoors for a few, so after hours lookers can check them out. And after the initial demand has been fulfilled, I figure their lot will also house a number of models available for sale.Anyway, I hope you enjoy your dealer event. I see that Kansas City is up for a road show stop on 10-7 and 10-8. Hope you can go to that also. That's what I did. The first roadshow stop for me was in Greensboro, NC, about 2 hours away from my home, and I went to it over Labor Day weekend. The main thing I can tell you is get there early, so you can get in line quick. When I went, we got there about 15 minutes before the test drives started, and we only had to wait in line for 30 minutes or so, but the line built up very quickly, and I heard some people later saying there was at least a 90-120 minute wait for a test drive. And this was at a busy shopping center parking lot, where we attracted a lot of attention.Congratulations again! Hope you have a blast!wayneo66
  3. Hi all,Just wanted to share a few short notes about my trip to the Dealer Preview event today (9/20). Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte was the location, and they had architectural renderings of how they will be renovating one side of their showroom facility to be the local Smart Dealer. Everyone was all smiles today, from the Smart folks, to the dealer staff, and certainly all of us Smart enthusiasts. Food (hot dogs, chips, ice cream) and sodas were served. Great weather today. It was mild and cool, breezy, and a little cloudy, so I wasn't blinded when examining the Smarts up close.Only one local TV station showed up to shoot some B-roll video, although I'll be watching the news closely over this coming weekend for coverage of the actual Road Show stop in Charlotte, NC. Surely out of four major affiliates, there should be some coverage of this weekend's event.Unlike my visit to a Labor Day weekend Road Show stop in Greensboro, NC, there were only 4 test vehicles available to drive, including one convertible. I only had to wait in line for 20-30 minutes, although the line built quickly as many folks started streaming in over the lunch hour. Even several of the dealer's staff were in line with us to test drive the cars. It also seemed like my test drive lasted a little bit longer, even though I was gassing my Smart with less hesitation than before. I noticed no major problems in this, my second test drive. I'm still completely sold on the ForTwo. Maybe even more after today's test drive. Like many of you, I can't wait for the rest of this fun ride to transpire, and land one of these unique machines in my garage. The only thing that would change my thinking would be if I could land one of the dealer's 507-horsepower AMG Mercedes sedans in my 'paddock'. Maybe I can afford the $111,000+ sticker as soon as Publisher's Clearing House drops by with my balloons and big cardboard check. Just kidding...a new Smart would turn more heads than their mega-buck roller.Adios for now, Smarties. Hope everyone else is having a good ride on the Road Show!See ya,Wayneo66
  4. Hi all,I looked back in my old emails and found this, the notice I received on 3/25/07. The only thing prior to this was a 1/17/07 email thanking me for registering as an 'insider'. Not only did I not get any advance notice prior to 3/19, the message of this email indicates "high traffic" on the reservation site. And, I had forgot that we 'insiders' had a couple of weeks before the 'public' got their chance to jump in, also.Just tossing in my .02 wayneo66>> from the smart USA team Dear smart Enthusiast,On March 19, smart USA introduced its exciting $99 Reservation Program for the smart fortwo exclusively to “insiders” for a two week period. With only seven days left, we again invite you, your friends and family to reserve a 2008 smart fortwo of your choice before we open to the general public on April 2.We are appreciative of the fact so many enthusiasts logged onto our system to place a reservation. Due to the high volume on our site, we are aware that some individuals may have experienced trouble completing their reservations online.Therefore, we would like take this opportunity to resend you the link to our reservation site. In addition, we encourage you to check out the new product information, color configurator and price ranges of our three smart fortwo models now available on our website.We have received many questions about whether reservations were completed and accepted. The best way to know if your reservation was processed is if you receive an official confirmation email with your reservation number from smart USA. If you do not finish the reservation process because you exit the reservation system before completing all four pages, or choose to download the mail-in form, you will not receive an official confirmation email.However, if you submit a payment online but do not receive a confirmation notice, or if you have any questions about the reservation process, please contact us at 1-800-smart-USA so we can validate your information and resend your confirmation.Again, we appreciate your continued enthusiasm and excitement for the smart fortwo. We hope you will participate in our Reservation Program before we open to the general public.Click here to make your reservation today!Sincerely,Dave SchembriPresident, smart USA
  5. Maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but if it helps establish any pattern, my reservation was on 3/28 and my last 4 #s on my res are 1182. I am anxiously awaiting my notification too.I can still hardly wait though...
  6. Hi all,I'm new to the forums, but wanted to share that I received an email today from Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte (NC), inviting reservation holders to a preview event at the dealership on Thursday, Sept. 20, from 11 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. The actual Charlotte Smart Road Show stop is on Saturday and Sunday (9/22 & 9/23).I attended the Road Show when it stopped in Greensboro, NC over Labor Day weekend, and after my test drive, I can hardly wait to continue through the reservation and order process, hopefully landing one of these in my garage next winter!! --wayneo66--Reserved: March '07--Test Drove: Sept '07
  7. Thanks, gotwavs! Glad to be here!See ya,wayneo66
  8. Hi Regina,Thanks for the welcome, and yes, I did get a kick out of the test drive! I've seen Smarts on TV, but when I finally drove up and saw them at the Road Show, I just kept getting more and more 'sold' on Smart. To answer your question about what I reserved, my original reservation was for a Red w/ Silver Tridion (Passion Coupe), but after seeing them up close I may go Red/Black, or even Blue/Black. I probably won't option mine a lot. I doubt I'll be getting the whole Comfort Pack with heated/leather seats and all that. I'll probably just get the radio upgrades, fog lights, and the instrument pods.I'm also hoping to go to the dealer preview event in Charlotte, NC on 9/20, so I can ask more questions and do some more looking. But, it really doesn't matter, because if I could have signed a purchase agreement at the time of my Road Show test drive, I would have. (ha ha ha)See ya,wayneo66--Reserved: March '07--Test Drove: Sept. '07
  9. Hi all,I attended the Road Show stop over Labor Day weekend in Greensboro, NC, and the Smart reps mentioned Mercedes Benz of Winston-Salem, NC as a Smart dealer. It was time for my test drive, so I didn't get verified if that was a final decision or if MB-Winston Salem was still only a "dealer candidate".The next Road Show stop in NC is for the Raleigh-Durham, NC area on the weekend of Sept. 13 - 14. So, I would assume the Eastern NC area may have a dealer around Raleigh, too.Plus, I received an email on 9/6 concerning a preview event for reservations holders at Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte (NC). So, North Carolina may have as many as 3 dealers.--wayneo66--Reserved: March '07--Test Drove: Sept '07