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  1. I have a great set of Continental Snow tires for a 450. Only one season of use. MB mounted $1100.00 .Must sell need cash! I will take the best offer. PM by Aug. 26, 2009, 1200 EST.Will deliver to GTA elsewhere shipping extra.
  2. We put over a million night k. on our van all through deer country with a whistle they always ran away. This fall I hit a deer in the Smart san whistle for 8 bucks I think I try the placebo.
  3. All last winter D was at least 10 cents less that gas. This fall the costs are whacked!
  4. What is the engine code you keep get? If you can find that out someone may be able to help.
  5. I took out a deer last week and now I need a front end. Does anyone have one for sale near Toronto? Please PM me with details!
  6. 1 yr. Anniversary I found and started my log 17-09-07 I have owned my 05 Pure since May 07. Through the club I found this great tracking site for fuel consumption. on Sept.17, 2007 I started using it. This is a very accurate log of my fuel consumption. My running averages are in my signature. So here are some fun facts: Total Distance: 44.744km Total Fuel: 1834 liters Total Fill ups: 91 Total Cost: $2.092,35 For the last month I have been awaiting this date. I wanted to see how much I travel and things like CO2 emissions. So on my way home from this fill up Sept. 18,2008 I was planning to enter this information. As you may note I am posting this Sept. 22,2008. A deer jumped out into my path. Smart 1 vs Deer 0 . I am off to the body shop to get an estimate today. Sorry I could not post this on the 17th.
  7. So would warmer fuel be anymore efficient?
  8. Here is there link
  9. My last tank 631 Km. 21.8 l. 3.45 LHK my best all around tank since switching to B50. But the best part is I drove forum Truck Town in Milton ON to Waterdown 34.2 KM 1 l. and 2.7 LHK. I credit most of this to all the Smart car advise I read on this forum, so Thanks everyone. The rest I credit to Lucas fuel treatment 40 ml. the last tank. When I first did the calculations for our tank size I put the decimal in the wrong place. I had not noticed much gain when used 5 ml. per tank. http://' target="_blank">
  10. I used Conti's last winter and drove everywhere I want to go. They wear real well they still look like new after about 15000 k. From what I have heard Blizzaks are great on ice, but to soft for the highways that are mostly cleared. Just my 2 cents!
  11. LOLThat is how I drive the racecar, but that gets 1.0L/minute!!!!!Thats to funny! lmao
  12. I just heard the best advise for saving fuel! " Drive like you don't have brakes"
  13. Ya My 1st. Smart was my 1st. Snow Tires!
  14. Are you talk about converting to b100 from dino diesel over night?
  15. Here is My hummer killer. The link you post here comes up with and error 401 message. Thanbks for the lead.