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  1. Well, it got here 2 days ago.I'm already 250 miles in... I keep finding excuses to go drive him
  2. No worries. My over-excitedness made the first one as clear as mud
  3. Err, mine is coming through Baltimore. It will arrive here on 8/23/08It's just taking the scenic route of Europe and Canada... the damn car will be more well traveled than its owner :)Thanks!
  4. My US Spec 189688 is on the ship arriving in Halifax on August 19th... this has me very excited!
  5. Woohoo!Got my VIN earlier, and my little nugget is currently en route to North America.BREMERHAVEN GERMANY 03/08/2008 07/08/2008GOTHENBURG SWEDEN 08/08/2008 09/08/2008ZEEBRUGGE BELGIUM 11/08/2008 11/08/2008SOUTHAMPTON U.K. 12/08/2008 12/08/2008HALIFAX, NS CANADA 19/08/2008 19/08/2008 <------------ En route to Halifax as of 10:39 PM ET 08/12/08NEW YORK, NY U.S.A. 21/08/2008 22/08/2008BALTIMORE, MD U.S.A. 23/08/2008 23/08/2008BALTIMORE, MD U.S.A. 24/08/2008 24/08/2008BRUNSWICK, GA U.S.A. 26/08/2008 26/08/2008Should be in my possession on 9/3. Moving to my new place (with a garage) on 9/6... perfect timing!
  6. You sir, owe me a new keyboard for the water I just sprayed all over it
  7. Uh... zing :)No, Iain's a good driver... I never feared for my life in DC traffic with him at the wheel :)Now... would he say the same about me...?
  8. Yep, right now it is 1.5 to 2 years from what we are being told. It seems to depend on your geographical area... here in the Washington DC area we have 3 dealers, and I see 1 or 2 a day on the road.I'm hoping that I am coming near the end of my wait, as I have been having movement with my DDE every day, until 2 days ago.I put down my $99 on 9/14/07, confirmed 3/20/08, and my current DDE is 8/8/08 - 11/6/08. As long as it makes it here in time for me to break it in and drive the 1,000 mile round trip back to Ohio for Thanksgiving I will be happy.
  9. If you get caught in a crosswind, or the tail wind from a transport truck, you do feel it in the 451. It's not really as bad as it is being made out to be though - it is only slightly worse than my slab-sided VUE. I think this is a case of the journalists looking for something to be drastically different because the car is so drastically different from anything else on the road in the US.I've ridden in a 450 on the highway (Duck's actually), and it seemed to be quite stable at speed.Regarding the transmission - it seems to be about on par with how fast I shift my standard (clutched) manual around town... the only case being that you can't exactly rush a shift in the smart if needed like you can with a traditional manual.
  10. Heh, so far in my experience (at 6'2), the puck doesn't really get in the way. The rearview mirror blocks it from sight... then again, I am thinking that once I finally get my car I am going to mount my ISRV mirror from the area near the dome lamp and take it off of the windshield, so that might change my perspective.Interestingly, the windscreens are also different between the puck/non-puck equipped 451s.I will say this - in my experience, the rain sensing wipers are worth having it there - but then again, I like my gadgets on the car.
  11. I'm glad they came up with the option, actually.My assigned dealer ended up being the one I wanted - but I was not sure if it would go to one of the other 2 in the area. It's a big difference to be - besides level of service, the doc fees at my dealer are $99, and the others are both like $319.
  12. When you confirm, it will give you a choice to pick your dealership.Hopefully Edison is in the range for you.
  13. Hope you guys and gals are having a good time. I wish I could be there with y'all!tWhile you're at it, find out where my 1352 is... keep an eye out for a white/silver/black leather Passion coming down the line
  14. Oy... at least you have a fluffy pillow in front of you as the tin can folds around you.Long live tridion
  15. I really like that blue.It's second to the amazing green colour that they have on some pics of another special edition on I want those panels for my newly configured 451