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  1. Anyone have an electric convertible for sale
  2. Peeps are slow to come out of hibernation don’t you know.Smart142 did you have to bring up my paw being run over again. It hurt! Hi all. Doing better now…….damn hummer!
  3. Beware, for $6700.00 you get a car and all electric if you want, but there are more concerns than lead paint.Wonder if MB Canada would take you to court over patent rights?Peep as always being Peep
  4. Anyone know the MB part # for the AC flash. My dealer feels that their is no such thing :(Peep
  5. Ya those flags would make good burial shrouds.I was talking to this guy (sole survivor of the Hummer trip last year) and he wished he had flagsBoy, can wait for that upcoming tripPeep saving cotten
  6. E3, you need to go and take the 3 smart flags that are hanging at the old MB dealership. These are a muct for the trip up north!!!Peep thinking ahead
  7. GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrThey won't let me take off the 23rd now. I have to work so Loydminister to Edmonton is out Peep all dressed up and no where to drive
  8. Sorry can't make it. Peep
  9. I spoke to Wookie, and he is thinking of going if I go. I want too, but the daughter is about to have her first litter around that time, so most likely will not be able to go. Peep
  10. CBC Peep
  11. Can you spot the Peep?
  12. I don't fit that dress anymore
  13. Due to the gag order at I am forced to withdraw my coup attempt. But us rebels may be back Peep Yes its true, my Smart was taken away by flatbed to Edmonton after a lengthy battle with a Hummer last week (anyone in Edmonton that goes by Webbers Motors and see's my Smart, let me know how its doing)