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  1. My understanding is the roof of the car is not a load bearing surface.....:)
  2. " Smart finally installed a regular automatic transmission this time." The six speed DCT is not a regular automatic transmission....
  3. Thanks John & Elaine for some great drives around your part of Ontario - always fun, educational and very filling!
  4. Update on the Saturday tour. Meet at the Howard Johnson Inn on Exeter just off of Wellington in London - 10 am.
  5. At the HoJo Inn and just saw the rain out. Is Bernie's still on?
  6. Looking forward to touring Ontario in the rain....
  7. Looks like there will be a couple of cars from south of the border there.
  8. Posted on SCoA also - hope we can get a few Americans willing to spend some time in Canada.....
  9. Sounds like a 4th of July celebration to me!
  10. If you haven't registered (paid) yet, please send in your money ASAP so Art can cover his costs. If you haven't seen it, here is the order form for T-shirts, flags and decals (a windshield decal will be in your welcome bag) - email Dawn directly with what you want, she'll collect the money when you pick up your items in Dubuque.
  11. FWIW, the service interval display may just mean the previous owner didn't bother to reset it.
  12. If you are planning on coming but haven't confirmed (sent payment) please do so ASAP - could affect how many events are offered. Thanks!
  13. We won't be attending either, but wish you a very happy 50th anniversary and many more to come. Cheers!
  14. Not sure what you are looking for... do you have a 450 diesel or a 451 gas fortwo? As booneylander says, the 451s have a creep mode where the car will move forward slowly in the "D" mode even at idle (which is around 900 rpm for the 451.) Sounds like what you are describing.