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  1. Keep in mind, there was no diesel option for the 453 smart in any market, and next year the 453 will be electric only in all markets.
  2. Here's some info on that: https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f497/453-5-speed-can-not-flat-towed-115242/?highlight=flat+453 smart USA does not recommend flat towing the 5 speed 453.
  3. Don't know about the Canadian groundhog, but Punxsutawney Phil gave us an encouraging report this morning: " If you were hoping for an early spring, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this morning, meaning that spring is on its way." But he's usually wrong.......
  4. Check this out and see if it helps you isolate the issue: https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f353/alarm-going-off-72977/
  5. Just for the heck of it, try turning the key to position one (electrical power) and assuming you get all the normal lights on the instrument cluster, try moving the shift lever through all the gear positions a few times. Doesn't cost anything and it might wake up the transmission.....
  6. Unless the cdi transmission is different from the gasser (don't think it is), try doing the transmission relearn mentioned in the owners manual. Teaching-in the transmission system: X Stop the vehicle in a safe location. X Move the gear selector lever to park position P. X Turn off the engine. X Wait at least 30 seconds before restarting. X Press the brake pedal. X Restart the engine Three bars instead of P appear in the multifunction display. X Wait at least 30 seconds. The transmission is taught in. When teaching-in was successful: P appears in the multifunction display again and normal transmission operating is restored. After an unsuccessful teaching-in: Three bars instead of P appear in the multifunction display. X Do not continue to drive. X Turn off the engine.
  7. Great choice - assume you were there when it was recorded...... Happy New Year!
  8. My guess is they are standard Bosch or Hella relays; once you have the part number you can cross reference them to other (cheaper) cars..... Update: had to go to the Cincy Mercedes dealer this morning, so they found the part number (same for both relays) - 002-542-13-19. They quoted me $14 US over the counter. Update #2: This is supposedly a suitable replacement: https://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/ksearch/pel_search_2016.cgi?command=DWsearch&description=002-542-13-19&I1.x=8&I1.y=6
  9. Probably need to pull one to get a part number and then see if CT or other part stores can find it.
  10. There are three relays toward the back of the SAM on a 451; two of them are turn signal relays. On our 2011, Alldatadiy.com shows them as the first two, starting at the left side of the SAM.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from South of the Border!
  12. I used Velcro on that flat bottom piece. If your car has a drawer under the radio you could try using the suction cup on that....
  13. And here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZefJROS51QI
  14. No, gas will still be with us in 30 years, but fading away. I'm still waiting for the engine that runs on water and the 100 mpg "carburetor" I've been hearing about for 50 years to finally surface.....:You know, all that technology that "big oil" is keeping from us.