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  1. Thanks!
  2. The $6K pure is well equipped for a base model car, but they are asking too much IMHO. That's the one I'd pick. You can get the VIN of whichever car you decide on and have a Mercedes/smart dealer check it for service history and any other issues. Make sure she gets to test drive the car for more than just around the block - some people are put off by the way the car shifts and its reaction to the wind at highway speeds.
  3. From a post on SCoA: No guarantee that will work but worth a try. You can also take a look at System Settings in the radio: press Extras in the main menu, press Options in the Extras menu, then press System Setting in the General Settings menu.
  4. Here are a couple of photos; it's covered by the undertray.
  5. I think the experts are posting on this SCoA thread. There are some pretty knowledgeable EV owners there who are discussing a similar issue: https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/threads/when-plugging-in-to-charger-dashboard-changes-to-plug-icon-and-says-ready-to-charge-but-doesnt-start-charging.156653/#post-1685432
  6. I think we get it..... is the 12v battery fully charged? Not saying this is your issue, but it makes for interesting reading: https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/threads/smart-ed-bricking-time-for-a-class-action-lawsuit.156071/page-3#post-1685401
  7. Welcome!
  8. The organizer posted on SCoA this event has been canceled.
  9. Try Evilution. There's a fee but well worth it for any smart owner. He's adding more 453 info all the time. The drivers door is the same on the 453 fortwo and forfour. Do the rest of the doors open normally? There's something called "Superlock" only on UK cars - it's enabled from the key fob and keeps the interior handles from opening the doors. If it's enabled it may take a trip to the dealer to turn it off.
  10. Don't know if this will help or not:
  11. Just my .02, Rustoleum makes a high temp coating. The POR-15 site says " POR-15 does not adhere well to smooth, shiny surfaces, but will adhere well to those surfaces with the proper preparation." Doesn't mention high temps.
  12. Given the age of most of the participants in these gatherings I think that's prudent. I have the same concerns for the Ohio April Fools meet next month.....
  13. OK, since you opened the door to the April Fools event, check out this video from 2013:
  14. Absolutely, the Mystery Runs were great while they lasted.
  15. FWIW, our three 451s all made/make a "knocking" noise at idle - not a true engine knock, just a peculiarity of the 3 cylinder smart engine IMHO. If you think it's metal on metal, I'd check the exhaust first....
  16. The 2013 year makes it a 451, and they are not known for leaking. As cold as it was, hard to see how any liquid could have made it into the interior.....
  17. This looks like a source: https://en.turbolader.net/Turbocharger-Catalogue/8900-4192/144104103R/822053-5001S.aspx
  18. Same engine used in the Renault Twingo - the TCe 90, so you need a turbo for that engine.
  19. The 451 has its own issues, but the later models (2011 - 2015) seem to be holding up well. Factory cruise control was available for those years if that matters.
  20. As we discussed on that SCoA thread, radio codes don't apply to the 451 unless it has the highline (touchscreen) radio......
  21. Sounds like the tires are worn. As mentioned earlier, the stock (in North America, anyway) Continental tires are more than capable of handling wet roads. Or you are trying to emulate Lewis Hamilton and need to back off the speed a bit....
  22. The 451 key has to be in the ignition to disable the immobilizer - the key fob won't do it.
  23. " smart show 99 miles as theoretical journey" - theoretical being the key word. Depending on temperature, road conditions, accessories used, etc. the range can vary a lot. 70 miles seems pretty realistic based on what other EQ owners are seeing.
  24. Just my .02, but any good auto mechanic should be able to do that job for you.
  25. Not sure what transmission this car has but the fortwo guidance may not be applicable...