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  1. Here they are: https://www.google.com/search?q=matchbox+lo...408&bih=857Regards,Dan
  2. I don't know about the rest of you but we (my wife and I) get lots of attention/reaction from our "actual size" decals. Many of you have had fun with the "You've just been passed by a 3 cylinder" decal. Well, a friend(?), recently referred to my smart as a Matchbox car. Once I got past the initial, "Whoa, why are you dissing my car reaction", I had an inspiration. Why not go with it? I contacted the manufacturer of the "actual size" decal where we got ours to see if they might be interested in making a "smart by Matchbox" decal. In my concept, it would use the smart typeface and the actual Matchbox logo. The company responded that, while it sounded like a fun project, it would be too expensive to develop for a run of fewer than 200 units. So, I'm here to see if we might have that kind of support. smartmadness, feel free to chime in. Regards, Dan An alternative would be to just put a Matchbox decal out there for our cars.
  3. Interested.I live in the U.S. Washington state. If we can arrive at a mutually acceptable price, I'll buy.Shipment to Port Orchard, WA 98367Regards,Dan
  4. The rear wheels will be delivered to a fellow smartie this weekend. So ...The 2 fronts are now available as spares ... or ... has anyone considered doing a smart Low-Rider? Replace those wide rear wheels / tires with the skinny fronts and become a member of the "I can rotate my tires" club with style. Just sayin'.Regards,Dan
  5. My wife has gotten a new set of chrome wheels for her birthday. So .... Set of 4 smart Passion cabriolet/coupe 9-spoke wheels for sale for $500. No tires, TPMS or center caps as these have been transferred to the new wheels. Wheels are flawless and have less than 1,000 miles since new. Thoroughly cleaned and ready to go. I live in Washington state so local pick-up would work best. I'm not sure how shipping would work to Canada Regards, Dan
  6. Yes. Not only would we, but we have. I traded my '08 in on a Brabus about a year ago and my wife just got a cabriolet this January.Regards,Dan
  7. Thanks for the input. Certainly something to consider since we live in the Pacific North-Wet (not a typo)Can you share any installation tips?Regards,Dan
  8. Has anyone added a back-up camera to their smart? A stand-alone unit, not one that's part of an A/V system. I want to add one to my wife's new cabriolet because rear visibility is severely compromised compared to my coupe (which isn't the best anyway). The one I have came with generic instructions but it sure would be nice to hear from someone who's done it before and "cracked the code" for a smart install. Regards, Dan
  9. When I heard that smart would have a Brabus offering, I got my second $99 reservation in and waited. When it came time to configure, I was too late and this year's allotment was all gone. Then I had an opportunity to drive a Brabus coupe at smart center Seattle and I was hooked. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying the Brabus kit and upgrading my 2008 but found the cost just about the same as trading mine in on an '09. Trouble was, I wasn't sure I wanted to give up our yellow car. Solution: Black 2009 Brabus coupe orphan + yellow panel swap = Bumble Bee Brabus. The deal's been made and we picked the car up today, Wednesday, the 15th. Regards, Dan
  10. Are these for a 451 or a 450?Regards,Daniel
  11. Mine was self-installed. It works flawlessly. Love the unit. Getting free installation? Priceless.Regards,Dan
  12. I don't believe they are chromed unless the owner did it after purchase. They're available at Tire Rack RIAL LeMansYou can even view the wheels on your car on the site.
  13. From the ad: Rolls up with a velcro tie when not in use
  14. OOPS!Too late for us to change our plans but have a wonderful time and post lots of pictures. Give our best to all in attendance.Daniel & Beverly Coté