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  1. Hey Mike & everyone else,I was talking with the GM of the Cary smart center the other day and he mentioned that the 6 cars that are two weeks over due somehow got off the boat in Baltimore, instead of making the trip all the way down to Jacksonville. He didn't know if they come in on one boat & get transfered to another for the remainder of the trip but he thought not. He also said the Smartusa was dragging their feet in get the cars down here. I would think they would put those cars on a truck & get them delivered.Anyhow, thought this info might help in figuring out the tracking.Charles
  2. Hello,The Cary dealer as of Monday has received 10 cars. Their 1st sold car was/is a white/black passion coupe. The owner was going to pick it up today or Wednesday, but it's new home will be in Havelock Nc. I got my notice from Smartusa that mine would be in within 30 days on Jan/11th.Hope this helps.Charles
  3. Hi Mike,Here's the vin's for most of the cars that have arrived at the Cary Nc dealership.089922;1st car to be sold084283; display unit086476; display unit095251095288096373096002088459090305091341090040The last 8 are part of a group of 9 that came in today. I messed up the vin for the 9th car & will go back & get it later this week along with the one for the demo unit that they have. The two display cars aren't to be driven, even thou they can be, per Penske, due to the short supply of cars currently.Also the cars where delivered by Centurion Auto transport out of Jacksonville Fl.Hope this helps,Charles
  4. Hi All,I'm Charles Hudacko and I'm a soon to be new owner of a 451. I live in Lillington NC, it's half way between Raleigh & Fayetteville. My local Smart dealer is located in Cary. I got the email from Smartusa on 1/11/08 saying my car would be delivered within 30 days. I can hardly wait.Charles