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  1. I contacted Smart: they cannot find this engine number in their system and as a result suspect they are not direct compatible. The block itself is the same, but with no guarantees that the electrical part will play nice with our SAM makes this a big unknown.
  2. Like I said, he has 25 and the $240 shipping per engine is based CE on taking them all.
  3. Got a reply, he found an option to get them shipped to Kelowna, BC for 172 Euro a piece, roughly $240. Only catch is I would have to import all 25 he has. For that money it would be is good deal as long as they fit our cars. They do come with a full electrical harness, but I do not know how I can figure out if this fits the 450, 451, both or neither??
  4. Would a 451 CDI engine fit a 450?
  5. Got a quote for shipping 1 pallet with 4 engines to Vancouver. €1500 Euro, roughly $2100. This puts the price per engine to +\- $2000 per engine plus possible import fees and taxes.
  6. Are all OM660 engines the same? A quick search shows Smart used 3 versions. Do all of them drop straight in? These were built in late 2007. I will try to get some shipping quotes.
  7. I contacted the guy and turns out I know him. He used them to build the Track T-800 CDI motorbikes. Slow sales, stricter emission norms and electric bikes killed that business. These are left overs. He does have other ECUs for them for those wanting to use them for other applications. Question is how much it would be to ship them to Canada? There is 4 on a pallet weighing +\- 450kg
  8. I found this ad on a Dutch trading site. This guy has a bunch of BRAND NEW complete OM660 engines for sale. These are not bare long blocks; they come with injectors, high pressure pump, exhaust, turbo, alternator etc. He is asking +/- $1400 (1000 Euro) per block. I have seen posts here on complete rebuilds of this engine, but I would guess that even with shipping included, $1400 for a brand new one is a better deal. Anybody interested in helping me import them in to Canada?
  9. We had a discussion about this a few years back. Disabling the fan and blocking off the inter cooler in the Canadian winter will warm up the engine and heater faster.
  10. You will need a sizeable soldering iron to solder the brush wires in.
  11. I got that one from RockAuto. 6 weeks and no issues. Has a 1 year warranty. I kept the old one and ordered a rebuild kit from Ebay. New bearings, brushes and sliprings. Pretty straight forward to put in.
  12. Can you run Jet A fuel in a Smart CDI? It is pretty close to #1 diesel in my understanding.
  13. I have a left rear panel for a 450 Coupe (03-07). This is an original factory panel molded in Phat Red and it is brand new, never used. Comes in the original Smart wrapping. $100 plus shipping. Located in the Okanagan.
  14. I remember we had a discussion a long time back about poor heat in our cars in the winter. I showed that blocking off the intercooler made quite a difference. Cooling of the intake air can be taken too far and lead to loooong warm up times and poor combustion. Diesels run best with IAT of 20-40 C