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  1. ........... I've been assigned the dealership in Sarasota. There's supposed to be two dealers in the Tampa Bay area Clearwater and Tampa) and one in Orlando also. So I get to deal with a dealership an hour from here as opposed to a dealership 10 minutes from where I live. WTF! Any inside dope somebody knows about? The only thing I can think of is the # closer dealers haven't opened their doors yet. Gotta make some calls.
  2. ......... and another thing. The rep did confirm that my insurance carrier (State Farm) will take care of me in FLA
  3. Questions answered........Sales rep from the Sarasota store informed me that the 3 dealerships that are closer have yet to open there doors for another two months. Got my VIN # !!!
  4. Should read 30 day notice a and should also read 3 instead of #. Can't we edit our stuff so we don't come of like morons?
  5. I'm assuming that all the warranty options are fully transferable is is the norm, yes?
  6. Fantastic. There's going to be 2 dealers in the Tampa Bay area, one on each side of the bay. Smart isn't going to do what Mini did and have only one. It sucks that some Mini owners here in Tampa have to drive 35-40 miles to a dealer.I was actually dreading the same scenario with Smart.
  7. I've been away from the Smart forums and related for several months now and would like to change my contact info with Smart.Its all starting to happen now so I do not want to miss a phone call or an email when the time comes since I'm moving to another address next week.Please inform. Thanks
  8. I'm with you there. Surely someone in the smart organization is keeping their finger on the pulse of its reservation holders. If not then the PR people aren't doing their job. Yes, yes - they've said (so I've been told) that they will be announcing something in Dec. but the natives are restless NOW and they need to be thrown some meat, MREs, whatever...... to placate them for the next few weeks. Be as transparent as you can be. Always worked for me and my customers/clients.
  9. From what I've sen in photos and in person it appears there will not be a center armrest on the 08 Smart. was it ever available in Canada? Europe?I'll be in need of one (very accustomed to having one) once my car is delivered and wonder if it will be a dealer option or an aftermarket purchase.
  10. It'll be interesting to see just how quickly this will happen. I'm confident that smart's sales will keep the dealers hungry for inventory for quite some time unless they can make production even more efficient than it already is. I'm sooo looking forward to any announcement from smart these next two months concerning this subject. This is waaay more fun than the presidential primary process, wouldn't you say?
  12. Can't answer your question other than to say my reservation was made in March and I did my configuring a month ago. That's almost 6 months so you might still have a bit of a wait.
  13. We can only hope. I just need to take a deep breath and let it happen. I trust Roger Penske and the people he surrounds himself with.I've been involved in auto racing to some extent and his rep is stellar. Definitely one reason why MB jumped at the idea of working with him again on this project. Their racing history together was a good one. ................inhale.................exhale..............inhale..............
  14. Thanks for the reply. Makes sense in many ways but does seem to leave the consumer hanging. Even the slightest remark from the company would be appreciated one way or the other. I'm one of the people who will be making this car my primary form of transportation and not some toy I'm going to pull out of the garage every now and then. I will only wait so long before I spend my money somewhere else. They'll have until June to hook me up as my current ride is a bit long in the tooth and needs to go away with what resale value I can hope for. I assume I'm not alone in this situation. Hopefully the Detroit show will bring answers to many of our questions._____SMART FORTWO RESERVATION # 9515611173 ______
  15. It would serve smart well to curtail production of EU spec cars until the US reservations are are satisfied otherwise they'd be off to a miserable start. Any inventory that was reserved but not sold would be snatched up anyway. If production is below the magical 30K reservation number many of us would not be happy if reserved but unclaimed cars were sold retail to anyone off the street but serious reservation holders were told that they'd have to wait another 6 months to a year for their order. Let's hope smart USA reads this forum. I have yet to receive a reply to a question concerning enough supply for the reservations. Could it be smart is keeping their cards close or are they already in serious crisis control? My 2 cents.
  16. My heart would have ben pounding too. I just hope that there will be a flood of news and communication after the New Year. I'm sure all of us are anxiously waiting for word from smart USA.
  17. " illuminated electronic bezel"Illuminated or just transparent with a brightly colored indicator?
  18. I sent an email to smart usa a few days ago regarding just that question. I asked that the issue be addressed since all of this unconfirmed info/rumor is circulating. Still waiting for a reply though. Will post as soon as they do.......... if they ever do.
  19. Thank you for the pics. The US spec shifter really is much less attractive than the EU version, don't you think?
  20. I'm interested to know what to expect in the near future as far as a contact/confirmation from smart usa concerning the status of our orders.Has the company laid out any time line? Will we be able to track the progression of our cars? I apologize if this has been discussed to deathalready but any information you can share would be great.
  21. I was thinking about just that. "How do we recoup the margin that we have to eat because of the Dollars performance?"I find it insulting to be frank. Nothing pisses me off more than going to your local deli and seeing that portion sizes havebeen reduced just to maintain a price point. Same thing applies here if this is what is going on. But as Mickey said, I'll try hold my judgement until the other shoe drops. Still bugs me though.
  22. Better but still a bit off. That's to be expected. Give it a shot.|en
  23. "The smart warranty is a two year or 24,000 mile comprehensive warranty. smart USA will also offer a host of additional extended warranty options that can be customized by the customer.......and the nickel and dimeing has started. This will more than likely bring the price of a comparable US smart up to that of our Canadian cousins. I'm not happy that the warranty "options" weren't on the table as another accessory during the configuration process. We've become so accustomed to 4-5 year bumper to bumper that this policy at least suggests a less than competitive product. Not a, um, smart marketing move. I see a serious push-back by the buying public. Stupid move.
  24. OUCH! The results from Babel leave much to be desired.
  25. Bernd............. Du musst versuchen direkt beim United Auto Group Arbeit zu suchen. Clicks du das link und da gibst du deine Arbeits Zusammenfasung. Die UAG ist nicht mit MB verwandt. Versuchs mal und viel glueck! Eric