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  1. Nobody wants to meet up for coffee and a chat???Smarters hybernate in winter too?
  2. You can always check and get the correct bolts from a Smart dealership near you.
  3. I replaced my OEM Brabus springs which are now for sale. Car (2009 Brabus Coupe - 451) was recently purchased from M-Benz, Richmond on December 23rd and garaged.....odometer has only 60.2 KMs since new.Looking for $135.00 OBO. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  4. After driving Guinness' car with the Stage 2 Sprint Booster, I was sold on it. Bought one for myself yesterday and will install it shortly.
  5. Happy New Year to you too Eddy and all forum members of Club Smart Car. Wishing you all happiness, good health, success and prosperity!Drive and stay safe.
  6. An exciting moment...captured in photo. Congratulations Guinness! Beautiful ride!
  7. I'm always in for a meet; just let me when and where.Anyone in for a coffee meet sometime soon?
  8. Sure thing! Will take care of it for you.
  9. Thank you fellows for the warm welcome. The Smart is such a fun car to drive so long you are not expecting "sports car" performance. Am enjoying the Brabus Smart much more than my 450 Passion coupe. By the way, special thanks to my buddy Guinness for installing HID headlights. They look awesome!
  10. LaBellette, I will let my buddy Guinness know about this. He wants to change the OEM headlights on this 09 Brabus Smart Cabrio to the optional Brabus black headlight casings. You may want to send him a PM also. This what he wants: Brabus Headlights
  11. Took delivery of our silver Brabus Smart coupe last Wednesday at Richmond-Mercedes Benz. This is our second Smart car and as they say, "love is sweeter the second time around". Here's a photo taken during delivery with our salesperson, Stephan Werner. Delivery! My buddy Guinness and I took delivery of our cars together! We look forward to the next Smart Car owners meet. If anyone is up for an informal get together, let us know!
  12. Great find and thanks for sharing!
  13. Congrats Duck! Enjoy your new Smart and drive carefully.
  14. Hi 42Kruiser! Got it through a friend at a reasonable price. PM me if you need more info. Stock shocks worked perfectly with the progressive rate springs. Installing them was simple, just remove & replace; no other mods required.
  15. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Recently lowered the suspension with Eibach springs and replaced the front grille. Ride and handling has improved tremendously. Less body roll and no more pitch-up attitude with accelerating from stand-still. Steering response during "turn-in" is more positive and I find myself negotiating sweeping turns with a lot more speed and confidence!