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  1. What is the status of this process?
  2. well, way, way, way back in them olden days of the 70's...Let's just say I know that it's possible in a '74 Standard (not Super) VW Beetle, and both people in the front passenger seat, no no real need for a back seat...I'm just sayin'
  3. Kitty: My apologies. I didn't say that quite accurately. I should have said: "Suggestions similar to the things I said in my previous posts in this topic, have already been made by other members" in the link I posted. Woe be to me should I be thought to be taking undeserved credit. Wow, even my apologies are inaccurate and grammatically misleading. OK, enough of the nit-picking. I'm outta here. For good!
  4. OK, my bad... I guess that's a request to the BoD for the "edited by..." tag to be turned OFF. We know that it can be turned off in the software. I guess that's a decision the BoD is going to have to make, and the webmaster to implement. At which point, those in favor and those against will have to live with the decision. Can't please everyone. My apologies for adding my 2 cents worth, when my suggestions were already made here eons ago in another thread. EDIT: Maybe we should use polls on any suggestions to give the BoD an idea of the members support one way or the other. I dunno...
  5. Hmm Well, perhaps this has been said before, but I have two suggestions and a thought which I personally utilize for every post. 1) Using Firefox, with it's built in spell-checker, alerts me to typos as I type, and 2) Try using the Preview Post button before you post. It can help with all manner of things, but since everyone likes perfect posts, simply re-reading your preview often helps you catch lots of things. Apparently you all re-read your own posts anyway after you post (hence the fact that you need to edit) so why not just re-read your posts (i.e. the Preview) before you actually post it? Makes sense to me...and I regularly do so myself. You can edit and keep hitting the Preview button until it is just perfect. Just a thought. 3) I sometimes use strikethrough format to show what I have actually edited, although this process is not universal, so I'm not sure it helps any readers. But I've done it anyway. Just some thoughts.
  6. Cameron: It appears that the Board of Director FAQs and Information Forum is closed to replies (although I didn't try posting a new topic there) Question: Where shall we post questions, suggestions, etc. for the attention of the BoD? And in that regard, I was wondering if the Directors will all be added as Administrators ? (currently limited to Awesys and TFM) Seems like a good alternate place to list the Directors as well, should anyone happen to click on that area.
  7. Great work already Cameron I look forward to "reading all about it" I presume smartzuuk realized that the FAQ's themselves are in Site Feedback Administration & Feedback; the announcement only, is in Community chatter Again Cameron (Speedie), well done.
  8. My used smart came with 2 sets of tires and one set of rims. The winter Blizzaks were already mounted, so this spring I bought 4 steel rims for the Conti summers. I don't really know what I got but the dealer ordered them: Part #0006815V001C32L00 & #0004838V002000000.I paid $84.90/ea and $86.60/ea respectively. Figured extra rims were better than wear and tear of changing rims on the tires twice each year. Besides, I can change over my own tires each season this way.Hope that helps. I don't know diddly about the technical stuff re: rims and tires
  9. arlemen:Throw in some heated seats. There's two options: the real modification, which is detailed here on the site, or you can buy seat/back pads at Crappy Tire (the option I chose) which plug into the cig lighter (ok, this summer I am going to hard wire them into the fuse box, but last winter, they were much appreciated in N.Ontario)
  10. kwaldron:Mine's there. Below the posting composition "pane" where you write your reply, is the Attachments "pane". On the left it says "Attachment System ready" and to the right are the "Manage...", "UPLOAD" and "Browse" buttons.If you are using the "Fast Reply" button, the attachments pane does NOT appear by default, but you can get to it with the "More Options" button. Hope this helps.
  11. It's OK, Cameron. I know that nobody is going to die over it.It was not impatience that prompted my simple observation. It was that 2 Mods and the President-elect had been posting, and I wondered if anyone had PM'd the Mod for this particular Forum instead of just blindly asking that the topic be moved, when I discovered that there was no assigned Mod.As for me, I volunteered 6 months ago, with the proviso that I could not commit to being on the site daily. I was told that such a commitment was more in line with the kinds of Mods that CsC wants and needs. And I can live with that. You can see that I come and go, with gaps of time between my visits. Just the way it is.But I am getting the hint. I'll lay off for a month or two.
  12. Well, yes I've got an old garage for the plow truck, and various other buildings and shelters, but this rig seemed like a nice, portable, cheap and temporary solution, until I get to building a new 3 stall garage/barn/workshop.Yolanda, when you spoke of an old rickety garage, I wondered if this is the sort of thing you meant (its got my Kubota 3 cyl. diesel compact tractor/loader in it...not so sure I'd like to put my fragile little Smart in there )
  13. Oh, I don't mind you at all, Yolanda "Honey?!?....Yolanda says you have to go clean my car, right after you're finished the cooking, sewing, laundry, house cleaning, and dishes, OK??? Thaaaaanks. Love Ya. Oh, and couldya git me another beer?" But seriously, the question was: Do I take pics now after already delaying several months, or wait till my car is clean and perhaps never get around to taking pics. I'm just not the kind of guy (like Duck) that makes you take your shoes off before you get in, and I don't kiss my car g'nite. In fact, that very day I hauled home (25 kms) 20 pieces of 1"x4"x8' spruce strapping, along with 100 lbs. of cat food, but I never even got a pic of that load. Sure got some quizzical looks as I drove through town on my way back to the country though.I'm less concerned about how something looks than about how well it works. Nonetheless, I'm sure someone will get around to cleaning the car before the summer is out. Will you be wanting pics from me as proof?
  14. Hmmm....let's see....the Mods for this forum are......Oh! There aren't any (except for Admin/Awesys).
  15. If you park your smart anywhere that it snows, frosts or drips tree sap, and you don't have a garage, you might like to know about this. The Shelterlogic Shed-in-a-Box, 10' x 10' x 8' high, Crappy Tire Product #37-1112-2, lists for $229.99 but goes on sale for as little as $149 has worked well for me in Northern Ontario. The attached pics show it now after a winter (none the worse for wear). I like a garage: never have to scrape the windows, nor sweep off fresh snow (or worse, freezing rain). This was a quick if somewhat temporary (perhaps several years) solution.I have a 120 Volt in-car heater and a block heater, both on the same timer, and after only 2 hours it is noticeably warmer in the shed than outside, so I figure its an aid to cold weather starts. I added a piece of 1"x2"x10' to the sleeve at the bottom of the door to roll it up and a bungie cord to hold it open. I backed in all winter so I could just drive straight out into fresh snow falls. Either way works as long as you leave yourself room for the open door - my door will swing all the way open without touching the side, if I park as shown in the pic. You have to make sure you keep snow accumulations off the roof - a push broom works well, working from the inside, reaching overhead and pushing up/shaking the fabric with the broom head so the snow slides off. I can do it even with the car parked inside. As you can see, I didn't bother with the included ground stakes. Instead, I bolted the legs to two pressure treated 2"x4"s and weighted them down with cinder blocks. It hasn't blown away yet in gusts up to 90 kmh. And the zippers are holding up just fine. But even if the zippers die, I can just tie down the door with 2 more bungies.Anyway, if you ever wondered how this might work for you, here's how it looks. Can you tell that I live on a gravel road in the country? BTW, we get around 5' of snow and -40C nights here, FYI.