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  1. Mike, mine was doing that on occasion a couple years ago for a few years straight. It would crank the whole cycle or two and then start up completely fine on the next attempt, usually when mild out. Knew it wasn't bad fuel but it was like the fuel wasn't flowing at all. It was an intermittent issue that I'd mentioned to the dealership several times. During one visit I read they'd disconnected the harness from the Sam to inspect the connections and after that I've never had the issue again. I've never had the upgrade and relay installed at the Sam. Although they never found anything wrong I am certain that one of the pins or connections got "cleaned up" just by removing and reinstalling. I think they might have used some of that electrical grease on it too.
  2. Haven't seen this car since near the end of December, 2014 at the dealership. Just googled and it's now at Jim Pattison Toyota on Douglas Street with an advertised price of $7,995.00. 56,212 kms.
  3. Merry Christmas to all! My New Years resolution is to get back to this site after a couple of busy years working too much, Lol! Anyway, I've had my eye on this sweet little car at Jim Pattison Volvo of Victoria. They have pictures and a video on their website of this little gem. I can't have two of them but I would sure like to see it get a good home. There's not a scratch on it, obviously garaged as the top looks brand new. The plastic rear window in the soft top is totally unscratched. Someone's lovingly cared for this cream puff. They advertise a/c but doesn't have it. When I first noticed this car a month ago it was near $9,000.00 but has been holding steady at $6,888.00 for a few weeks. VIN is WMEAK00F86J282928, for you Mike T! I look at it everyday as I walk past the dealership. It's rare a car draws me in that much but alas, I don't need three vehicles! Maybe this could turn out to have a new life with an owner that'll cherish it as much as I love mine! Take care over the holidays my friends. I see I have pages and pages of catch-up reading to do!
  4. Btw Mike, as you were suggesting, a few weeks after the glass roof install the glass shop called and asked me if I would consider selling the old sunroof to an inquiring customer who was looking for parts. I said "sure, but it no longer belongs to me, it's yours if you still have it. Do what you like with it". They suggested offering it up for $200.00 with my permission and called a week later for me to collect the money.When I opened the envelope it was only fair to offer to split it 50/50 with them and just as pleased to know parts of it might've been successfully transplanted into another Smart and not totally trashed. No leaks since!
  5. Mine was leaking from the very same spots and replaced with the glass roof. Cost all in was around $1,400.00 with glass, plastic trim pieces and installation.There was a thread on this site about it.
  6. Mike, I asked the glass shop if TPM might want the parts and asked if they could identify the leaking areas now that removal had taken place. They said there's so many layers it could've leaked from deep within and so I'm not sure anyone would want to risk using the parts. When it was removed it was likely bent or mangled anyway. Only the motor would probably be of any use but who knows if water was flowing through there too. Months ago when I first took it to the glass shop they said they'd replaced maybe six total sliding sunroofs(which included the entire roof as one unit) while the cars were under the manufacturers warranty. This tells me there must've been a manufacturing defect from the start. The recent leak was diagnosed on my last day of Mercedes 7 yr/160,000 km warranty.Although that warranty only covered the motor and electrical, it crossed my mind to contact head office and see if there's anything they would offer, given the replacements during the first four years that were done on other cars, but TPM has been very good to me and I've decided, I think, to just leave it alone. Looking back through my invoices my first problem right from the start was with the alignment of the sunroof glass sticking up high on one side. TPM tried adjustments, filed something down, and finally replaced the glass itself but it still didn't sit flush at the front compared to other cars.I have all that documentation but given the length of time elapsed now(7 years) without a "discovered" leak there's likely nothing Toronto would offer anyway. Mike, your B200 is newer. With your ongoing leak right from new, you might consider persuing head office for something if you go my route? When you google "sunroof leak" it spans all makes/models. Only stands to reason you'd not want all those potential water ingress areas to be at the top of a vehicle.
  7. Update: Well, I've finally got my car back after three weeks. My sunroof was diagnosed as leaking in two places, front and back on the left side in an inaccessible area. Both Three Point Motors and the glass shop worked hard to finally source the problem for the second time. A new motorized sunroof was out of the question at $2,500.00 plus installation , and frankly, I wouldn't risk a second one. I opted for the glass roof this time at $1,300.00 for the glass and all the new interior headliners needed, etc. Labour was only $350.00. The glass shop did the work and I finally picked my car up yesterday. I'll be watching closely during the next few rainfalls! For certain, I would never again go with a sunroof on any future vehicle. It never got used, cost me $1,200.00 above the original glass roof from new, and now another $2,000.00 plus to restore car to the roof that came included as standard in the first place. There was also an extra $500.00 in charges related to diagnosis since the suspected leak started, including removing the seats and carpets for a few days while the interior dried. Could've been the result of the water testing with one door not completely closed properly, the leak itself, or combination of the two. Fortunately, no damage, mould or mildew formed as the soaked floors and carpets just happened a couple of days earlier.With only 62,000 kms on the vehicle and all the money spent on preventative maintenance, I decided it was worth my while to spend the money in hopes that I might get the same mileage again before major repairs make a new vehicle decision easy. It's been a good little car, it's first hiccup. The dealership kept it overnight on a battery charger as the car had been worked on so much in the last few weeks the battery was pretty run down to the point where I left dealership, made my first upshift, and it started to lose power and run rough like a cylinder or two was lost. I limped back to the dealership and it corrected itself. The technician said no codes were triggered and that it's possible that the tranny upshifting on a low battery caused a temporary engine/computer shutdown. It's been a bit of an ordeal but my car sits tonight at home for the first time in three weeks. No rain is forecast for a week so we'll see. We sure are lucky to have Three Point Motors here in Victoria. They definitely understand the car and the customer service is exemplary. The glass company did a superb job on the installation and my sincere thanks to them as well for their very reasonable bill at the end of it all. We were well looked after by both.
  8. With the light stalk switch on, I don't seem to have any lighting on the heat temperature slide control, the air flow selector slide beside it, fan speed control, and the fresh/recirculating air control slider. I am imagining that there ever was lighting in these areas?
  9. Smart Ferrari, yes, it was the seal/grommet where the wiper wiring enters the car's body that was causing my issue. It was very obvious once the headliner was removed and high pressure water sprayed on it. Before the headliner was removed, on the first repair attempt though, the technician thought it was the hatch seal. It was removed, deemed to be in good shape, some sort of windshield goop applied, and the seal re-installed.If your hatch seal is that loose then that could easily be another cause of your leak.
  10. Apparently, if it leaks near the windshield, it's easier to re-seal. If it has to sit outdoors I would park slightly inclined at the front so it drips out the headliner at the rear and not down into the battery well or dash area into all that electrical. My headliner has been reattached as the sunroof wasn't leaking. It turned out to be the grommet described above where the wiper wiring enters the car. You should try parking it nose up while just spraying water only onto the hatch area. There are numerous water entry points besides the sunroof. Also, even if the four drains allow water to exit, you may still have debris causing an issue during heavy rain that would need to be carefully snaked out, as happened in my case. Good luck, keep us posted. The Victoria dealership has a glass company contact if you don't get satisfaction.
  11. Hopeful news! After the dealership blew and snaked out the drains, they also repaired the rubber grommet where the rear wiper wiring enters the car from the hatchback glass. I believe this has solved the problem-confirmed by the very heavy rain and wind last night. This morning I expected to find water inside but happily not even a drop. I will monitor it all week and if everything is still leak-free, Friday morning the glass company will re-install the roof liner, etc. A happy camper I'll be not having the expense of a new glass roof to replace my sunroof. I believe the couple of drops near the track were the result of water shooting through the grommet when they were using high pressure water and they just happened to land there. It gave the appearance of two issues when in fact it was only one.
  12. [Thanks Mike. You're right. It's been water tested a few times and it appears to be above and around the track. They can see the area it's leaking from but can't get at it. Your idea of the mirror is a good one. I'll try it. There seems to be many bolts and screws and I wonder about the feasibility of removing parts of the sunroof for repair without pulling the roof. The technician at the dealer is also looking into the data base to see if it's possible to do something. Right now the only replaceable part is the motor that I know of. Unfortunately, I have pics but can't seem to get them on here. I included them in my emails to Vancouver. There's got to be a way to attempt a repair.
  13. My '06 Smart Passion with 60,000kms developed a water leak that dripped onto the luggage cover. A local glass company was suggested and has removed all the headliners while I monitor for awhile and weigh my options. The leak, minor in nature, has just begun. They've said normally they see leakage at the seal in the front of the sunroof where they can recaulk, not the rear where mine leaks. It appears to be dripping on the right rear side from the back of the right roof rail track(?) just before the connection of the drain hose. The local MB dealership has been extremely helpful. The drains have been blown out with compressed air and snaked through. All other areas of potential water ingress have been eliminated. According to the glass company, they can't reseal this because it would involve removing the roof to find the source and it's not likely the roof could be mated and sealed watertight to the car again after an attempted repair. They recommend a total roof replacement. The roof and sunroof are all one unit!A new sunroof is out of the question at $2,800 for the part. Plastic roof is $800.00+. If necessary, a glass roof would run close to $700.00 plus installation, which would be my choice. Too bad in the beginning I paid $1200.00 extra for the sunroof and may have to pay nearly that amount again just to get the roof the car originally came with. I have sent an email to the three main Vancouver based dealerships, including Richmond where my car was purchased, asking if they've had experience and their solutions to this issue given the greater numbers of 450's running around there. Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions would be appreciated as I would first rather try to repair before replacing. I've Googled this issue but very little information appears for Smart sunroof leaks. Unfortunately, the sunroof was my very first problem right from new when the glass wouldn't sit flush at the front and had to be changed out, something filed and adjusted. Perhaps I should try for a second opinion on repair from another Vancouver Island repair facility but the glass company in Victoria is very reputable, well experienced and I respect their judgement that maybe repair would be too labour intensive and may be cheaper for me in the end if I just replaced with a glass roof. Although I'm extremely grateful to both the dealership and glass company for their excellent assistance, I just don't know what to do about it yet.
  14. I actually know nothing about it. Apparently, it does an 80 km return trip to Sooke Mon-Fri. I've seen it drive by and know where he parks it but have never viewed this car. TPM has done all his servicing. He's not computer savy but if you like I can put you guys in touch. With your permission I would swap phone numbers for you both.Too bad I still love mine, all highway kms only. Just at 59,600. TPM does an A or B service annually and in between a lube-oil-filter 6 months after. Car only runs 3-4 thousand kms between oil changes. It only runs between Victoria and Port Alberni or Saanichton to Victoria. Never has parked on the street. Always underground. Sometimes I think of buying one new car to replace my '06 Smart and '80 Chevette(245,000km-just under your Smart!). The little Smart mostly sits around as the four seater is more practical at times.
  15. Mike, so sorry to hear the sad news. Thank goodness your daughters were not seriously harmed. I remember when you first reported your first ding on the tridion caused by someone's careless door opening. I ached for you when I saw you hugging your car at the salvage yard. I know a postman in Victoria with a Grandstyle that he's been trying to sell. He's got several other vehicles but doesn't care if it sells or not. Has never gone to this site and has had nobody interested in even looking at it. It's just come off extended warranty at just 160,000 kms and TPM performed about $2400.00 in work recently. He doesn't even know what it's worth-figures 3-4 thousand? Its not a cabrio though.