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  1. I'm right here, Jack!Anybody else here from Michigan?
  2. S2, that's gorgeous! What's more, THAT'S MY CAR!! That is almost exactly how I want mine to look, chrome grille, pulse wheels and all. Hope you don't mind. I just HAD to save those pics to my hard drive to use as wallpaper. Glad to hear you're finally rockin' and rollin' in your wonderful smartie. I am, of course, insanely jealous!! Here in the US we won't even start getting ours for another month at least. Have fun!
  3. I hope your business endeavour is a great success, and I'm looking forward to doing busness with you. Welcome!
  4. Makes me feel itchy to start feeling shifty! Great lines! Thanks!
  5. "The three-cylinder micro-car uses a five-speed automatic transmission (with manual option) to transmit power to its front wheels. That's good for winter driving, because it puts more weight over the driving wheels." Sigh. I DO wish they'd get it right!
  6. Ah, such angst! Didn't smartUSA say there would be an announcement about the dealers in December? Is it December yet? They may want to make the announcement of their US dealers on December 31st. That would still make it December! I, for one, will be patient and wait. SmartUSA has not promised anything that they have not delivered. Even though I feel like the kid waiting for Christmas morning, I'll wait. Don't worry so much! You'll just make yourself old!
  7. I started back last March putting my $99 on a white/silver/beige smart, but when it came time to confirm (9-16) I went with red/silver/red. After all the controversy over the red being orangey (exteror and inteior) I e-mailed smartUSA two weeks ago and asked if I could get a different color. I received a phone call the very next day from smartUSA and was given the chance to reconfigure on the spot, with the caveat that this might delay delivery on my smartie by a few weeks. No problem. I got a confirmation on my new color choices (black/black/black) on 11-15. Because the silver tridion and metallic red paint are $175 and $225 extra on US smarts I also saved $400. Smart. Thank You smartUSA for making me a happy camper!
  8. Picture dozens of Smarts doing the Woodward Dream Cruise outside of Detroit next August!! I hate to overuse the word, but that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every color! Every option! 450s and 451s! Stock cars! Modded cars! (ESPECIALLY modded cars!) All up and down Woodward Avenue from Detroit up to Pontiac!! :yahoo:Warms my heart, it does.
  9. Welcome Bernd! On the smartUSA website there is an address to apply to smartUSA. I'd love to have a smart expert like yourself at my local dealer here in Michigan, who is also the smart USA HQ. You can go to and click on FAQ. Scroll down to the last question and click on it. The address to send your resume to will pop right up. If you're not interested in Michigan then follow smart142's advice and pick out where in the U.S. you would like to work from the dealer's list and send your resume there. Best of luck to you!
  10. The best education a person can get about the transmission is to drive one for more than a quik trip aroung the block! That was all they gave us at the street smart events. Even getting multiple rides like that is not adequate. I got my education from a very nice fellow who drives a 450 cdi. What a blast!This reviewer may have a handle on the tranny, but he doesn't know a smart he he sees one. Look closely at the photo. It's not a smart. It's one of the Chinese rip-offs of the smart!Interesting to note that in one paragraph the author calls it a clutch pedal and in the next calls it a clutch "peddle". Spellcheck failure? "Gas mileage is not the best"? It sure is! Even if it's mileage gets posted by the EPA at 33city/40highway it's rating is still tops for any non-hybrid US car. Only the Honda Civic hybrid beats it! I fully expect real world mileage to easily beat those figures.Sure hope Mike T is right about the gear ratios for Canadian and US smarts. Off the line - Corvette killer! With hundred-dollar-a-barrel crude oil prices just around the corner the time has come to get smart!
  11. We are going to see many more reviews in newspapers, magazines and weblogs and the US launch gets closer and the Canadian 451 launch continues. The author mentioned a 6' 7" writer for Car & Driver, the implication being that he also did a test drive in the smart. Hope his article come out as complimentary as hers!Thanks for sharing this one with us, Glenn! Every one of these good reviews just makes me smile wider!
  12. The 2007 smart NAIA display was just a teaser. It will be very interesting to see what their display is like this coming January!
  13. It's a very rare day when I see a driver unbuckled. US safety standards are designed to try to save more serious injury from occurring. Any one who refuses to wear his/her seatbelt cannot be saved from themselves no matter how many safety protections are in place.Personally, I wear my seatbelt every day when I'm in any car or truck. Everyone I know does the same. I could quote you mess of statistics, but why bother? Americans do wear their seatbelts. Don't lump the few foolish ones in with the rest of us! You won't hear me saying that Canadians don't wear their seatbelts. Why would I make such a foolish and obviously untrue charge. Why would you make such a charge about Americans, for that matter? This foolish American gladly accepts your apology. Now let's just all get along and return to the subject to which this forum was created - smarts!
  14. This sounds like a job for.... Mr. Do-It-Yourself-Guy! Seriously! Since you carry tools you must be handy. Make one yourself in the correct dimensions with all the trays, boxes levels and dividers you need. It'll work great for you and you'll have a real custom touch for your smart that will be one-of-one! Or you could start with a plastic office file box (the kind with the lid) and make dividers for it. The possibilities are endless! The smart has an accessory that will hold it in place like a boa costrictor. Or use a cargo net. While Velcro will work just great, if you remove the box from you car often it will eventually strip the fibers from your carpet where you set it in place. Good Luck!
  15. This sounds like a job for.... Mr. Do-It-Yourself-Guy! Seriously! Since you carry tools you must be handy. Design one yourself and make it with all the correct dimensions, trays, boxes, levels and dividers you need. It'll work great for you and you'll have a real custom touch for your smart that will be one-of-one! If you make the basic frame from wood and use parts from tackle boxes and tool boxes it will be a real winner and easy to make to boot! Or maybe you could start from a basic plastic office file box (the kind with the lid) and make some thin wood dividers for it. This could be a really fun project! Good Luck!