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  1. Oh cool!! Gonna' check this out when I get some time. thanks!!
  2. I know with my PC, I swore by CRT monitors, and then I bought an LCD....... CRTs continue to gather dust. I find interesting the arguement for HDTV as I saw in a recent British U.K. magazine I bought that there was a consensus that in the U.K., H.D. was a waste of money as 65% of the population had never had an eye exam and would "never notice". hmmm. Wonder if it would be the same here eh? haha. ot sure I would myself. But eventually I suppose we wil be forced to do it. My mother in law has had her TV die and as we found out recently when ours died (last year) it's getting hard just to FIND a "normal" TV. Also I understand many LCD TVs don't come with tuners. (?) Anyways, if I had my LCD monitors back then and now I see some reasonably priced TVs, well, I'd have probably bought an LCD. Us Luddites CAN change....eventually.Congratulations on your new purchase. Enjoy!!
  3. I'd love to see some of these too!! :D
  4. Wow. Good for you. Lucky. Glad it worked out. Great story too!
  5. Gave my head a shake. LOL. NOW I get it. Took me a minute to quite "get it".
  6. He could get Al Gore to supply "facts" AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!! All joking about the above lamos aside. Smarzuuk: um, weeks at a time? Really? Dosen't surprise me but hits me as "weird". So, what's the point of it?
  7. Happy Birthday Glenn.
  8. Just what the world needs. More of Moore's "facts" LOL.
  9. A few people on the INFOPOP forum have tried it and so far have no real takers. But at least they're trying.
  10. Mythbusters. MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Worse part about that show is there are people that believe it! Good info here without being idiotic. Thanks for sharing it. Haven't got a smart yet but I can attest to the cruise points. years ago I had an '88 Crown Victoria and tended to not like cruise in general but did experiment with it a bit. one problem here in Ontario is we have the cellphoneretarded and generally bad drivers who have trouble keeping a constant speed. On a lot of busier roads here, cruise is pretty much unusable. Though I lived for a while in a fairly rural area and keep fuel mileage records to the 100th of a mpg so did find I got better mileage without it. As you said, anticipating hills and keeping the Crown from downshifting as it would wait until the last second on a hill and then drop 2 gears and FLOOR it! LOL. Entertaining but got boring fast. The other side of that coin is I once drove to Litton B.C. and back in 5 1/2 days. Drove out at 130-170 km/h pretty much the whole way. Even with the Crown's best tank at 27 mpg (U.S.) I averaged 17 mpg going out. Coming back I used the cruise and set it at "10 over" and drove that way all the way and averaged 21 mpg. I remember even back then looking at the figures and equating the difference in driving style and thinking "cool" LOL. And yeah, the Rockies (and getting pulled over outside Calgary at 140 km/h) changed my attitude on a lot of things.
  11. Looks like I'll be getting a used one. LOL. Not that I mind! I keep thinking a gas smart kind of defeats the purpose.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I wish I truly had more time to spend perusing the info here as I tend to get lost in various threads and forget what I was looking for. LOL. GREAT forum, great information and a friendly community of members who are always ready to help each other. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have!
  13. I been doing a lot of looking online and I suspect we will be heading towards Thunder Bay, most likely Nipigon. Now to find out if we can use wind/solar power there. Hopefully. Plan is to get a smart, an F250 diesel (the 7.3 not the crappy 6.0!!) for kidhauling and make biodiesel at least in summer. Plus The Warden has allowed me to budget for a small sailboat.....teeheeheeee... Then I'll be working on an EV vehicle for local stuff. And no, I'm not an "Environmentalist". In other words, I've went from 'thinking' about it to definitely seeing a smart in my future. Just might be a while.
  14. I'd think they'd be the smallest but what do I know?