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  1. Apparently Gordon Murray uses a Smart Roadster Coupe as his daily driver. And he is on board for the revival of the Smart Roadster by Project Kimber in the UK.
  2. F -> C is quite easy if you're not too interested in fractional accuracy.Read value in F, subtract 32, divide result by 2 and round up and you are back in Celsius-land again.So -12 F would be approx -22 C which is quite cold. (brrr)
  3. Had the same problem after disconnecting battery when doing my Ipod installation. You need a ECU reflash done at your nearest SC, nothing else will cure that.
  4. Well, I've got mine (as shown in your image) almost a year ago from the same place (NO, Not Canadian Tire) not quite as far away from here, shipping must be a nightmare. As for durability and function they've been on for some 18months now and still look brand new and save a lot of time when I have to clean the car as the sides never get dirty anymore.
  5. Dang, Just a small console between the rear mirror and the front edge of the glass roof. Excellent place to mount my PDA/GPS Navigator at. Will see if I get time to grab some photos this weekend. I'll post them in another tread... Nice color on yours by the way :-) Didn't find it at MDC but at your Smartieparts
  6. The reason MDC has that 4-2 image on their site is that they are working on a lambo door kit for the 42. They have one for the Roadster alreadyWhich I eagerly await...(will have to settle for their power window control kit for the time being though, grr)
  7. Took a bit longer than expected but anyway, I finally remembered to try the speed limit double tap on my Smart Cruise and can report that it didn't work.To activate you need to press & hold for approx. 2 secs.So hopefully the inquiring minds can rest easy now?
  8. According to my manual it says:"To engage speed limiter, press button for approx 2 seconds, to disengage press button for approx 2 seconds""to temporarily disengage press button once."I'll test the double tap as well in a few minutes when I'm going out for a spin and let you know what happens:
  9. As a Euro Smart Owner with factory installed cruise and softtouch I can tell you this:* Max Speed is set by pushing the tip of the lever inwards for about 5 seconds, and you will se LIM displayed on the dash, Long push will cancel again.* a short push on aforementioned tip cancels cruise and will require human input on the accelerator pedal to keep goingOtherwise it works like a regular cruise:* accelerate to desired speed* rotate ring on lever downward to set cruising speed* step on gas to overtake, will resume automatically when foot is lifted from pedal.* disconnects when brake pedal is touched.* resume by rotating ring on lever upward. * fine tune speed by rotating ring up/down to add/subtract speed.Very happy with how it works and it was a deal breaker for me when I got my smart, if they hadn't been able to install it afterward I would probably be driving a Citroen C2 VTR about now....
  10. You never know what might come out of it. We were really fed up with our Smart Center's Customer Service department and filed a letter to the CEO of the MB dealrship that run it and are going to have a sitdown and talk about our issues with them. Hopefully things will be a lot better afterward. The mechanic actually doing the work is an absolute gem, but all the other people (CS manager+staff) could use a serious amount of attitude adjustment when it comes to customer treatment and service planning.
  11. Speed bump design can be tricky. Here in Scandinavia we have some nasty variation where they create a channel at the apex of the bump that's about 15-20 cm wide and goes about the same depth as the bump is high. If you hit that kind of bump at any speed over the posted 30 you will start to look for torn off axles and other bits & pieces in your rear view mirror.
  12. If you order a Smart ipod kit you will get better integration with your head unit. even more integration comes with a Dension ice>Link Plus.
  13. Try $2 / liter...
  14. Not to mention that the 5.0 L warning is inaccurate as ******, so is the regular level indicator until you get down to half or so. Hade mine down to 0.0 and could only fit 28 L of gas in it ( total capacity 33L) I have never managed to run dry, I've had my share of exciting moments but haven't managed to come closer than that 28 liter fill. I chicken out long before the
  15. No, There is an inlet air temp sensor (at least I can display that value on my X-Gauge) But I don't know where it's located though