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  1. About the smart car dealer map: There's really no point in posting snapshots of it. I update it as new information is available. You also can't manipulate the map to get exact locations or detailed information. Just go to the map itself. Use the link right here
  2. Here's a more readily available copy of the graph
  3. I prepared this chart some time ago and posted it on another forum. Since then, based on newer information, I revised it and made it available in graph form here. Choose the Print / Download option and expand the resulting box to get a readable version.
  4. If you tell me the last four digits of your 10 digit reservation number, I could give you a pretty good guess.
  5. No doubt the answer to my question is available somewhere on this forum but I can't seem to find it. Perhaps it is too simplistic. I'm in line to buy a USA 451 in the Spring and the only upgrade I'm interested in is wider tires. I've been led to believe that at the cost of slightly reduced mileage, I can improve the handling and comfort by replacing the 175 rear, 155 front tire configuration with 195 rear, 175 front. Can I just buy the tires and use the existing wheels? Can I move the 175 rears to the front and buy just the two 195's? If so, are matching rims available? Do these wider tires require any change to any other part of the car? As you can see, my ignorance is virtually unlimited. Be merciful.
  6. And a great silence descends across the continent as hundreds consider how to phrase the irresistible joke.
  7. A2Jack,Would you kindly post the exact link to the pixs. I'm short on time and can't cruise through another forum. Thanks, ReginaHere's the actual link.
  8. The first six digits of your reservation number are the hour, minute and day (read in reverse order) you were sent your reservation confirmation. So, in your case you were sent the reservation confirmation at 15:2c:ba military time (PDT).Many obsessed people have spent (wasted) way too many hours solving the riddle of the reservation number.The last four digits are the number of days since Jan 1, 2004 that had elapsed when you made your reservation.All of this could be the very definition of useless knowledge.
  9. It'll be at Hyde Park Village, 742 S. Village Circle from 10 to 5:30 both days. The tour map can be seen here.
  10. One of the US smart sites has what looks like a pretty well-researched and current list of likely smart dealers. You can see it here:
  11. As they say so often on talk radio - "Long-time listener - first-time caller". I'm guessing (that's all we can do down here - guess) I might have my smart in summer 2008. But by then, I'll be pretty knowledgeable - all due to you good folks. Thanks! And thank you for your good humor (humour?), courtesy, and sense of community. Very refreshing.