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  1. It got cut, but was included in the 2nd season of the new Doctor Who xmas special:
  2. This will be my third new car, and neither of the other two came with floor mats, either. I think it's becoming an industry standard thing, unfortunately. The destination charge is constant across the US - it's not a ding by the dealership (although the other sure sound like it).
  3. Here's one from Hungary:
  4. I'm in St. Paul - wish I only had a month to wait.
  5. That's the first white I've seen with the red interior - very nice. Thanks for the pictures!
  6. How could I forget - I've got a bunch of pictures over the course of construction here: . There are also some from relatives who fell in love with the car on a recent trip to Hungary. I've attached some of the latest ones (sorry, the picture of the front got eaten in an editing accident).
  7. Construction is almost complete - they are scheduled to open on Friday (no word if there are festivities, or if it'll be a quiet opening), although you won't have cars until mid-month.
  8. It was right at the beginning; I don't recall if it was before or after the opening credits. It had several good looks of it.
  9. I work out of my car and have a whole pile of small tools and parts I keep in the trunk of my current car (I'm on the waiting list for a 451 in the states). I'd like to get a small container or tub where I could put all that stuff, and simply have one thing to take out, should I use the car for something other than work. Does anyone have the length and width of the storage area so I could find something that'll fit without sliding a lot?
  10. True enough - but she does all the home improvement and lawn work. Hah!
  11. I talked to my dealer (official unannounced yes, but their building a smart center - it's going to happen), and she said there would be a destination fee (unknown at this point), and didn't know if there would be additional fees, beyond title and registration. I plan on asking again late December, so I can budget appropriately.
  12. Probably not a do-it myself thing. Ideally, I'm looking for something in a light plastic, so I can easily remove it should I need the extra trunk space. Most of my tools will be in smaller containers (which may be a do-it-yourself to keep them in-place), but a good amount of space will have to be left open for boxed parts that come in various sizes. Besides, my tools are all computer-focused. My wife is the carpenter - she gets all the power tools.
  13. I'm leaning that patience is a virtual when waiting for a car that hasn't been released.
  14. PAG is still saying those who reserve now will get a car in 08. I'm sure that's based on an expected number of people who decide to not purchase a car when their number comes up. If they're right, you'll get one late 08, but if they're wrong, I'd guess early to first-half of 09. But the reality is that everyone, except for those who registered as soon as they opened the reservation process, is going to be playing the wait-and-wonder game. Once we know how many cars are coming in and how often, we may be able to estimate how soon you'll get one, but that won't be until the initial crush has passed (and if you register today, that'll include you).
  15. I don't think we have the official word on the warranty. If the warranty is set by MB, then it'll probably be the same as in Canada; if it's set by PAG, then who knows?
  16. In my case, I'm more concerned about the miles in the warranty - I drive roughly 30,000 miles a year, which kills off most warranties in two years, anyway.
  17. I'm also from Minnesota - waiting for my number to come up. I'm in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood of St. Paul.
  18. I borrowed a SUV because, while not mud bogging, I knew I was going somewhere very muddy with lots of ruts. I came back, SUV caked in mud (as expected), and the owner freaked: "What did you do to my car?!""Uh, used it for the purpose it was designed for?"
  19. Drat! And normally I go to Big Island.