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  1. What do you do for an spare wheel when going on long trips? There is the tyre kit but if you lose a tyre then you are stuck. Is there any spare wheel available that will fit in the car?pwven
  2. How often do you replace your car ignition key battery? CR2016Just asking as a friend of mine wanted to unlock his car and got a large number of indicator blinks and after that his car did not start. The dealer said that the car and keys must come to them to be fixed.
  3. Thanks to all for the interesting replies.
  4. My 451 Cabrio is running hotter than normal lately and I do not know why. If I do a trip in town of about 10 KM and I get home the temperature gauge is a bit higher than normal and you can smell the engine.The water level in the tank is on max and there is no water leak. The radiator is clean. Are there anything ells I can check?
  5. Thanks SpeedieWill try to vacuum the radiator filler. If that do not solve the problem the I will get the dealer to check the thermostats.
  6. Just some feed back from me.Have tried to see if there was a airlock but it seems ok, the water level did not drop.Took the car on the open road and at 110km/hr the temp stayed normal. Then slowed down to 60km/hr and went from 60 to 120km/hr full throtle and the temp gauge went up one bar higher than normal. Getting home the egine smelled very hot. It may be the turbo getting that hot, not sure.Will report it at the next service. Thanks all the help and advice appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the link. Will give it a try in the morning.
  8. Hi PrairieBoy.No I do not thinks so. This is my wifes car and it is mainly used in town. The only long trip is for the yearly service at the dealer. The car has only done 7200KM.
  9. Hi bilgladstone.I was wondering the same thing. Is there a easy way to check or fix it?
  10. Thanks for the reply Mike TIf the head gasket have a problem then you will have water loss if I am correct. The car uses no water. If I cannot solve the problem I will have to take it in for a Test.
  11. Thanks for your replies.Yes I stay in South Africa and going into winter now. The temp gauge show one bar higher than normal.
  12. Have the Smart 451 Cabrio 2008 model and the battery is giving in now. If it stands for two weeks then it will not start.Then charging the battery I noticed that the battery in the car is only 42 a/hr and in the manual it is stated that the battery in the cabrio must be 60 a/hr. Have taken it up with the dealer and will get an answer later today on replacement under warrentee with the correct battery.Have anyone experienced the same problem?
  13. Thanks for the reply.Will be taking the car to the agent next week and they have confirmed that they will replace the battery with an 60 amp/hr.Have not installed any extra equipment in the car, it is standard as I got it.
  14. Took my Smart in for service yesterday and while waiting were looking in the show room and saw this small Smart MP3 player as part of Smart accessories.Bought one and when home loaded some MP3 music on it and pluged it into the radio jack and this realy works smart.With it comes the usb cable to download the music and ear phones to use it as stand alone.Does anyone els have one? What is your comments?What I did not get was the operating instructions but it is fairly simple.
  15. Have taken some pictures of the Smart MP3 player but do not know how to post it, Copy and paste do not work, please help.The cost of the unit in ZAR is R465.00 converted to USD it is about $47
  16. Hi yolandaWill take picture this weekend and try to post it here.
  17. Have noticed when driving at night with the headlights on, when the car change gears (in automatic) that the lights dim.This is only for less than an second during the shift change. Looks like the lights switch from 12 volt to 9 volt, and back to 12 volt.Is this normal on other 451 Smarts?
  18. Thanks for the technical feedback.
  19. Yesterday I unlocked the car and wanted to start it as I normally do. When the ignition was switched on three parralel lines apeared in the dash where the gear number is displayed. I moved the gear lever around, lock the car, unlocked it and then it started normally. Every thing now seems normal again. What can cause this? This is the first and only time it happend.This was on my Smart 451 Cabio
  20. Thanks for the informative info. It has not done it again, maybe it was an incorrect gear position.
  21. Want to realy clean my Smart but need to know the following.Are the pannels painted or not?Is the paint protected by an clear coat?
  22. Yes I guest it about 2 to 3 days of work but I think it will be worth it. Picked up lots of tip from this web site.
  23. Thanks for the info. That is what I was looking for, I want to clean my car as per Detailing 101. Will get all the stuff and start soon. Looking forward to an show car.
  24. When standing on an uphill like in the driveway and move forward it sounds like the rear wheel is spinning for an sec. or 2 before the car moves forward. This is pressing the peddle a bit more than usual but there is no actual wheelspin. What can this be? Is the clutch slipping for an moment or is there an torque convertor?This is an Smart Cario 2008 with the 63 KW engine.pwven
  25. Hi GentIt is an 451 Cabrio with the 63 KW engine, only done just over 1000 KM.pwven