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  1. The bad summer of 1816 was due to the eruption of Mt Tambora in Indonesia on April 17, 1815. This eruption killed 80,000 to 100,000 people and put so much ash into the air it caused the temperature to be lowered to below freezing in the summer of 1816, This resulted in snow falling in ON, QC and some New England states.
  2. Most of us have zipped tied the smaller hose that is rubbing on the bigger hose (the one in the picture) away from that hose. Roy
  3. Welcome from your next door neighbour!
  4. Service Options: Dealer Ratings

    Please enter relative information on your dealership service experiences Victoria BC - Three Point Motors Consistently good service, committed to the smart brand and this is reflected in the level of knowledge of the car by the service people and by the parts selection. Encourages the smart community with events and sponsorship. Willing to intercede on behalf of the owner in warranty incidents and works towards resolution of issues with owners if they arise in a fair manner. Willing to work with owners on major issues such as engine replacements. - Speedie
  5. It is an NSU Prinz III from the 60's. It is a lady from Kelowna I believe that owns it.Roy
  6. When my GPS says I am doing 100 km/h, my speedometer in my 2006 smart says I am doing 106 km/h. My 2007 Yaris is about 0.5 km high at 100 km/h. My frost warning light comes on at 3C.Roy
  7. They will replace the panels with used ones if they can find them.Roy
  8. HiDoes anyone have a copy of the Service Bulletin. The independent Mercedes mechanic in Chilliwack was not aware of the bulletin.Roy
  9. I had been driving Toyotas since 1971 and wanted something completely different. Plus also wanted a diesel. So I bought a smart in 2006.Roy
  10. This sounds very interesting. Love to go. Hope to talk my wife into it.RoyP.S. Watson Lake is in the Yukon.
  11. Fixed inside leak of rear windshield washer and put on a new rear windshield wiper.B service.Replaced front lower ball joints.Wheel alignment tomorrow.Roy
  12. Maybe use Nitrous Oxide and then anytime you feel a little down, just press the pin down in the valve stem and take a good whiff.Roy
  13. Glad it is only the seal.Roy
  14. Thanks MikeI was sorry to see your first smart scrapped. It would have been nice to see how many Kilometres you would have got out of the smart in the end. Maybe the top mileage king!Thanks SmartzuukI like to see the real numbers of what it costs to own a smart. I hope some others would like to see that too. If you are around the Chilliwack area give me a call.Roy
  15. Hi MikeHad not expected a transmission replacement so soon. Hope the second one lasts the life of the car.Roy