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  1. I can make a design, just not until this weekend.
  2. but they never have blank spots... I am hoping it will be the smart area
  3. Either I would put in an EU light cluster or just a red LED in the reverse light on the left. It's legal as long as it's 10 cm away from the brake light. Do you think the dealer would know how to put one in? Especially with such a small car, I want one. LOL. That security system sounds like the one on the BMW! Does it honk, or make that obnoxious siren noise?
  4. 451s are crazy fun. The yaris is just plain ugly,; go for the 451
  5. your last blank switch space.... would that be for a rear fog light? I know the USA models don't have one, which is dumb. I'll probably retro-fit mine with one, when I get it.
  6. I can't find them either ... I used to have one, but it vanished when he site changed
  7. My dealership apparently opens on Friday, and I haven't gotten "the email" yet. Would I be faster just to go order a car with them?
  8. Does anybody know if there are any silver/silver smart cabrios with the red interior headed for the Twin Cities (Minnesota)?
  9. Do you think the smart will be in the blank spot near Mini and Mitsubishi on the left?
  10. I drove by today and the furniture is all inside - they just need to finish the siding and build the tower. It's right next to the Saturn dealership.
  11. smart center Bloomington8033 Knox Ave S, Bloomington, MNPDF proof is attached. 06390a07.pdf
  12. I reserved mine on 6/17/07. Do you guys think it is likely that I am high enough on the list to actually get my car?
  13. most audis are AWD and whatever you do, DO NOT GET A USED F-150 unless you want to die when you are hit with a smart