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  1. A battery tender works great, keeps it topped up and doesn't overcharge. If you have access to 110v where you keep it parked..
  2. I've always wanted to try this mod, however time is always elusive.. The clutch is straight forward, albeit limited space for the pedal The transmission should have the shift drums internal, ratchet mechanism questionable, as previously mentioned. From what I understand these 6 spd transmissions are a 3 spd with 2 final drives, does that change anything? There have been several motorcycles built overseas with this engine, minus the stock trans. Not sure what they used for engine management, lets just say some of these didn't appear to have the funding for expensive stand-alone ECUs. Which leaves me to wonder... what would happen if the gear switching were left in neutral, with plugs made up to simulate the shift components being there, to allow the computer to believe its permanantly in neutral? Would the computer allow the engine to run through the RPM range under load without shutting down or going into a safe mode? Have others done this to use in alternate vehicles, or reprogrammed the software to remove the shifting sequencing, or is it absolutely necessary to go stand-alone?
  3. A loose clamp on any of the hoses on the pressure side of the turbo will cause a mess, as will leaky oil lines to and from the turbo.
  4. I usually call them "half a Mercedes".
  5. Not on new cars, but we see it on loose door panels and mouldings of old beaters a lot. It's hard to believe the number of hacked tuner cars out there, usually some kid's first attempt, but rarely on something new and expensive.
  6. I've seen and heard of these horror stories before. I'd say the initial price was a good indicator of what was to come.Buyer beware, you don't send this caliber of vehicle to anything other than reputable professionals.Sad to see this happen though.
  7. These would be good for hybrids so you can hear them coming.
  8. You can sometimes borrow or rent tools from Canadian tire, in which case a small gear puller may work if your bearing puller doesn't.There is a special puller made for this job but would spendy for a one time deal. Try the WD and open the wiper straight out and wiggle it up and down.If you're taking the inner panel off be very careful not to break the plastic spout the washer hose attaches to.
  9. Just found this post, I didn't read it all word for word but I guess Eric is looking for an engine. Theres an damaged 06' here in Thunder bay, 62,000 km, I'm pretty sure the engine/trans is good, as is much of the interior but most of the supension and cooling package are toast. The price is steep as a rebuilder with the amount of damage and they still weren't ready to part it out yet a week ago, but were starting to consider it.I suppose if I or someone spoke to them with some interest towards some of the major components they may change their mind.Eric, still looking for an engine? Idea's?
  10. Mine just turned 100,000 last friday.Andy
  11. We have lots of deer issues on the Highways around here, and I've had my share, as for the smart, it was just about this time last year when I was coming home just after dark and spotted three does coming full bound in a field next to the road. They were lined up to intersect my travel (at 80kmh). I think it was my first sudden stop situation with the smart. The last doe in the group came so close to the windshield I could literally count the hairs on her back and I could hear one of the hooves tap my right front fender. The scuff mark is still on the fender today from that incident.A week earlier my wife wasn't so lucky, took out the the grill and headlamp on our pickup, (freezing rain, 96' GM ABS is useless compared to the smart) poor deer didn't fare so well.
  12. At this rate of leakage it won't matter which viscosity is used. The leak needs to be found!Duck, look under the car while it's idling (with parking brake set) and see if it's dripping constantly, if so, find where it's coming from. If not, see if you have blue smoke pouring out of the exhaust, If no then monitor the oil level every day until you get in for your appointment.If you need to buy oil in a pinch to get you home 5w30, 0w30, 0w40, synthetic of any good brand will get the job done.Keep it as clean as you can under there, it will make it that much easier to find the leak.Good luck!
  13. No contradiction or insistence intended with my comment on MB229.5, I didn't see your post until mine was added and didn't see necessity in editing. I use 5w50 synthetic in an old pick-up I have that requires 10w-30 dyno oil, It lessens oil usage from 1L/ 1000 km to 1L/ oil change.
  14. The oil drainback tube from turbo to the oil pan tends to rust badly from winter road salt (replaced mine, was very thin), you might want to take a look at it for a leak. As for oil, 0w40 european car formula, MB229.5 should be on the bottle, Mobil 1 is most common. Check the PCV valve too, but that wouldn't cause mass oil loss but could explain the oil in intercooler.
  15. Hi all. 3 minutes sounds excessive, unless you just came off the highway after driving very hard for a while. I usually wait 30 seconds after city driving and 1 min after highway driving. I replaced my turbo a couple weeks ago due to wastegate issues and the bearing was in great condition with no coking at all. I do live in a rather cool part of Canada though.