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  1. Finally, some sympathy!!! thanks man! I was pretty torked for a few days, but believe it when you hear "timing is everything".We've had a string of "bad luck" events starting with a termite infestation at my commercial building, then wife had emergency gall bladder surgery (I got the call "the car was in" her 1st day of recovery), and MIL is in hospital as we speak in between 2 cardio surgeries. Where's my VIOLIN???!!! This all after the best year financially EVER. (Right after turning the car down, sent uncle Sam $50K). The purchase did seem capricious in light of everything else going on. So gotta take it all in stride. But, if you're not married, don't get married -- I'll drink to that!
  2. Well, a little bit sheepish here, but I opted out of my deal --would have loved to have the car but it was family peace overmy steel will. My better half didn't think I needed 3 vehicles all to myself. Somebody is getting a loaded orphan -- sticker was $18700.Never say never -- there may be a better time down the road.I still have my gas hogs. . .
  3. This dealer has sold -- I'm guessing -- 100 cars already.They come in thru Port of Houston -- not sure if there's a Jacksonville connection at all.
  4. Got the call from Houston North today -- my car is in:when do I want to pick it up? This weekend or next weekend?So, my son and I went to see it at around 6 PM --it's REAL!!!now just have to decide when to pick it up.
  5. Just curious -- common sense and actual reports say the orphans are getting marked up.How did you do?Maybe not in your case, because you have one on order (and they can mark that one up when it comes in).
  6. Congrats!!! What color? What model? What dealer?Who's insuring it?You gotta post pics, man!
  7. yes -- good post!
  8. "boot leg" just to distinguish from "authorized factory version" -- kinda fits, doesn't it?
  9. Sounds like an awfully high premium to pay for a "bootleg" Smart.However, it's your $$$ and you can spend it any way you want.I do like the diesel concept -- I would hope that SmartUSA does what is necessary to get the diesel over here.And I would expect the premium to be in the $1500-2000 range.
  10. I got a call from the dealer this week -- I'm an "1188":told me my car will be in in 30 -45 days.I went to the dealer today, and they must have 30 Smarts in stock -- just about all color combos: Yellow/Black, Yellow/Silver, White/Black, Black/Silver, Red/Black, Silver/Silver, Blue/Black etc etc etcI saw my paperwork, but no VIN.
  11. Houston North has a BLUE cabrio on the floor --still waiting on their license as of end of last week.
  12. I popped in today - dealership is "open" and ready for business: met one of the salesmen, who has "the list" which I am not on -- they (Houston / North) are waiting to deliver 46 units - our cars are coming in to the Port of houston - some are there already. Out of the 46, 10 are houston buyers - this dealership will be delivering to as far away as North Florida! he says they will get about 25 cars a month. I still expect mine in April / May / June timeframe.Things are becoming "REAL." Very cool.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Aren't you LUCKY!!!!
  14. Took my wife to the dealership (Houston / North) yesterday (Feb 1) and it is still not open.There were contractors putting final touches on things, but no cars anywhere to be seen.Looks like they will open any day now.
  15. Sounds good -- I hope it happens!!!