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  1. Nice, well I guess it's actually quite fantastic but the price tag surely will raise an eyebrow or two!Chris.
  2. Robert, Here's a pic: It's actually a grill with a Carbon Style finish but it should paint you a good enough picture of what a Black Grill would look like on your Silver Smart. Chris.
  3. Great news about the $99 reservation and glad to see so many member already taking advantage of it.We placed our reservation a few days back for two of them, a Passion Coupe Silver/White and a Passion Cabrio Silver/Black so now we have our two demo cars lined up and hopefully we'll have most of the new parts designed, tested, in production and ready to put on the cars before we even take delivery!Exciting times... oh yes... exciting times!Chris.
  4. I'd like to think of it more of a combination of "Smart Movez" LOLChris
  5. When I manage to bring a 2007 model over it will be on a temporary import for one year, which will tide me over long enough until the official release but my business is Smart Cars and I've just not been complete since I sent my last two back to Europe at the end of last year.The goal of my importation is not to permanently sneak a car in but to feed my hands on need for knowledge of the new car and to prepare ourselves for when the cars are finally released rather than sitting back and hoping for the best.If we get a car over here is means we can continue designing new parts and getting feed back from the potentially largest Smart Car market to date before the car is even released.It also means we can get our heads around any potential issues or problems that may need to be resolved.Chris.
  6. The simple answer to if the U.S Models will be different is YES! but to what degree we will have to wait and see.Most importantly if a model of car hasn't been brought into the American market by it's manufacturer it doesn't matter that said car is also avilable else where in the world it's not made for the American market so it must be converted or leave.Chris.
  7. If only it were that simple! LOLChris.
  8. Product development and testing.Chris.
  9. Sorry guys but this first one is with my partner at our location in Holland, I plan to fly back shortly to get my hands on this little beastie!I'm also working on getting a second one to bring out here to the states, but one step at a time.Chris.
  10. LOL, you do like those wide fenders!I'll add that to the list of possible parts, from what I've seen of the new Brabus ForTwo things aren't looking to exciting so it might be down to us to come up with something.Chris.
  11. Hi All, Just a quick post to let everyone know the exciting news that we have just received our first 2007 Smart ForTwo and our modifications have already started. This will be the first of our new demo cars and over the coming months we will be using this car to design our new lines of Smart ForTwo Products. So I hope you enjoy the photos, if you have any questions lets me know and keep checking in on our websites news section for new photos and sneak peeks of what you can expect from our new lines. Here is a direct link to the news section regarding the new car: Chris.
  12. Great news about the book release in April, If memory serves me correctly I believe Dave's Black on Black Limited One is Featured in the Calendar and Book along with the ForFour that Imro modified for his buddy.Imro will probably contact you regarding this but drop me a line when you get a chance about some pricing for the Calendars and Books because we need to get some of these State side for our Offices and customers.Chris.
  13. Christmas is steadily approaching and for those members that are looking for a great Smart gift idea but are a little unsure of what to buy for that friend of loved one we have had some very attractive Gift Certificates designed. Our Gift Cards are now available for any amount you desire and we have the facility to email or post them to you. We are also offering to personalize our Gift Cards for all Club Smart Car Members with any message you would like along with adding a custom image to the front of your choice. If you would like to order a gift card please visit: For any questions or if you would like a Gift Certificate for an amount not listed on our site please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line. Chris.
  14. Great idea Steven.Chris.
  15. Your local Mercedes dealer will have one. "Star Computer" = Mercedes Star Diagnosis System, creatively named after the Mercedes Star Branding I would imagine.The only issue maybe with software compatibility and them actually agreeing to plug into the Smart :(Chris.