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  1. WAAAAA! my smarty got hit in the rear right corner by a 1 ton duelly, good thing my wife and boy are ok spun the smart 90deg whole rear fender gone and tridon cell badly crushed cant open fuel door or back hatch pax door opens ok. do anyone think this will be fixed or written off problem is im in TX. not many 450's here or any body shops that can fix them any Ideas???
  2. My Smart recently Starting surging i think its the Alternator. the head lights ars surging and so is the engine at a about a 40hz freq. i have no warning lights but the dash display surges to. any had this happen 43000km cdi cabrolet in Tx ...i am thinking im going to have to replace an alternator. Anyone?
  3. hello, my husband is out of the country and I tried to put the top back on our cabriolet. There is a warning message of "C" that appears in the display, neither B or A next to the gear shift moves the top forward of backward. Nor does the key work. My guess is I did not have the side bar in correctly and this has caused a problem. The operating manual does not tell you how to fix it, does anyone have any suggestions or have had this problem before. Help before my husband gets home, I do not want to break anything. Please email juhall@sbcglobal.net
  4. Hey Guys thanks for this Topic Im down here in Texas went to walmart found an H-7 for $7.98 went home and got busy I ended up taking the whole front end of cause im very Ham fisted didnt take long and the bulb replacement was easy.Couldn't have done it through the service panel kudos to those that can .....any way this really helped thank goodness for this web site it helps those of us on our own here with the 450's
  5. Hello to all today was a great day after two years of doubt i finally imported my 2006 pulse cdi cabroilet to the USA!....and i did it because of this website and its members! a big thanks to RedGaucho and Chris Austin I have been a member for two years and drove my Smart(skittles) as my daughter calls it to Texas in March of 2007..ill skip the whole story and tell members how it was done legally and properly.Once again thanks to advice from RedGaucho heres what i did.As there are many Smarts registered in the US it is not a problem getting Insurance so in saying that here are the Rules at least in Texas as with most States California may be differ1) The car must be driven by the owner onto the united states and sold on US soil.2) Sale documentation must include Bill of Sale,the owners title or registration..signed,the transfer of ownership papers from your state(as required).filled out by both parties and signed by both parties..go to the DMV and see what you need.do not be frightened by what they need because the customs import form overides alot of it!3)To be safe download a HS-7 form from the Us gov with you as the importer and the declerant check the box marked conforms to all us &canadian bumper regs(which it does)Find a licenced and bonded importer that is Knowledgeable on importing a Personel Vehicle that you have bought from an individual in the usa. should not cost more than $2354)once the import is complete...5 working days you will get a perforated customs entry form5) at this pont you may have to have a DMV form filled out insuring the car is not stolen...take it to your local police station for this.6) get insurance7)get your car inspected at your local state inspection center and get the inspection for local or imported cars i used Kwik Kar and they will ggive you the required paperwork8)take all the above paperwork to your local DMV and you should get reg. and plates.I hope this helps I am thrilled that I was able to keep my CDI here..my daughter is thrilled to....but alas sorry Exxon Mobil!
  6. well its finally come to this I have had this car for a year and a half down here in texas cant import it so back to canada it goes. (we now have a new Brabus 451) red black tridon new tires ac,heated seats blue twister inside 30,000 highway kms well maintained returning to Canada @ june 22nd taking offers....hate to sell it but no choice car will be in Victoria......July22 update no longer for sale ....found a way to import it thanks to all who inquired.
  7. Thanks for all the info... I have been covered up today but just finished my first B- service on my own and managed to reset the Wrenches thanks to Shung and all others who helped via this forum .... as for the seat issue i dont know quite what to do right now i checked out your web site link steven and changing the module looks quite complicated although im not scared takin stuff apart is easy its the puttin back together part that gets me! steve you have my e-mail address let me know any other options you find out thanks
  8. Its a 450 I talked to him tonight he is smartie parts right Mr. Moor
  9. Sorry I meant to say i am nowhere near a Dealer in Tx. Thanks Ian
  10. Also I am now where a dealer ship......
  11. Wait a minute if you mess with the alignment the cars computer could potentially disable the ABS or make it throw a code? Also i guess i could buy into the new seat twister blue cloth heated but the air bag light
  12. Ok today driving down the road past a construction sit that was muddy they had 18 wheelers leaving the place and several large rocks(10") were on the road as i was behind traffic i did not see i swerved but to late a loud bangout came the side airbag and skittles stopped dead i finally got him going again but now the steering wheel is slightly right to maintain straight and the airbag light is on i am screwed because the car is in tx and i know the smart(penske) dealer in Dallas wont touch it. #1 how do i shut off the airbag light #2 do i need to buy a new seat back with air bag or is there something i can do.#3 i I think i may be able to get it aligned but my fear is the spindle is slightly bent. any sugesstions? all help will be appreciated thanks.
  13. Ok Im ready to do my first oil change on Skittles (450 CDI) can someone walk me through it I have the filter and am getting the oil extraction pump tomorrow if there is a link that would be great. Also i might change the fuel filter any help would be apreciated thanks Anthony
  14. I Agree big oil has their hand in this you can bet. I have people telling me they are only interested in a diesel smart, would i sell mine for cash right now....sorry i cant and i wouldnt if i could!... So the reason the American public wouldnt accept a car like this is pure BS. Wake up Schembri and get off your Knees