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  1. So it's a big game of follow-the-leader in our cars? Sounds pretty cool!How long does the whole thing usually take? (read: how much gas would I need to budget for?)
  2. I like the idea of a wiki here! I tend to find them handy on sites that deal in lots of how-to information. Loads easier than trawling through threads that mention your keywords hoping that someone posted a solution amongst the chatter. I liked the idea of a gallery a couple years ago, and I still like it. ^_~
  3. Thanks for the links and discussion, guys!I kept hearing about this "big news report" about how "unsafe" Smarts are on the radio all day at work yesterday, getting madder and madder at all the sensationalism, but then we went out for dinner with a friend and I couldn't catch the actual report.I really hate this kind of "journalism".
  4. So if my rims are not alloy, it doesn't matter as much? I just have the steel ones covered in plastic. Tires + rims are expensive, if the ones at Flying Tiger are said to be a good deal. o_0
  5. Very true!I get that the title of this thread was intended to be ironic, could it maybe be changed to a more useful one now that it's a sticky (and thus an official board request)?
  6. What's the benefit of new rims + winter tires as opposed to just winter tires?Can't they just put winter tires on whatever rims you already have on your car (general you)?
  7. Congrats! It'll be Friday before you know it!
  8. I saw 3 smarts in Guelph today!A white/black 451 at the south-end Zehrs grocery store, a black/black 450 on the Hanlon (we waved at each other!) and a red/black 450 at the Shoppers/LCBO on Stone.No pics.
  9. It turns out it was indeed the gas cap!However, cranking the cap closed did not make the engine light go away; I tried that on Sunday when I noticed it, and again when I got gas on Tuesday, and the light was still on when I took it in today to get looked at. I'm a little bit annoyed that it was something so simple that could have been prevented before the car was given to me, but I'm more relieved it wasn't anything major. Still lovin' the car!
  10. I had a great time wither everyone tonight!Hope to see you all again soon!
  11. Wow! Bright! These are going to look sooooooo good once they go on!
  12. That's just an IPB thing, I think. I know in vBulletin, when you put someone on your ignore list, it hides their avatar and user information as well as the content of their post. IPB chose to simply remove the message content if someone is on your ignore list.
  13. I don't think there's a way to do so using the forum software.However, it can be done if you use Firefox as your browser and install the Adblock Plus Add-on. That allows you to block individual images from displaying without affecting the rest of the site's images.
  14. I have an appointment to have it looked at on Friday afternoon (they only had time either today at 3 or the end of the week, but I was in the lab all day and didn't get the message until after 4 ) Hopefully it's just something like you mentioned, Jibber.
  15. The pods, the A/C, and the alarm system. ^_^Know what would make it even more awesome? If the Check Engine light didn't come on after only 130km and 26 hours of ownership. I'm taking it in to the dealership tomorrow after work to see what's up. Hopefully it's nothing. When my husband got his new car a few months ago, his check engine light came on shortly after he brought it home too, and the reason was because the dealer had not tightened the gas cap enough when they had filled the tank, so it set off the sensor.