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  1. Thanks Mike, you should work in Mercedes service, they really didn't know which bulb to give me!
  2. Hi Francesco, yes, it was fiddly to get off. Here is the strange part, the plastic is red, the bulb is yellow. When I was at Mercedes the service guy couldn't figure out if the bulb I should I have was yellow or clear. I said since it is shining through red plastic, who would put in a yellow bulb? The French, that's who! The red on the fender is a piece of red cardboard I was using to help me get the light off. Thanks for your help, Mark
  3. Super! Thanks for the detailed help, I will get on this, this week. My wife is French, I will enjoy letting her read this. :DCheers, Mark
  4. That's it, a burned bulb on back right, the one below the top. I guess when we looked the first time we didn't notice there are 2 bulbs that flash on each side at the back. Thanks Flossythesmart.Next question, can I replace that myself, if so, where do I get the bulb? If not, any idea what Mercedes is going to charge me?This is the first flasher bulb that has burned out on the car. Headlights are another story, I think we have replaced 5. cheers, Mark in Montreal
  5. Hi all, we have a 2005 smart diesel with 130,000 kms on it, it still smells new! I just noticed that when I turn on the right hand turn signal, it flashes fast, I'd say at least twice the speed of the left. It sounds faster inside, it looks faster inside and outside, ie it is noticeable. I searched here but didn't find anything related to this, if you know of the issue, please let me know. Many thanks, Mark in Montreal
  6. We are in the lower 600's often, no super fill or anything, a couple of 700's as well. Overall avg 3.62 on almost 100,000 kms.Headed for Harve Saint Pierre from Montreal in 2 weeks, slightly downhill and hopefully a nice tailwind will make for some big tanks. Does anyone know where the pavement ends and the gravel begins on the 138? I checked transport Quebec but couldn't find anything. Cheers, Mark
  7. Only $450 for a B service and a new battery (tax incl).
  8. Silverstar called today, they say it was the battery. Will pick up tomorrow. Also got my B service. $500? more?
  9. Do they replace with sealed batteries now?
  10. Last Wednesday my wife came out of work and our 2005 cabrio would not start. It wouldn't even turn over. Other than no cranking sounds, everything else looked normal, panel lights, radio all working. In the morning there was no indication of problems, the car started right up. She drives it every day about 50km total. It is garaged all the time. At work it was outside and the temp was 8 C and the tank was 1/2 full.As I was away she had it towed to Silverstar in Montreal. As a side note, when I called Silverstar on Friday to find out about the car, they didn't know they had it. Apparently the tow truck driver didn't tell anyone. Mind you my wife called to tell Silverstar it was coming. Good thing it wasn't starting because it was unlocked and the key in it for 24 hours.Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about why it is not starting. Can a battery die that quickly?Many thanks, Mark in Montreal
  11. Actually I don't do it. My wife does. Mostly commuting from Ile Perrot, Quebec to the Air Canada Base in Dorval. She takes the service road usually, 50-60km/hr.
  12. Finally! Went from a 3.71 average this spring to a 3.65 L/100km overall average. Gotta see if my icon shows the update :-)It didn't! Don't tell me I have to get to 3.5999999 PooP!
  13. Last tank was a 3.13 L/100km, had a trip to/from Ottawa that helped. Overall down to to 3.68. Just posting to see if my mileage badge changes. :-)
  14. I'll have to time my self but I don't think my superfills take 15mins. I fill until it clicks off, wait 10seconds for it to go down, fill up the pipe again, wait another 10seconds, fill up the pipe... usually about 4 times. It doesn't take long for the foam to go down. Maybe the big angle helps.