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  1. Bring it!The range is fine for me. My round-trip commute is less than 40 miles a day.
  2. Would you consider a swap PLUS a couple hundred bucks??
  3. You can bet the alignment was done after ball joints...Let it go. Your fine. They just wanna pad the bill, if possible.
  4. Great pics, man! Thanks.
  5. The black pure near the bottom of the list is indicating a 2006 model year.The tenth digit should be "8"....
  6. Thanks Joe!I would also consider such a car, but only if it rivals the smart is economy.
  7. I'm betting that the input for the stock mp3 adapter can be unplugged from the back of the radio and your radio plugged into it...The radio may not show "WX Channel whatever", though. It'll probably just say AUX, since all you're doing is piping in the sound.
  8. Are the headlight lenses plastic or glass?
  9. It's possible to damage a thermostat by getting it too hot. It can change the temp at which it opens...
  10. I understand the diesel have some EGR problems...Is it possible a bit of carbon deposit has gotten caught in the valve holding it open?This could cause a "lean misfire" on a gas engine especially when cold. Not sure about the CDI...worth checking though.
  11. In the Park position, it's been said there is a "parking pawl"...a stationary gear that engages that will keep the car from moving...like a true automatic.
  12. The sensors are part of the valve stem, mounted INSIDE the wheel. If you plan to dismount and remount the tires TWICE a year, no problem. I suggest a new set of sensors with a new set of wheels...if not let the light burn...
  13. While fortitude is cool, I have to agree that it cannot cover forfours or roadies, but think now....They are a "pile of smiles"!!Since all of them have the smile...
  14. Why would you tow with the rear wheels on the ground?Doesn't sound right...