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  1. The plug will be cheaper than the harness. The latter is $70 unless you get yours for free as I did. In my case not only the plug was melted but one of the low beam connectors itself (metal) was badly damaged as mentioned in my "How To", so I used two bits of the repair harness too. You can try cleaning it up if you want.
  2. Never mind, we are all playing nice again (I think) 😎
  3. I think Glenn locked the thread after a profane tirade by a member who was mentioned above. Evidently tolsen saw it before it was nixed 😉
  4. I haven't closed or edited any thread here for several months, thanks very much!
  5. I have made no changes or edits to this thread.
  6. Installed a few of the plated items. Very bright!
  7. Yes, this is not a good idea. I have seen actual hitches that only use those as an attachment too, and it is not a good feeling to share roads with people driving cars like that.
  8. If both circuits still work from the SAM, do have two separate relays, one for each light. If you are lucky, the plug at the SAM has melted but the circuit is still OK. If you are unlucky, the SAM is dead on the dead circuit. So, if only one low beam circuit works, run a single relay for both lights using the one good SAM circuit. Current through the one good circuit should be lower because you're using an external relay, according to my understanding of how relayed circuits work. That's the whole point of using relays. But it's true, it's more risky to use one circuit than using both if one of the SAM circuits is not already dead. You may need a repair harness for the melted plug. The plastic melts and the contacts can move away from each other and you will need it to be unmelted if the second circuit still works.
  9. Checked tire pressure way too late - LOW! and I have a 2 day warning on service - the car has only been driven 6800 km this past year!
  10. Thanks, I think there are (or were) online owners manuals in pdf at the smart.com website.
  11. It's not the fuse. It's the SAM. Put in relays ASAP. If one circuit is dead, use the good one and one powerful external relay to run both headlights. There is a "How To" about this. I wrote it.
  12. Thanks! It's new to my list, and joins 141 others. What's the colour, options, etc?
  13. Good for you, but everyone should do it, because in this country, insurers look for any loophole to deny a claim.
  14. Those using trailers may want to consult their insurers.....
  15. Welcome, Mark. Do you think you could let me know the last 6 digits of the VIN? I have a registry of US legal first generation smarts.