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  1. Drove the C1 to Parksville, top down all the way. A good day!
  2. Those "new" 451 EDs in the USA - if there are many - are all 18+ month old cars, previous model year cars being sold as new. All it means is that MBUSA was better at anticipating the poor transition between 451 and 453 ED and ordered enough to sell them as new used cars during the yawning gap in production. smart needs to get their shit together on generational transitions....
  3. For one thing, it's bizarre to have a strategy that sees more than a year's interruption in electric vehicle supply. They did that with the 450 and 451 in Canada too, a bit less than a year thanks to all the extra 2006s that M-B Canada ordered.
  4. That's nuts, you were supposed to have it a month ago. It will be a used car in terms of model year when you get it. Why not "pull the plug" on that order and get an electric that is for sale now? I seriously think there are high level talks in Daimler about never introducing the 453 ED to the USA and Canada.
  5. The next Chevy electric should be called the Jolt: twice the price and three times the power!
  6. Good Car2Go! No fast charging is just crazy.....
  7. New Michelin XAS tires from Longstone Tyres in the UK. No extra charge for shipping, no tax, no duty. Cost was £900 including 5 inner tubes. Not cheap but it's a heritage tire design from the sixties in limited production. Size: 165HR15, i.e. rated to 210 km/h (the car will do 170+).
  8. In another thread it's said to be October...!
  9. Maybe never?
  10. Welcome! Soon it will only be the ED model, if you will be selling smarts.
  11. Met up with Barry, Graham, Bob, Tina, Lyn and Leonie. All the way from Australia, they have shipped their 1960 Peugeot 403 to North America for another big overland adventure! California-Alaska-eastern Canada-southern USA via Route 66. This car has driven all over the world, 400,000+ km.
  12. Contact the member 1960NSU here, see this thread:
  13. What is a clutch basket? You mean clutch assembly?
  14. May 2017 Canada: 34 USA: 331