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  1. Work continues. Wow does the blue ever look dark when the car is in the shop! It's the same paint that you see in the engine compartment photo from a few weeks ago!
  2. Found today after emailing the auction house: 6800249, Coupé Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Simili Noir 3000, Will be auctioned in May 2017, estimation 20,000-25,000 Euros, L'AIGLE FRANCE Total: 2079 !
  3. Also check for chafed wiring, it's a super common problem. In the vicinity of the intercooler.
  4. solution

    electrical processing unit - the car's brain.
  5. solution

    SAM problem I am afraid (assuming 2003s have a SAM).
  6. Two more, but one is only known by its Carrosserie Number, and the other car's owner doesn't want his VIN made public; both are in California: Walnut Grove and Fullerton. Carrosserie 4879, Cabriolet Carburetor, June 1964, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, BMW M10 engine with twin Weber DCOEs, FULLERTON CA USA Total: 2078 !
  7. 10,000 behind me
  8. Where are you located? Your user info says London UK. I would stick with OE or better, not cheap pattern parts from discount sellers, made out of bubble gum in China.
  9. Try one of the smart specialists in England, they probably have long block exchange programs.
  10. Nasty! The top surface of the piston is OK? I'd just go for a rebuilt long block and save the hassle. That fit does sound extraordinarily loose, as though it was rebuilt poorly previously. That could explain the skirt failure.
  11. There is not a lot to report on the bodyshell other than it has the anti gravel undercoat on it now. Friday afternoon I reassembled the struts, with new grease seals, new roller bearings for the steering swivels, new rubber boot and new upper cups. That factory spring compressor is fantastic!
  12. Best wishes!
  13. I have a set but I am 4300 km away. Someone local may have a set.
  14. Yes, and the sales of the electric are so symbolic, a couple hundred a year in Canada at the best of times (compared to 4000 diesels in the best year), so even the electric will probably not be replaced once the 453 production run is done. Mercedes is well known to provide parts and service to their discontinued cars though. On the other hand, there should be fire sale pricing on leftover gas powered smarts soon, and used values will collapse, so it could be a buying opportunity for the brave.