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  1. The plug will be cheaper than the harness. The latter is $70 unless you get yours for free as I did. In my case not only the plug was melted but one of the low beam connectors itself (metal) was badly damaged as mentioned in my "How To", so I used two bits of the repair harness too. You can try cleaning it up if you want.
  2. Never mind, we are all playing nice again (I think) 😎
  3. I think Glenn locked the thread after a profane tirade by a member who was mentioned above. Evidently tolsen saw it before it was nixed 😉
  4. I haven't closed or edited any thread here for several months, thanks very much!
  5. I have made no changes or edits to this thread.
  6. Installed a few of the plated items. Very bright!
  7. I was sorting some photos today and came across a couple of my 1966 Peugeot 404 C looking reasonably OK....it is, after all, a restoration project car for sometime in the future and so it's not all that nice right now, especially in its partially stripped condition. The Coupé and Cabriolet models were built on a 404 sedan floorpan shipped to Torino Italy from Sochaux France. There, Pininfarina fitted the body, assembled and painted the car, trimmed the interior and then shipped the cars back by train to Sochaux for fitting of the engines and suspensions. This assembly process was very expensive, and so was the car, as a result. In Canada, they cost close to $5000 in 1966, which would have got you into a very nice Mercedes at the time. Still, Peugeot did sell somewhere between 50 and 150 of these cars in Canada between 1966 and 1968. Worldwide, about 17,000 were sold. Most of the cars sold in Canada had the optional Kugelfischer-injected engine, which is one of the sweetest engines I've ever experienced. It's a 1618 cc four, slanted at 45 degrees to the passenger side, largely oversquare and therefore smooth as butter. The engine was brought to a new level with the fuel injection. MOTOR magazine in Great Britain tested one in 1965 and found it would do 0-60 MPH in 12.2 seconds (that with the 400 pound test equipment!) and it lapped the banked circuit at MIRA at an average speed of 105.2 MPH. They said it performed like a 2 or 2.5 litre car, with the fuel economy of a 1.6. The Canadian 404 C models all had the optional NARDI floor-mounted shifter fitted as standard, which was only a dealer-fitted accessory in Europe. The 404 sedan won the East African Safari Rally 4 times, in 1963, 1966, 1967 and 1968, the latter three times with the same Kugelfischer fuel injected engine as my car has. The suspension of these Peugeot 404 cars was extremely tough and many 404s are still in service in Africa as bush taxis. The entire lower front suspension is made of forged steel, and the front crossmember is cast iron. The sedans were strong, but the Coupé was even stronger, due to them having the same lower body reinforcements of the Cabriolet, but with a welded roof as well. Most 404 fans think the Coupé is the best-looking 404. Fewer than 7000 Coupés were built, the rest of the 17,000 being Cabriolets. My 404 C VIN registry sucks but I do have 25 cars in it *well that was a long time ago; now it doesn't suck and it has about 2000 of the 17000 cars that were made on it. I owned one of these from February 1981 through July 1985. It was silver and rustier than this white one, but still looked good outwardly and went like a bat out of hell. I swear it was faster than the MOTOR test figures, and I managed to outrun the West Vancouver cops one hight on the Upper Levels highway in this car (well I was going at an indicated 110 MPH when I passed the stationary radar trap and so had a head start!). The car was beautiful to drive and Sandy T almost passed her drivers test in it. Got to work on that one......it was a difficult car for a learner to drive! I have owned this white car - which cost me $500 - for nearly 20 years and it's been garaged all that time. It needs a fair bit of surgery to the body due to rust; the car has never been hit. To that end, I have been accumulating as many OEM body panels as I could find over the past 20 years. The ones common to the sedan aren't too hard to find if you scratch deeply for them, but the ones specific to the Coupé and Cabriolet are super-rare. Fortunately I have still managed to get: NOS front hood from Sochaux NOS front fenders, L and R, from a Peugeot collector in Cincinnati OH NOS rear fenders, L and R, plus L rocker panel and under bumper shield from a Peugeot repairman in eastern Ontario other NOS panels from a vendor in Germany replacement trunk lid for the (rusty) white one in the photo from a friend in Victoria - the very trunk lid from the silver 404 Coupé Injection I owned from 1981-1985! new floor panels and other undercarriage items from Peugeot Germany in 1989-90 The plan is to restore the car once we have stopped hemmoraging money form post-secondary educational expenses.....which should be in about 8 years.In any case, here are the photos. The rear window's chrome trim is in my possession and just wasn't on the car for the photos.
  8. Yes, this is not a good idea. I have seen actual hitches that only use those as an attachment too, and it is not a good feeling to share roads with people driving cars like that.
  9. If both circuits still work from the SAM, do have two separate relays, one for each light. If you are lucky, the plug at the SAM has melted but the circuit is still OK. If you are unlucky, the SAM is dead on the dead circuit. So, if only one low beam circuit works, run a single relay for both lights using the one good SAM circuit. Current through the one good circuit should be lower because you're using an external relay, according to my understanding of how relayed circuits work. That's the whole point of using relays. But it's true, it's more risky to use one circuit than using both if one of the SAM circuits is not already dead. You may need a repair harness for the melted plug. The plastic melts and the contacts can move away from each other and you will need it to be unmelted if the second circuit still works.
  10. Checked tire pressure way too late - LOW! and I have a 2 day warning on service - the car has only been driven 6800 km this past year!
  11. Thanks, I think there are (or were) online owners manuals in pdf at the smart.com website.
  12. It's not the fuse. It's the SAM. Put in relays ASAP. If one circuit is dead, use the good one and one powerful external relay to run both headlights. There is a "How To" about this. I wrote it.
  13. Thanks! It's new to my list, and joins 141 others. What's the colour, options, etc?
  14. Good for you, but everyone should do it, because in this country, insurers look for any loophole to deny a claim.
  15. Those using trailers may want to consult their insurers.....
  16. Welcome, Mark. Do you think you could let me know the last 6 digits of the VIN? I have a registry of US legal first generation smarts.
  17. I spoke with one of the salesmen there and he thought their smart sales were going to basically stop with only the ED on offer. They've sold very few 453s to date, well under 10.
  18. Today we went to Victoria for the annual Three Point Motors garage sale (20% off everything), and this is the sight that greeted us: The AMG pylon sign used to be a smart pylon sign, and the showroom at the rear used to be the smart Centre but now it's an AMG Centre! It's too bad that the brand has fallen so hard into decline here. TPM used to sell 25-35 smart 450s a month in the early days.
  19. So far, smart Centre Nanaimo's sign is still up. There was nary smart to be seen inside or out today though (except for the people attending the Garage Sale).
  20. I got the last of the painted parts back from the restoration shop: under bumper spoiler/air deflector (semi-matt black), front bumper filler panel (dark blue), grille for fresh air intake (dark blue), body number (painted blue tag with stencil numbers) Plated parts (main batch) are back. Bumpers are not plated but rather are stainless steel. They are now straightened and polished beautifully. Door handles are rechromed pot metal, and perfect. Taillight bezels are also rechromed pot metal and although the plater was apologizing for their finish, it's very, very good - 9/10 - and excellent considering the bad starting condition. The grille surround was rechromed too because the chrome on the upper lip was getting grainy. All the silver-looking stuff is plated in cadmium as it was when it was new (silver, not the greenish version).
  21. Well the Bolt is one car I would consider! I mean the more range-challenged ones!
  22. Don't forget, the CLA is hideous too, too small for any rear passenger above 5'4" tall and notoriously unreliable.
  23. I think boosting this thing more than the "65" HP Eddy remap is asking way too much of what is a relatively fragile engine.
  24. I am not sure this is a good vehicle for a third world country. My Peugeot 404C on the other hand.....
  25. There should be fire sales, good time to buy a heavily depreciated nearly new car!