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  1. Weird, the first time I could see the photos and now I can't!
  2. Is the gold wrap translucent or opaque?
  3. I am! So did you contact a different shipping company?
  4. ....and that is California, New York would be cheaper, like $900 US one way. Your shipper is gouging!
  5. I've no experience importing a car but I know people who say $2000 is normal for this. One day I may ship my Peugeot 404C to Europe for a tour and I expect it will be about $2K each way. $1900 US one way from California to Bremerhaven in a shared container, here: https://www.wcshipping.com/france
  6. Whoever quoted that price is gouging. It should cost about $2000 CAD to Halifax!! Bremerhaven is one of the cheaper ports to send from.
  7. Booked the smart into TPM Victoria for the glow plug warning light. Should be fixed a week Friday. Snowball the Canada 1 is still being used to commute to Victoria, and will be until the end of August. But we may drive her to Winnipeg in the summer.
  8. Ironically, Glenn, the places I lived in in Europe are all still there, whereas in Canada, none of the places I lived in (on base) are there except St-Hubert. Are you keeping the car, or going to look for another?
  9. Jesus, that is pathetic! Zero QC?
  10. Update: ( no photo ) 6801368, Coupé Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, In restoration 2018, imported from France, MAINE USA ( no photo ) 6802632, C Injection 1968, DieselWely Brenner GmbH is looking for engine parts May 2018, whether it is a Cabriolet or Coupé is not known to us right now, LUDWIGSBURG/OSSWEIL GERMANY 4670704, Cabriolet Carburateur 1968, Gris Clair Métallisé 1162, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale May 2018, MARSEILLE FRANCE 6802137, Carrosserie 15342, Coupé Injection 1968, Rouge et Noir, Skai Noir 3000, Inactive since 1977, soon to be restored, CHATEAUROUX FRANCE Total: 2150 !
  11. 26 of the 35 cars sold in March were electrics.
  12. The bambis really like acorns. You can make them do tricks with those. We did that.
  13. We're back home now. I don't have other smart photos to share but I thought members here could be interested in this: We rented a Kei-car in Nagano for one day 10 days ago and we did a long tour through the Japanese Alps to the Snow Monkey (Japanese Macaque) Park: Toyota Pixis Joy. With a 658 cc engine and no turbo, and four up, it was a little slow but was fun to drive. It's made for Toyota by their subsidiary, Daihatsu. You can see one of our daughters dashing up to read the piste map in the super heavy rain! The other rental car was kind of boring: a Toyota Corolla Axio sedan. It definitely was quicker and had more luggage room than the Pixis Joy, but not as fun. I shared driving duties of both cars with one of our daughters.
  14. April 2018: Canada: 33 USA: 93 The death watch continues....
  15. My dealer was a bit less than that, not much.