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  1. That would be great, and quite apart from the VIN database for the smarts, he also did a superb one for the Peugeot 404 for Le Club 404! He also hosts some transportation-related fora etc, and besides that is a super guy. Anyway, I welcome your offer of assistance. Our last President died in January: Ron Sale (Leadwing). The decision-making structure is non-existent as far as I know. And there are few decisions to make, anyway, other than the structural issue you've offered to help with.
  2. Sadly, Ron died not too long ago. Perhaps the easiest solution is to clone the site and re-establish it under a new URL/name?
  3. Steve, best wishes to your wife and you. Take care!
  4. SmartieParts is Steve's handle here. Hasn't visited for 5 years...... The ship is adrift.
  5. The ad funds were going to the Webmsater, who IIRC would pay Steve annually.
  6. Site domain is owned by Steve Morehouse of West Kelowna IIRC. Last known Webmaster was named Sean in the Ottawa area, I have forgotten his username sadly.
  7. The bearings are shrieking now so it may well be too tight.....mind you, 179K km.... I'll use common sense and have the dealer tension it using the tool at the upcoming suspension change.
  8. Idler pulley arrived from my German friend today. Supplier is OEM and maybe the part number on the box will help others when they need one.
  9. 2601.
  10. Update: at least 2594 cars still exist. 15.05% of the total manufactured.
  11. It snaps closed. Mine are not spring loaded. (450)
  12. 178,000+
  13. There are tons of various brands available online, so getting one will not be a problem; however I'm just surprised that Mercedes apparently has no stock. It used to be said that you could get 40 year old Mercedes parts no problem. Maybe that was the old days.
  14. Contacted my M-B dealer for a quote on some work for the car and they indicated that my hyper noisy serpentine belt tensioner is no longer available for the 450 cdi. That's rather surprising, as parts were reputed to be available for M-B and smart for a.....LONG time.... Anyway, does anyone have experience with a decent aftermarket tensioner, and if so, what is the brand and where did you get it? TIA