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  1. heated seats were a $500 option IIRC, maybe a bit less.....500 in the Mercedes we bought new.
  2. Oh and press the TP button on the stereo until TP is not visible in the screen and the radio station switching will stop. It feels like early 2005 all over again LOL!
  3. Yes that is the car's main wiring trunk - a world of hurt awaits if you mess around there! 451 dual cupholders fit the 450.
  4. Contact member smartieparts here and see if he still does remaps. West Kelowna is his location.
  5. Not necessarily. Eddy used to offer three tunes: 45 HP, 55 HP and 65 HP. Now he only offers the 65. I remember Steve in Kelowna used to offer a map and tested it versus Eddy and one or two others. Eddy's was fastest (on the same car). Also, the cruder ones make the car belch black smoke at full acceleration, like a coal roller. Not my style.
  6. This colour is not bad: [/url]
  7. photo? Sorry to read that....
  8. The flex pipe probably is broken.
  9. The 115/70 spare will fit behind the driver's seat with the seat all the way back.
  10. Yup. Will do the 120 km/h limit fully loaded on all but the steep Bear snowshed section, where 110 or thereabouts was all she had. On 97C it held 120+ up the hill all the way though with A/C on it was getting a tad hot (in the summer), like slightly over 110C. Topped out at 169 on a downhill section.
  11. I tested one in 2014 or thereabouts and the gearbox was dire in stop and go, worse in some respects than the 450, if you can believe it. After driving it I was certain that I'd never own one. The manual _may_ be better.....
  12. Speed limits in BC are up to 120 km/h so I tend to drive 135+ on those roads.
  13. I had a bent rim that held air but required the spare to get home due to the wobble/vibration. We also had it on the 6000 km road trip we did in 2016, luckily not needing it.