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  1. Wow, sales had better pick up.....if this special edition is to see the light of day.
  2. I have two more to add: 6802804, Coupé Injection 1968, scrapped for parts, BOUC BEL AIR FRANCE 4670320, Coupé Carburateur 1967, Bleu Clair Métallisé 1158, Simili Noir 3000, Sunroof, 7500 Euros including a new front fender and some other minor parts, AACHEN GERMANY Total: 2139 !
  3. It's not that bad! haha Gonna tell you anyway.... We bought this car in Toronto at Midtown in February and the condition was that the car comes with new steel rims and new winter tires. It was delivered on used rims with used winter tires (I later got a $500 refund for the mistake). So I brought the car in 2010 to Three Point Motors in Victoria for its out of province inspection and the black BRABUS wheels had not yet arrived from Toronto. So the dealer saw the peeling rims and put 4 new steel rims on the car, free of charge, without me asking. Problem is, one of the rear rims was a 451 rim. I pointed this out to the service guy and he apologized and had it immediately changed to a new rear 450 rim.
  4. The rears are really different (ask me how I know)...
  5. The only Canada 1 that is white (No. 2) will hit 120,000 km tomorrow!
  6. Good choice, one of the nicer versions!
  7. Wow.
  8. Haha, so true! I think He lives in Nelson BC. BTW, I miss the "Find the Pope in a Pizza Contest"!
  9. mlab seems to be looking for advice on used EDs though.... so your advice is to wait and get a 453 ED in a few years?
  10. I think that buying an electric smart or i-Miev used won't make sense unless they're super cheap and you can walk away comfortably if something bonks a year or two in. These cars (smarts) are not the most reliable on the road so the presumption that there will be no repairs may not hold. The dream that some have about retrofitted high density batteries in smarts and other old generation cars seem to me to be misguided. An old electric car will be as popular as an iPhone 4S is today, in fact I should think that the smart ED and i-Miev are the most vulnerable because of their low range to begin with. So think about what range you will need, and choose a used EV that can achieve that at 50% of its nominal range, and go from there.
  11. No IMS bearing issues?
  12. The weather is the same as NL on Vancouver Island. Here I am in the middle of my 2005 road test in Villiers-sur-Marne. The car handled the corners very well, but so did the 1959 Austin Healey Sprite that I drove one summer in 1980.... So yes there would be no dealer support for service here in Canada, since that engine was unknown here. A car for the 2 or 3 hardcore Canadian smart nuts, who have a STAR system at home and are really wanting a roadster. Years ago there was speculation that 15 year old crossblades would be coming in around this time too. So far: nothing....
  13. Your English is fine, Theo! If you can believe it, Canada is crawling with right hand drive (RHD) Japanese Domestic Market 15+ year old cars. I would fail to see the attraction of driving a RHD car in this country, but many don't. Having just returned myself from Japan, there are plenty of left hand drive cars there too, because left hand drive is considered by some to be a point of prestige in that country. So it's quite easy to find good left hand drive/right hand traffic cars there. Goo-net is just one source and I have seen mint LHD roadsters with under 50K km for sale over there for about 2 million yen or less (~$20K CAD). All you have to do is change the headlights.... But the bottom line is that smarts are not reliable cars in a general sense so importing these will not be a lucrative business. Very, very few would be interested, and those who are will likely know where to buy the one they want in Japan or possibly Europe. Most people won't pay real money for a tiny vehicle that performs like a 1950s sports car, has no local dealer support, and when - yes - excellent alternatives like the Miata and many others exist, which are faster, cheaper and do have dealer support. So only the super hardcore smart fan may be interested. smart is on its way out as a brand from North America; the petrol models have all been discontinued last year and they are now selling a derisory number of electric drive models each month, under 30 an sometimes closer to 20. This is your potential market, minus those who don't want an old car.
  14. .ru for me is a red flag (no pun intended)