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  1. I drove a Bolt yesterday, pretty nice....
  2. I was away in Prince George last weekend with Sandy but on the way we managed to squeeze some 404 action in: I stopped by John Coltman's house in Barriere BC and he gave me a bunch of NOS 404 parts, plus some old KF2 injection parts and lots of spare fasteners and hardware. On the way back home I bought a huge sheet of rubber for making the pedal box gasket and inner fender rubber seals. Tonight I took 15 minutes to make a new gasket, took about 15 minutes. It's on the car already, on the studs in the footwell waiting for the pedal box to be mounted (months from now, I don't want the pedals in the way early on in the reassembly process). Old one on right, my replica on the left.
  3. It'd be cheaper to get a good running engine from a wrecker.
  4. Now that I am on the outside, I could chirp in and say that this belongs in community chatter! Keith altered the description of this forum some years back, but originally it was intended to house only smart-based discussions. My thought for the day: I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy (Tom Waits)
  5. Thanks to Alfonso Castro Padin for this beautiful example: 6800532, Carrosserie 13304, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, Hard top, MEXICO CITY MEXICO Total: 2130 !
  6. The body rebuild and (immaculate) paintwork have been completed by the best shop on Vancouver Island at the cost of two new Canada 1s (taxes included), and the reassembly is underway. Should be on the road in two years at the latest. See the "My 404 Coupé Injection" thread for details.
  7. I would think that would be the best, ban member, erase posts all in one action and then reinstate editing rights. But it's not for me to decide!
  8. One member (and I use this in the most pejorative sense of the word) whose name starts with c and ends with n and has addilacma in the middle decided to delete all his posts in a snit and left a trail of insults in their place. I think Keith decided that this was not a good scenario and made the change in response to it. But I have been demoted to Regular Member now - at my own request - so you will have to go to Keith for the official word.
  9. Good to know. I have my car's original SAM with a dead fuel pump circuit in a sealed bag in the garage....
  10. The MGB was a design assisted by Pininfarina so there is a resemblance there. It's funny, when my car was debadged and in the restoration shop, some thought it was a Lancia or Ferrari. No-one guessed MG. It's quite a bit larger than an MG midget, like a metre longer.
  11. Two more so far this month: 4590733, Coupé Injection 1963, Buying parts in 2017: clips for sill trim, road springs front, brake springs, etc., FRANCE 4597116, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, For parts only, deemed too corroded to be restored, BOULIAC FRANCE Total: 2129 cars! Buying parts from Peter end of 2017: clips for sill trim, road springs front, brake springs, etc. F FRANCE
  12. Drove to Nanaimo and back in the sun and cold weather. For our trouble, we received a nice rock chip on the upper right windshield, and now I will have to get it filled sometime.
  13. Round two of plated hardware: Replated taillights that I got a couple of weeks ago, this time reassembled. One of the turn signal bulb bases had to be replated due to corrosion and all of the lens screws were replated too. 6 months ago I was desperate to find one of these. Instead I found an earlier version with the same threading that had to be turned down on a lathe to make it fit. Then a couple weeks ago, I found this.....in the same box where I found the others. So I had it replated for future considerations.....
  14. This is going to be the worst ever sales year for smart in Canada.....and the USA.